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Pitchin' a Tent

In matchmaking, effectively camp one location without dying for a full 60 seconds.

Pitchin' a Tent0
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Achievement Guide for Pitchin' a Tent

  • CrysserCrysser528,038
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013
    49 2 8
    I have unlocked this achievement as of 20/08/2013.

    I was in the 'Action Sack' playlist in the 'Rock 'n' Rail' gametype.
    I walked into a corner and crouched for the full 60 seconds. I checked my clock at 8:01 and it popped just after it counted down to 6:57.

    I did not shoot anyone or fire any rockets/ammunition. The achievement can be unlocked by effectively hiding in an area for a minute. I moved from the initial spawn, and found a place to hide. I unlocked this at the same time as my friend and he was standing. So it seems like you can be either standing or crouching and the achievement will unlock for you.

    I stayed still and didn't move. I would suggest doing this on a playlist with easy places to hide. Big team battle modes can be good if you can hide in the base spawns.

    I can confirm that you do not need the 'Bullseye' DLC to unlock this achievement.

    Any downvotes please leave a comment and I'll adjust my solution.
  • OntyyOntyy587,909
    19 Aug 2013 19 Aug 2013
    28 8 13
    Just stay still for a full 60 seconds. At the beginning of a match, go somewhere safe like in your base. 40G well earned right?
  • Bagel Bau5Bagel Bau5120,920
    21 Aug 2013 21 Aug 2013
    15 1 1
    I got this achievement by using the mounted turret in Pitfall for 60 seconds. My friend did the same and it worked for him too.
  • Sofrech1991Sofrech199178,320
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013 03 Oct 2013
    11 2 5
    I had some difficulty with this one, strangely enough. I don't want to cause panic by saying it's a glitchy achievement, but it is rather finicky. I tried crouching for 3+ minutes at a time in three matches, and it didn't pop. I had to stand at a far-off mounted turret with my Autosentry active for four minutes playing Big team Infinity Slayer on Vortex before I unlocked it.

    Just keep trying, and most of all - be patient!

    Edit: If you'd like to downvote this Solution, please leave a comment telling me what I should improve. Thanks!
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