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Champions Title Update

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Can’t Catch Me

In matchmaking, score a goal in Ricochet while taking damage with the Resistor active.

Can’t Catch Me0
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Achievement Guide for Can’t Catch Me

  • El CappitanEl Cappitan356,990
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013 13 Dec 2013
    33 5 48
    General information:

    The new Champion Bundle resp. the Bullseye Pack added a new game type called Ricochet, where you have to throw a ball into the enemies' goal to score. The DLC also added a few new armor mods, from which we need one, the Resistor for this particular achievement.

    As the description says, you have to score a goal, while you're taking damage with the Resistor mod equipped.

    Required DLC:

    Update 2013-12-09: The resistor mod has now been unlocked for everybody, making this achievement possible with just the Bullseye Pack downloaded.

    For the time being, you need the complete Champions Bundle to get this achievement. The Bullseye Pack alone is not enough, since it doesn't grant early access to the Resistor mod.

    However the Resistor mod will be unlocked for all players for free at some point in the future. The solution will then be updated accordingly.


    Visit your Loadout screen and make sure to equip the new Resistor armor mod to one of your Loadouts. It is found in the Tactical Package category. If you're going for the other DLC achievements as well, make sure to also equip either the Survivor or the Recharge mods from the Support Upgrade category as they are needed for two other achievements.

    Boosting method:

    Update: Check out bean is not pro's solution for a new and easier way to get this.

    If you're going to boost this, the easiest way I found to do it is to stand directly in front of the enemy goal and face towards it. Then have someone from the opposite team assassinate you. The ball will drop into the goal and count as scored by you, while you're still being assassinated -> taking damage. Achievement unlocked.

    If by any chance you get a Score from the grave, the achievement won't unlock because you died before the ball touched the score zone. In that case just try again, but stand closer to the enemies' goal.

    Hope, this helps you guys out. Please let me know, if you have any suggestions on the guide. :)
  • bean is not probean is not pro311,191
    15 Sep 2013 15 Sep 2013
    22 3 9
    this is my first solution, and i'm writing it only because the only other available solution makes this achievement much harder than necessary.

    you just need to score a goal with no shields (and, of course, resistor needs to be equipped). how did I do this? i held the ball next to their goal. my teammate hit me once to pop my shield (I was previously full shield), and then i walked into the goal with the ball. done.

    I imagine you could even do this yourself by plasma pistoling your shield off, or by throwing a grenade to take your shield off. either way, just get meleed once and then score the goal. super easy.
  • MEGAMAN962MEGAMAN962335,944
    01 Nov 2014 01 Nov 2014 01 Nov 2014
    12 0 0
    Hey everyone. These title update achievements are supposed to be fairly easy to get legitimately, but if you’d rather boost them I’ve got a tip to help you match up with your boosting partners.

    1. Go into Infinity and then War Games.
    2. Hit the cn_start button to bring up the Spartan Hub.
    3. Go down into Settings and Files then slide over to the Network tab on the right.
    4. Hit cn_A to open this tab and change you settings to Xbox Live (Party Only).
    5. Search for you partners in Team Objective and play a game of Ricochet.
    6. Follow one of these awesome guides provided by other TA’ers to get the achievements you’re looking for.

    Doing this will make matching up much easier. It is not perfect. You will still match with randoms, but it is far more likely to match you up with your boosting partners this way than just searching for them without changing this session. Me and 3 others with multiple controllers just finished of the Title update cheevos this way. We matched with randoms 3 times. Just hit cn_B to back out and search again.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have to hit cn_B to back out or after you finish a match, before starting up your search again you will have to change the setting again. After you back out of a search or finish a match the game goes back to default Xbox Live search. This also means that if you finish a match with your partners the system will automatically match you with randoms for the next match forcing you to back out.

    Thanks to AchievementLuvr, Killerfox Uru, and Fastest Slug for helping me test this method out!
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