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Champions Title Update

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Protect This House

In matchmaking, assassinate the ball carrier within five meters of your own goal in Ricochet.

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Achievement Guide for Protect This House

  • Steve ex14Steve ex1472,606
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013
    26 0 9
    The best way I've found to do this without boosting is by crouching on the crates around the base on Pitfall, and assassinating them as they try to run the ball in.

    If the ball carrier is coming from the Rocket side, you should stand on the crates in the base. If they are coming from the Sword side, stand on the first crate you come to if you head out from the base to the Sniper spawn. Then sprint after them round the corner and assassinate them right before they cap the ball.

    This will definitely take some good luck to get though.
  • BrianstormedBrianstormed869,926
    21 Aug 2013 21 Aug 2013 30 Aug 2014
    13 1 1
    There are a lot of different ways that you can set yourself up for assassinating the ball carrier to earn this achievement in a legitimate way. This achievement can only be earned (at the time of this writing) by playing the Champions Bundle DLC Playlist and selecting "Ricochet on Pitfall". To earn it, you must assassinate (hold down the melee button when their backs are turned to you) the ball carrier before he runs in the ball and he must be within 5 meters of the scoring point. I don't know exactly how much is five meters but if we are going by the forge numbers then you have a decent amount of space from outside the base to get the assassination. The closer it is to the base, the better your chances are for the achievement, although the closer to the scoring point, the harder it is to get it without the game awarding the run-in to the guy that is getting assassinated.

    Now some of these methods are situational, others are based on your play style. If you are solely going for this achievement (meaning, not helping your team, slaying, or going for the win) always stay inside base where the goal point lies. You should also be crouched at all times that you are not charging the ball carrier so that he cannot see you on the radar.

    1. The crouching method: This method was posted before me but it basically has you hanging around the base on Pitfall and observing where the enemy ball carrier is coming from.

    If he comes from the tower side (also known as "cut") you want to be sitting around by the tower ramp, sniper spawn or by the box jump. This is dependent on whichever spot will not allow him to see you. Once you see him either on your radar or on the screen running toward the goal point simply sprint over in as little time as possible and assassinate him.

    If he comes from the shotgun/health pack side (opposite of tower) you can be in one of those two places as he walks by. Keep note of where he is and crouch over to the opposite one if you have to. If he walks by, you can assassinate him there (***I haven't confirmed if this is close enough for the achievement but it is pretty easy to do it from here***), or wait for him to go down the ramp and jump off before you get him.

    If he comes from the middle by the jumpup, this is probably the hardest way to get him. You can either stay on the jumpup and look up as he jumps down to the scoring point and go for the melee there, or you can use the Camouflage Armor Ability while crouching on the platform above you and hope that he doesn't see you so you can assassinate him.

    2. The ninja method: This one is one of my favorites because I like to ninja. The premise of this is that you jump over the ball carrier as they are about to score and assassinate them. Unfortunately this one can only be done on the tower/cut side unless you are really good at doing these. The easiest way to do this is by standing on the edge of the scoring point (closest to the cut) and looking down and towards the center of the score point. When he comes near by watching your radar just jump backwards and as soon as you see him or the dot on the radar is dead center hold the melee for the ninja. You can also do a 180 ninja for more style points.

    3. "Ball hog" method: Basically, get control of the ball in your base. You can either go out and get it or wait for the ball to come to you. Camp inside your base for as long as possible and wait for an enemy to come by. Now you want to throw the ball at the enemy at any time. You can wait until their back is to you, or throw it at them and hope that they don't know what to do with it. Either way try to get around them and assassinate them.

    "CO-OP" METHODS! These require another person (or more than one person) to help you.

    4. The hardlight method: The person not going for the achievement chooses the hardlight shield as their Armor Ability. They stand inside (but on the edge) the goal point and wait for the ball carrier. The other person crouches around the base and waits. When the ball carrier goes to run in the ball, the hard light guy runs (or jumps) toward them and stops them by activating the hardlight shield. The other person assassinates.

    5. The distraction method: This might be a bit tough to pull off but it is an idea you can use. The person who is going for the achievement covers an entrance and stays hidden. When the ball carrier goes by, the second person tries to sandwich him (while trying to reveal himself and have the ball carrier go for him). Then, when the ball carrier turns around, the first guy can get the assassination there.

    ***Miscellaneous Tip/s***
    -This achievement is boostable because you can go into this playlist with 2 people having four controllers signed in.
    -DO NOT throw out the oddball when you are sitting in the base (unless it is because you caught it as they were about to score). This alerts your presence to the enemy. You want to try to setup around the ball and hope that a clueless enemy goes for it trying to score.
    -If the enemy is continually throwing the ball in, you can try to frustrate them by intercepting the ball. This will pretty much force them to run-in the ball. The easiest way to do this is to jump to the box in front of you and stay there, when you hear/see that the ball has been thrown, simply jump up and try to get in the way of the ball. This will automatically pick up the ball and stop the enemies from scoring.
  • FlawlessXDFlawlessXD12,341
    18 Sep 2013 20 Sep 2013
    12 0 1
    I got this achievement by assassinating the ball carrier on Haven (without the DLC).

    Tips to get this,

    1. Use Activ Camo as your armor ability.
    2. Some Ball Carriers like to make a 50 pt run so make sure you are in a corner, ready to jump out.
    3. When the carrier comes to you, hold the RB button and bam. Instant 30 achievement points.
  • MEGAMAN962MEGAMAN962335,940
    01 Nov 2014 01 Nov 2014 01 Nov 2014
    12 0 0
    Hey everyone. These title update achievements are supposed to be fairly easy to get legitimately, but if you’d rather boost them I’ve got a tip to help you match up with your boosting partners.

    1. Go into Infinity and then War Games.
    2. Hit the cn_start button to bring up the Spartan Hub.
    3. Go down into Settings and Files then slide over to the Network tab on the right.
    4. Hit cn_A to open this tab and change you settings to Xbox Live (Party Only).
    5. Search for you partners in Team Objective and play a game of Ricochet.
    6. Follow one of these awesome guides provided by other TA’ers to get the achievements you’re looking for.

    Doing this will make matching up much easier. It is not perfect. You will still match with randoms, but it is far more likely to match you up with your boosting partners this way than just searching for them without changing this session. Me and 3 others with multiple controllers just finished of the Title update cheevos this way. We matched with randoms 3 times. Just hit cn_B to back out and search again.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have to hit cn_B to back out or after you finish a match, before starting up your search again you will have to change the setting again. After you back out of a search or finish a match the game goes back to default Xbox Live search. This also means that if you finish a match with your partners the system will automatically match you with randoms for the next match forcing you to back out.

    Thanks to AchievementLuvr, Killerfox Uru, and Fastest Slug for helping me test this method out!
  • Dyet1300Dyet1300451,634
    03 Mar 2019 03 Mar 2019 09 May 2019
    5 0 0
    I decide to post a newer solution for anyone still searching for ricochet achievements, since many of the playlists and gametype available have changed over the years.

    The From Down Town, Hat Trick, and Protect This House Ricochet achievements can all be done in the Grifball playlist. You're looking for the game variant Field Grifball. (any map should work, only important thing is the gametype variant)

    Boosting method: 8 player party needed, only 2 players allowed per console. (so minimum 4 friends on xbox live with an extra controller each). Then simply take turns running through the necessary requirements to gain the achievements . (if you play with 4 friends, and 4 afk controllers, there's enough time and points available to get all 3 achievements for all 4 players in one game).

    Normal method: Try searching for a game in the Grifball playlist and hope the vote picks a Field Grifball map variant. The only achievement that becomes very unlikely without boosting is Protect This House , since you can only score in field grifball by throwing, so there's no need for the enemy team to get within 5m of the goal.

    This solution works as of March 4th, 2019. My group found it was the quickest playlist to provide the gametype we needed. (having spent hours trying to find ricochet in team objective and team action sack)
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