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In Bullseye DLC matchmaking, activate both electrical surge systems during a match on Vertigo.

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Achievement Guide for Shocking

  • IDarK VorteXXIDarK VorteXX699,386
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013 22 Dec 2013
    54 1 19
    This achievement requires you to activate both electrical surges on the Vertigo Map.

    To do this you must shoot the red switches on the Map.

    1)One is located on the giant single tower near the cliff. You will find the red switch on the front of the tower facing the middle of the map.

    2)The second red switch is located on the other base. It will be on the front of the base facing the giant tower.

    NOTE: Once you shoot a switch it will be blocked by a wall. When this happens you just have to wait for it to come back on.
    NOTE 2: You do not have to shoot both the red switches at the same time or within seconds of each other. As long as you shoot two then you will get the achievement.

    The achievement says to 'activate both electrical surge systems' but i got this by shooting the same electrical system twice.

    Since the Playlist has been taken down. There is another way to get the map. Search team snipers untill you get the map.
  • Glasgow GhostGlasgow Ghost179,394
    20 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013
    32 1 0
    IDarK VorteXX's guide for this achievement is spot on about the location of these switches.

    Here's a video guide I found on Youtube to give you an image of where the switches are located.
  • EaseAndInspireEaseAndInspire215,989
    24 Oct 2014 24 Oct 2014 25 Oct 2014
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    As an addition to the other cohesive guides I will point out that you can find both of these maps (Pitfall and Vertigo) in the action sack playlist as of 24/10/2014.
    The max party size for this playlist is 8, which makes these two achievements alot easier to boost as you only need two people with four sets of sticks each to start a game.

    -Any gametype with a firearm loadout will work for this achievement.
    -Make sure you and the person you boost with both have the map pack downloaded.
    -Have the party leader keep searching and backing out until you get a game on Vertigo
    -Once the game starts up, shoot the two circles as in the above guides and voila.
    *Note I only had to shoot one of the switches for this achievement to pop for me. I know for a fact I had never played on this map in a public game, so this achievement can be glitchy it seems.

    Hopefully this helps as I know I had never seen either of these maps once while searching in public games.
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