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Champions Title Update

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Repeat Survivor

In matchmaking, survive three vehicle explosions in a row with the Survivor package.

Repeat Survivor0
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Achievement Guide for Repeat Survivor

  • Black Hearted VBlack Hearted V216,380
    20 Aug 2013 21 Aug 2013 21 Aug 2013
    89 1 16
    The other guides are actually good but I found an even easier way to do this and it's also possible doing it alone. As others have stated, this is required to be done in 1 life, respawns will reset the achievement count.

    Hop on the "Big Team Infinity Slayer" playlist, this is your best bet to be able to get a vehicle. The vehicle we will want to focus on will be the Mongoose, it's possible with other vehicles but I found out it's easier to do it with them since pretty much nobody goes for a Mongoose at the start of a game.

    Before you get into the actual game, be sure to have the Survivor support upgrade, the Grenadier tactical package and Plasma grenades as your chosen type of these. With the Grenadier tactical package, you'll have 3 Plasma grenades in your inventory from the beginning, which is the exact quantity you need to do the achievement.

    Okay, so as soon as the match starts make your way to a Mongoose. Start punching it until it starts to get on fire. Then, before you hop on it, throw a Plasma grenade behind or ahead the Mongoose so as soon as you hop in you have enough time to drive close enough the blast radius for the Mongoose to explode. If you find yourself hopping out of it without dying as soon as it exploded then it means you did it well. Repeat this two more times and you'll have bagged yourself some easy 25G. The respawn timer for the Mongooses/Mongeese is very short and you'll be able to do this without any much trouble or time.

    By the way, be sure the grenade doesn't stick to the Mongoose before you hop in because this won't make the support upgrade work and you will commit suicide.
  • Glasgow GhostGlasgow Ghost179,145
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013
    27 2 0
    I found an easier way to do this and it only takes two of you to do it.

    Play on "Capture The Flag" gametype. (This enables you to destroy your team mates vehicles.)

    Make sure you have Survivor on a loadout.

    Stay hidden at the back of a map and have your team mate destroy your vehicles by punching it so you get ejected out of it.

    Do this 3 times without dying and the achievement is yours.

    I used the mongoose as there is more of them on one map.
  • CallumpyCallumpy262,661
    24 Aug 2013 25 Aug 2013 25 Aug 2013
    14 1 0
    An easy way to get this achievement is with a friend on your own team! Make sure you have the survivor mod on before you start.

    Head over to a game-type where there are vehicles, preferably Mongooses. We used the Big Team game-type and voted for the Ragnarok map.

    Once in the game, your friend who is not currently after the achievement should go and get a Mongoose and ride it into a safe place.

    Then both of you should shoot at the Mongoose until it is about to explode, black smoke will emit from the front followed by fire.

    Hop onto the Mongoose and your friend should continue to shoot at it until it explodes and you are forcibly ejected from it.

    You need to do that 2 more times without dying and the achievement is yours!

    - You can't die between the 3 explosions, it seemt to void the achievement for us when we tried.
    - You can't get off a vehicle before it explodes, this voids the achievement too and you'll have to start again.
    - You can get this achievement without the DLC, everyone can use the survivor mod for free!

    Guide originally posted at MyGamerProfile.net by myself.
  • a rabid fuzzlea rabid fuzzle207,037
    27 Jul 2014 29 Jul 2014
    10 0 0
    I completed this in about 2 minutes by using the Heavies playlist on Ragnarok. This map comes up frequently, and regardless of gametype, there are always plenty of heavy support vehicles.

    Equip a loadout with the Survivor modification. As soon as the match starts, get into a Banshee, Wraith, or any vehicle with an explosive weapon. If there is a RocketHog, that works as well. Drive next to a wall, and fire to cause splash damage to your vehicle. Wait for your shields to recharge before inflicting more damage upon yourself. After taking enough damage, your vehicle will explode and eject you from it, with minimal shield damage.

    In one life, I was able to use the Scorpion, Wraith, and Banshee Bomb from a Banshee to eject myself from a vehicle three times.

    This strategy works well for Ragnarok because you can frequently find yourself behind your spawning base with very little hindrance from enemy fire and plenty of room to turn the vehicles into scrap in no time!
  • Mr v KittyMr v Kitty74,149
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013
    13 4 3
    This achievement requires you to survive three vehicle explosions in ONE LIFE with the survivor mod.

    I found the easiest way was to spawn with sticky grenades, throw one at a ghost, and shoot it a couple times. Drive it around near your base and sooner or later someone will start taking potshots at you until your ghost explodes. Run back to your base and camp it out until another one spawns. Try to avoid enemy sticky grenades too, they seem to be an instakill even with the survivor mod.

    Banshees work just as well, but I never had any luck in a mongoose and warthogs worked only once out of the 7 or 8 times I tried it. My advice is to just focus on
    ghosts and/or Banshees.

    You CAN have a teammate or extra controller shoot at your vehicle until it explodes for this achievement if you're having trouble.

    You do NOT need the champions bundle for the survivor mod. It came with the update on the 19th for free for all players. The mod from the champions bundle is called resistor and is required for the "Just a Scratch" achievement.
  • MCmichaelDMCmichaelD336,005
    21 Aug 2013 22 Aug 2013 22 Aug 2013
    9 1 1
    Search for big team skirmish as these maps have bases rather than just big open areas.
    You want to have plasma gernades and the grendier tactical package and the SURVIVOR Support upgrade equiped.
    Now run to a mongoose and get it to a safe area. Keep punching it untill its on fire. throw the sticky on the ground and drive on top of it. Wait for another to spawn and repeat. The probelms i had were getting killed while getting a new one so i suggest collecting 3 in one place so you can do it without the risk.
  • MEGAMAN962MEGAMAN962335,923
    01 Nov 2014 01 Nov 2014 01 Nov 2014
    8 0 0
    Hey everyone. These title update achievements are supposed to be fairly easy to get legitimately, but if you’d rather boost them I’ve got a tip to help you match up with your boosting partners.

    1. Go into Infinity and then War Games.
    2. Hit the cn_start button to bring up the Spartan Hub.
    3. Go down into Settings and Files then slide over to the Network tab on the right.
    4. Hit cn_A to open this tab and change you settings to Xbox Live (Party Only).
    5. Search for you partners in Capture the Flag (my advice, but up to you what game type you want to try).
    6. Follow one of these awesome guide's strategies provided by other TA’ers to get the achievements you’re looking for.

    Doing this will make matching up much easier. It is not perfect. You will still match with randoms, but it is far more likely to match you up with your boosting partners this way than just searching for them without changing this session. Me and 3 others with multiple controllers just finished of the Title update cheevos this way. We matched with randoms 3 times. Just hit cn_B to back out and search again.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have to hit cn_B to back out or after you finish a match, before starting up your search again you will have to change the setting again. After you back out of a search or finish a match the game goes back to default Xbox Live search. This also means that if you finish a match with your partners the system will automatically match you with randoms for the next match forcing you to back out.

    Thanks to AchievementLuvr, Killerfox Uru, and Fastest Slug for helping me test this method out!
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