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Little Lost Girl achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Little Lost Girl

In Origins, release Samantha.

Little Lost Girl-0.4
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How to unlock the Little Lost Girl achievement

  • Boarder1993Boarder199371,048
    30 Aug 2013 30 Aug 2013 15 Sep 2013
    120 7 112
    Here is the achievement guide for completing "Little Lost Girl". This has to be done on Original difficulty. This can be completed with 2-4 people. This can also be completed solo. Below is the Easter Egg guide video if that is easier for you then a bit of reading. Credit to that video goes to NoahJ456. If you have any questions or anything you'd like to add, please leave a comment or private message me.

    Some useful things along the way! (optional)

    Free Pack-A-Punched MG08 LMG:
    - To do this you want to use the Maxis Drone you built and fly him over to 4 yellow circles around the map. He will retrieve them and once the last one is retrieved a upgraded MG08 will appear in front of the Pack-A-Punch. The 4 locations are at Generator 5 (Stamin' Up) on top of a strip of wood above where the window is, by spawn where wood and stuff is on fire, at the Church the closest corner outside the first main entrance, and at the Excavation Site at the top on of a wood platform. This video below will also show you.

    (credit goes to LaazrGaming for making the video and uploading it to YouTube)

    Free Zombie Blood Power-Up:
    - To get the free Zombie Blood Power-Up you want to freeze 3 wagons around the map that are on fire. They are all around the vicinity of the Excavation Site and once the third one is "cooled down" a Zombie Blood Power-Up will appear by the Pack-A-Punch. Very helpful for shooting down the plane while under the effects of Zombie Blood or killing the Red Baron. The three locations are looking across to the Juggernog area, the left side of the Excavation Site coming from the Workshop, and towards Generator 5.

    Step 1: Build the Phonograph:
    - Phonograph is located at the Excavation Site.
    - The record is in 3 different areas around the Excavation Site

    Step 2: Built the Elemental Staffs
    - Credit to this step goes to Paul Zap for creating a perfect guide for this. Check this step out here! Solution for Playing with Power in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    Step 3: Upgrade the Elemental Staffs to their Ultimate Version
    - Credit to this step goes to coreymawf for creating a perfect guide for this. Check this step out here! Solution for Master Wizard in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

    Step 4: Placing the staffs in the Giant Robots
    - You want every person in your group to have one of the Ultimate Staffs. Also make sure that you have all 6 Generator's turned on (credit goes to Suydam1). From that point you want the person with the Ice Staff to head to the Church. They have to put that staff in the Giant Robot Freya. Have your second teamate with the Wind Staff head to the Juggernog area. They have to put the staff in Odin the center Giant Robot. Have your third teamate take the Lightning Staff to the Generator 2/Speed Cola area and put the staff in Thor. After you finish that have your final person take the Fire Staff and place it in the new slot at the bottom of the Excavation Site. If you are playing with less then 4 people, then just do this staff by staff with the number of people you have.

    Step 5: Fill up all 4 chests
    - If you have completed this step already skip it. There are 4 chests located around the map. One is located by Juggernog where the MP-40 is located. Another location is by the Excavation Site. The third is located by Generator 5. The final location is located by the Church. You have to continue killing zombies by the chests making sure there souls go into the chest. You know you completed it when the chest disappears.

    Step 6: Get your upgraded melee attack (Super Punch)
    - If you filled up all 4 chests you should all have a medal above your perks. You then can go to the spawn zone chest or Generator 6 chest and open it. You receive your upgraded melee attack which is a very strong melee attack until Round 18 and is needed for future steps of the Easter Egg.

    Step 7: Purify the Tablet
    - For this step you can actually have one person do it instead of all but the choice is yours. You want to grab a tablet from the Tank Station and take it to the Church. Upstairs you will see a type of fountain. It has holy water in it. To place your tablet in it hold X. After that is done melee zombies around it to "purify it". You will hear music play when you completed it but periodically check it to see if you can remove it.

    Step 8: Return the tablet
    - This step can be difficult if not timed correctly. You have to take your purified tablet back to the Tank Station where you first picked it up at. There are two ways you can accomplish this. You can either take the tank there and jump off at the back entrance or you can walk back. If you take the tank path, just ride the tank all the way to the back entrance but be ready to jump off the tank right at the entrance. If you touch mud or water at anytime you fail that step and must return to the church and replace it in the holy water again. You don't have to punch zombies again though.

    Step 9: Obtain the Airstrike Grenades
    - Note that if you die once you obtain the Airstrike Grendaes you can receive them out of the box. From here you want to punch zombies again with your upgraded melee attack at the tablet until a power-up appears. It is the Airstrike Grenades. Save these as you will need them for the next step.
    (credit goes to Resortified for making the video and uploading it to YouTube)

    Step 10: Build the Maxis Drone
    - If you have already completed this step, please skip it. You need to build the Maxis Drone for the next step. It requires 3 parts. (Brain, Frame, and Rotors) For the 2 parts there are multiple locations it can be in.
    • Brain:
    - On the table on the lower part of the spawn
    • Frame:
    - In the Ice Tunnel, near Generator 6.
    - Near the crossbone sign on the tank pathaway at the Church
    - Near the crossbone sign on the opposite tank pathway behind the tank
    • Rotors:
    - Near the very bottom of the Excavation Site, on top of a box on a scaffolding next to a lever
    - On top of the Excavation Site near the Pack a Punch
    - In the Excavation Site around the Secret Entrance

    Step 11: Destroy the Seal
    - For this step you need at least 2 people. Also have the person with the Airstrike Grenades have the Maxis Drone. You want one person to enter a robot and press the red button. As soon as it says "Firing sequence linked/activated" you want to tell your partner to throw the Airstrike Grenade at the Seal at Generator 5. You will see it by a crashed plane. After you do that use the Maxis Drone and he will fly into the hole.

    External image

    (credit goes to Yehovah for providing the image at se7ensins)

    Step 12: Destroy the Panzer Soldat's
    - Once Maxis Done has flown into the hole some Panzer Soldat's will spawn. They spawn 2 per person in your game. You must kill all of them to be able to move on to the next step.

    Step 13: Spirit in the Sky
    - For this step you need to get a Zombie Blood power-up. Once you picked one up look in the sky for a plane with a faint glow to it. You want to shoot it down. After you do that you want to find the zombie moving clockwise around the Excavation Site. You can only see him while under the Zombie Blood power-up. If yours ends after you shoot the plane down but you don't kill the zombie, don't worry, you just have to get another Zombie Blood power-up and then find the zombie and kill him. He is known as the Red Baron as well. He will then drop Maxis Done. Hold X to pick it up. There is also a possibility of it glitching if you use the Zombie Blood you get from spawn after powering the 1st Generator. (credit goes to Tgamesmaster).

    Step 14: Elemental Melee Upgrade
    - You are almost at the end! Only a couple more steps. Make sure everyone has their upgrade! For this step you want to upgrade your Super Fist melee attack to the Super Elemental Melee attack. I would suggest doing this in groups of 2 as it only counts the ones you melee and incase you go down, it wouldn't hurt to have someone near you. You want to head down to the bottom of the Excavation Site. Where the 4 staffs are located. From there you will have zombies attacking you with white smoke on their arms. You want to melee them and continue to melee them until they drop a power-up. Once you pick it up you will do an animation and you have finished this step. You need all the people in your game to obtain this. Something I'd like to add about this that has nothing to do with the Easter Egg is that whichever staff you have equipped will be what Element your new fist attack does. Such as if you had the Ice Staff equipped then when you punch someone you will freeze them.

    Step 15: Crazy Place
    - You are at the end! For this step everyone in your game should have their upgraded melee attack. You now want to head to the Crazy World and place each staff into their slots. From there you want to continue punching zombies to power the staffs. You know you completed the step when your achievement appears and a vortex appears in the middle.

    How to activate the final cutscene:
    - Triggering this will end the game and trigger a cutscene. I will not spoil this for anyone so I'll leave it at that.
    • Take the Maxis Drone to the Crazy Place (Argatha) after releasing Samantha. He will then fly into the vortex.
    • You can also press X on the teleporter in the Crazy Place to also trigger the ending cutscene. To do this method you must have all 6 Generator's on. (credit for this goes to NJDuke007 & BrEn v Noble Q)

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    Dead WafflezThe guide says it can be done solo but a later step needs at least two people. The guide needs fixing.
    Posted by Dead Wafflez on 04 Sep 19 at 01:21
    Darkness727420It can be done solo. I'd did it.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 04 Sep 19 at 01:22
    EarthboundXJust to note, since none of the guides do. The staves are broken in the game now. Never try to swap a staff when you already have one, or that staff will disappear from the game forever. You need to place a staff on it's pedestal in the Crazy place, before attempting to pick up another.

    They can also be lost if you are carrying one and bleed out. These glitches will prevent you from finishing the EE.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 03 Jan at 05:23
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  • DarkDan88DarkDan88345,516
    28 Apr 2014 25 Mar 2014 27 Apr 2014
    14 1 1
    The guide by Boarder1993 is good, but there are a couple of tips I'd like to add to ensure that people know how to do things in the most effective manner possible. First of all, it is possible to collect all ice staff parts by round four. I once managed it by round three, but that was an extremely lucky fluke.

    Now, and I'm surprised at the number of people who apparently don't know this, for wave 1, you want to shoot the zombies in the leg 8 times. You want to go for the legs, because at this stage, that many body shots will kill them. See if you can line them up so your bullets pass through a bunch of them at a time. THEN knife them.

    If you are playing solo then you should activate generator 1 immediately, as you can get a x2 bonus out of the reward chest. In custom games, then you should hold off until wave 2, since the price goes up the more players there are, and you don't get an x2 in custom games co-op.

    If you are playing solo then obviously get the Quick Revive, and either buy an M14 or a Ballista. I personally prefer the Ballista, as you can headshot zombies up until round 6 before they start wandering around without their heads, whereas the M14 is substantially weaker. The only drawback to the Ballista is that it is bolt-action, and it is incredibly hard to hit the glowing plane or shoot the robot feet with it.

    You want to open up the door to generator 2 first, but make sure you wait until it is snowing. Once it is snowing, open the door and dig up the burial mounds you find. If you're lucky, you should get your first ice staff part in one of the locations. If not, then you'll have to open up the route to generator 3. Make sure to collect the Ice Disc from the tank station, and activate the generators you come across.

    Also, there will be a zombie shield part in each route. There are three possible locations. One can be either on top of the tank station, in the little room just past the entrance to generator 1, or at the very end of the trench just past the door to the work station. The other piece is either at the bottom of the fire shaft, in the room just past the entrance to generator one, or near the AK-74u by generator 3 next to a dead soldier.

    At this point, you will need enough points to open up the door to No Man's Land and enough to clear the first barrier leading to the Church. At this stage there won't be very many burial mounds, and if you don't get the second Ice Staff part in the main area around the Excavation Site, then you may want to consider re-starting. The third and final piece will be around the Church area.

    Next I'd suggest getting the three Wind Staff parts from each of the three giant robots. I'd also recommend starting generator 4, and getting Juggernog as soon as possible. At this point, you may also want to consider buying a better gun, such as the MP40. Either way, once you have all the Ice Staff parts and three of the Wind Staff parts, end the round and rack up points, but I'd advice against going past round 6 at this point. Also, be sure to be on the look out for the plane that drops the first part of the Fire Staff.

    It is imperative to get the Lightning Staff parts early, i.e. before round 8, because in later rounds you can get blocked off by the zombies. Also, the first Panzer Soldat spawns at round 8, and that is also a good way for you to get trapped and killed easily. I'd also recommend activating generator 6 and, if you have the money, generator 5 (you can also pick up the Wind Disc.)

    Here is a video guide by a YouTuber called TheZombieProject showing that this can be done solo. The first video details how to get the staff parts in the most efficient way possible. If you follow this, then you should be able to have every staff part and disc by round 8 (with the obvious exception of the final piece of the Fire Staff.) The second video details good strategies for training zombies and how to fill the chests, and get kills with the super fists past round 11.
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    I TRU RELIG1ONThankyou for your tips clap
    Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 29 Jun 14 at 21:40
  • Mild GonoliniMild Gonolini344,978
    06 Sep 2013 29 Feb 2016
    6 1 1
    This is the main easter egg for the zombies map origins. Its a real doozy.

    Unlike other easter eggs, theres no bank or perma perks, which makes it all the more difficult, but theres no navcard table and only one path to follow. This is the only easter egg that can technically be done solo, although one step requires extremely good timing. I recommend as many players as you can get. And make sure they're decent enough zombies players, as it is unlikely you'll finish this before round 25. I will not be including guides on how to build the staffs and upgrade them, but this is required to complete the easter egg. As well, I assume you have some basic map knowledge and how to open pac a punch. As well, I highly recommedn you do not take the zombie blood that spawns in the chest at spawn. It makes a future step much easier.

    Step 1: Build all elemental staffs

    This guide:

    will show you how to build them, they're quite easy if you already know what you're doing, I take no credit for the guide, credit to

    Step 2: Upgrade all staffs

    This is much more difficult, and doing so sucessfully will give you the 40 GS master wizard achievement. This will likely take you to a relatively high round, and doing this in itself is about as convulated as entire easter eggs on other maps, and its simple the second step. This guide:

    will help you, again I take no credit, all credit to When you have all 4 upgraded staves made, have each player hold one and make sure all 6 generators are turned on (you can't progress with this easter egg unless all 6 generators are on), and you're onto the next step

    Step 3: Placing staves in robots

    In case you're blind there are 3 massive robots that continuously walk through the map. They always step in the same spot, and if you're there when they step down you go down, so be careful. As well, you can get inside these robots by shooting at their feet when they're stomping down. Sometimes therre feet will have a bright yellow circle on the bottom. If you shoot this and then let the robot stomp you, you will enter the robots head. You would have needed to do this anyway to build the wind staff, but regardless.

    After upgrading all the staves you'll notice that each robot has a pedestal in them, this allows you to place a specific staff into it, which you must do with all 4 staves. The locations are:

    -The ice staff into Freia the robot walking through church.
    -The wind staff in Odin, the center robot
    -The lightning staff through Thor, the robot going through spawn.
    -The fire staff goes at the bottom of the dig site, where all the staves are built

    If the person carrying each respective staff enters the right robots they'll be able to place them by holding cn_X, one all are placed, they will vanish and reappear back in the dig site, where they can be picked up again.

    Step 4: Super punch

    For this step you must obtain the super punch melee upgrade. To do this you must kill a number of zombies at 4 different locations around the map. Be careful though because all the chests are located in an area a robot steps, and if it steps on the chest before you finish filling it, you have to start that chest over.

    The locations of the chests are:

    -Right beside stamin- up and generator 5.
    -behind jugernog and generator 4.
    - Entering the dig sight make your first left and you will be there.
    - Immeidately as you enter the church area.

    You should be doing this on an early round, as it can be quite hard killing enough zombies on later rounds. Try to do this as you are building the staves.

    When you have filled all 4 chests head to the chest over by generator 6 (behind the church) and holsd cn_X giving you the super punch. Although for the next step only 1 person needs the super punch, everyone should grab it as they will need it later.

    Step 5: Obtaining the lantern

    Although all players in the game are able to do this, its easiest if just one person do so. This can be done at any time, so I also recommedn you do so as early as possible.

    In the tank station (near spawn) there is a tabel to the right of the MP40 on which there are these 4 rune like stones. Have whichever player is going to ge the lantern hold cn_X on one of these stones, putting it in their inventory.

    Next they need to run to the top floor of th church, at the back you will see a pedestal full of water. Holding cn_X here will place your stone in the water.

    Next, the player who placed their stone needs to begin killing zombies close to it using the super punch. This can be quite diffiuclt on later rounds, which is why the earlier round the better. I suggest the other players stay close to him, but not right beside him so they can revive him if he downs but don't want all their zombies to go to him.

    Its hard to tell when you're finished, but if you kill anymore zombies you will see the yellow spirit stop leaving them, in this case you can hold cn_X on the stone, picking it up.

    Now you must return to the tank station, where you originally got the stone. But, you must get there without touching any mud. If you do touch mud samantha will yell at you, and you can just place your stone in the water and immediately try again.

    You want to aim for the wodden planks placed in the ground. Once you get to the tank station, place your stone where you originally grabbed it and you must begin killing zombies with the punch again. When you are finished you will see the item appear hovering above the table. Grab it and make sure you don't throw it, you will need it for the next step.

    Step 6: Opening the hole

    This step requires some timing, and everybody on your team has a role.

    The person with the lantern needs to stand in the area to the right of stamin- up and gen 5 (opposite the chest) If you look outside the map, you will notice a circle of mud. When ready, your job is to throw a lantern with cn_LB at this circle.

    A second person needs to be by juggernog (or anywhere away from the other 3) training 1 or 2 zombies so they dont get in the way.

    The third guy is standing by the church chest.

    The fourth guy is standing by speed cola and generator 3

    At this point, all three robots will start routinely coming at the same time. But, of any given line of the three robots, only one of them will have a single foot that you can enter. Basically what the third and fourth guy are doing are looking to see if the robot near them has an available foot. Th guy at the church looking at the church robot, the guy at speed cola looking at his robot.

    The guy with the lanterns is going to be looking at the robot in the center. But, he is not going to enter it if it is in center. The guy by the church will.

    So when you what robot has an open foot, you want whatever player is closest to enter the foot, reaching the head of the robot. You will now notice that there is a red button on the console of the robot, which you can hit with cn_X at the same time as this person hits the button, the person with the lanterns needs to throw a lantern onto the mud circle. If you were sucessful the robot will shoot this circle revealing an empty hole.

    Doing this step solo is technically possible, but very difficult.

    You need to wait until the available foot is the center robot's left foot, as this is closest to the mud circle.

    Enter the robot but don't press it right away, wait for the purge sequence to begin, when there is next to no time left press to button, the purge will shoot you out faster then just nrunning, as soon as you land you need to throw the oantern, hoping you get lucky. Very difficult but possible if you have no other people.

    Step 7: releasing what's in the hole

    Foir this step you need to build the maxis drone. It can be built on any crafting bench and there are three parts their locations are:

    On a table on the lower floor of the starting room, next to the stairs up to generator 1.

    In the Ice Tunnel, near generator 6 in front of the crazy place gateway
    Near the crossbone sign on the tank's pathway at the Church
    Near the crossbone sign on the returning path for the tank.

    Near the very bottom of the Excavation Site, on top of a box on a scaffolding next to a lever
    On top of the Excavation Site near the Pack a Punch
    In the Excavation Site around the Secret Entrance

    Assemble the maxis drone and grab it bringing it to this newly opened hole.

    Release the maxis drone and he will fly into the hole. I recommend you be very prepared for this step, with many perks and have your upgraded staves ready.

    A large number of panzer soldats will spaw, 2 x the number of players in the game, so if you have 4 people 8 will spawn. Thankfully, the upgraded staves can do a lot of damage to these guys, as they can be charged up to fire a more powerful shot.

    Once you kill all the panzers you're onto the next step.

    Step 8: Killing the pilot

    This step is pretty simple, but it can be kind of hard to setup.

    Firstly, one player needs to grab a zombie blood, this is why we keep the zombie blood at spawn. So grab this and run outside. If you look at the sky you should see a glowing red plane, it can be kind of tricky as there are alot of planes up there, but only one will be glowing. You need to shoot this plane down with any bullet weapon. If you hit it allit will explode meaning you were sucessful. The next step requires another use of zombie blood, excpet this time you dont have a free one.

    The pilot from this plane is going to start running around the dig site, in an anti- clockwise direction. However, you can not see him unless you have zombie blood. Thankfully, there is a way to get another free zombie blood.

    Around the dig site there are three wagons on fire. If you shoot all thre of them in a quick enough time, a zombie blood powerup will spawn right next to the pap machine. Have 1 player grab this and start running clockwise around the dig site. The pilot will not attack you, but he has alot of health, so a charged shot from a staff is the best way to take him out. If you do kill him, he will drop the maxis drone, and you're onto the next step.

    Step 9: Upgrading the fists

    For this step all 4 players (or however many are in the game) need their super punch, and need to upgrade them. Upgrading them is quite difficult however. I did this with 4 people all getting them at the same time, although this is kind of risky. I'd suggest one person at a time go for this, the others train zombies up in other parts of the map.

    At this point, any zombis that spawn in the dig site (templar zombies) willhave glowing white arms. If you melee these guys with your fisrt, the glow will go away. You do not need to kill the zombies for this to wor, just melee them once so the glow goes away and kill them with any weapon. When you have meleed about 20 of these guys, a glowing white stone will appear, walking into it will make your screen flash white meaning you have upgraded your fists. Now they have the elemental effect of whatever staff you were holding at the time and are extremely powerful.

    All players must get their upgraded fists before moving on.

    Step 10: killing zombies in the crazy place

    This step is simple but dying here is a real possibility, and trust me (as I've died here many times) it really sucks as this is the last step.

    This step is simple, have all players place their upgraded staves in the crazy place, and kill a bunch of zombies in the crazy place, thats it.

    You do not need everyone to be in the crazy place, it is usually smart that only 1 or 2 people be down there, the rest above making sure to stay alive.

    Monkey bombs are very helpful here, as well as multiple upgraded guns, because you dont have your staff. Something of note, if you are in trouble you are able to grab a staff and kill some zombies, your progress will safe but any kills made while the staff is out wont count, and they continue when it placed back in.

    So after killing a multitude of zombies your screen will flash white and boom! 75 GS achievement pop! congrats you just did one of the most ridiculous and complicated easter eggs there is.

    Step 10(optional): end cutscene

    This part is not required for the achievement, and doing so ends whatever game you're in. Grab the maxis drone and release it in the crazy place, he will go through the portal up above.

    Have 1 player go to the blue circle in the center of the room, holding cn_X will give you a game over like normal and then a cutscene will play, which I wont spoil if you haven't already seen it. And thats it! The final easter egg in blops 3 completed!
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    Darkness727420A couple things.

    1. You can use a staff to melee zombies in the church and train station for the air strike grenades.

    2. Most importantly, this is Black ops 2 not 3
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 29 Aug 17 at 01:56
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