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Knockout Champion

Beat every team in Knockout.

Knockout Champion+0.1
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How to unlock the Knockout Champion achievement

  • Chris8875Chris8875532,248
    19 Feb 2011 23 Feb 2011
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    Arguably the most difficult achievement in the game, winning Knockout will see your Brutal Deluxe take on and beat 30 other teams of increasing difficulty in a one match round.

    Theoretically, the achievement is not impossible to get - this is because you can, if being beaten, stop the game, quite to dashboard and get back into the game without a loss - and the end of the knockout attempt - being registered.

    The key to this achievement is picking up silver coins scattered around the arena during games.

    This is simply a must, particularly in the early games where you should be able to get 60-100 points up at half time really easily.

    Once you have a large lead, simply try to gather as many coins as you can. These coins will swell your coffers and when you finish the match you will be able to purchase more upgrades to ensure your team has the highest talents possible (they max out at 240 - you start at 100, and they increase in 10 point increments).

    Contrary to the solution above, there are NO transferred players in this game mode. You simply have to build your team through constant improvement.

    I would suggest upgrading your centre mid, centre forward and goalkeeper first, and then working through and gradually upgrading everyone in increments.

    I was able to stay slightly ahead of the game at all times in terms of upgrades - my team having just a touch more talent than the opposition in every game throughout.

    Ideally you should max out your team with 3-4 games remaining to ensure you can match it with the big boys. I maxed my team out with 2 games left and its didn't cause any problems (as I beat the last team by 60 points first game up).

    Apart from this tactic, play the game as you normally would, try to get the multipliers favouring your team and don't just go for goals - hit stars and the buzzer on the floor for handy points throughout.
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  • Taco BobTaco Bob813,913
    06 May 2009 07 May 2009 08 May 2009
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    To complete Knockout, you basically have to beat 30 teams, who get progessively harder as you reach the end. This achievement is more of a time consumer, as you can't actually lose. If you lose to a team, think you are about to lose, or just want to restart the match, just exit the game and you can start on the team you left off on. It can get a bit frustrating, however, because the last few teams can be pretty difficult.

    The strategy I found that works best, is to max out your multiplyer (2x) and then go for the stars. For each star you hit, you will get 4 points (assuming your multiplyer is 2x) and once all five are lit you will get another 20, making 40 in all. Do this a couple times and then just stall the rest of the match, by keeping the ball as far as from your goal as possible.

    I would also suggest you pick up as much cash as possible (silver coins), especially in the earlier rounds. That way you can upgrade your players more, to give you a little extra boost when trying to beat those final teams. It is also a good idea to save some cash, so that you can transfer some of the better players when they become available. The farther along you are, the better the players available for transfer.

    In my opinion, this game relies more on luck than skill, so keep at it and you should be able to get it, it's just a matter of time.
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