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Playing with Power achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Playing with Power

In Origins, build all elemental staffs in one game.

Playing with Power0
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How to unlock the Playing with Power achievement

  • Paul ZapPaul Zap183,743
    28 Aug 2013 28 Aug 2013 24 Dec 2014
    46 5 35
    This achievement can be done with any amount of players. It CAN be done on Easy difficulty. However, if you are going for Little Lost Girl, you must do this on Original difficulty.

    There are 4 staffs to be built, all requiring a record and 3 parts each.

    It's recommended to wait until you build all 4 staffs before you pick one up, though feel free to grab one before you build all 4 of them if you want/need it.

    Fire staff (Orange):
    - Record location: on a church pew, on a crate next to Power Generator #6, in the tunnel that leads towards the Ice Portal (Blue). Could also be blocked by the Tank, so you will have to move the Tank if you see it in between the Tank and the staircase. If it's blocked by the Tank, I'd suggest waiting until you're ready to go for the Lightning staff (Purple) parts. See further below for details.
    - Part #1: Can be looted after killing the first Panzer Soldat of the game (the first one spawns at the beginning of round 8).
    - Part #2: Reward for successfully powering up Power Generator #6 for the first time in that game. Appears in the chest next to the generator.
    - Part #3: Shoot down a plane that has an orange glow about it (a normal bullet weapon works fine). The plane spawns in any weather (clear skies, rain or snow), so look for it near the end of every round. If it's not there, move on to the next round and search the skies again (thanks to ForcefulOliver for this information). Once you manage to find it and shoot it down, follow the orange glow as it descends to the ground and collect the part. It lands around the excavation site on the side facing Power Generator #4/Juggernog.

    Lightning staff (Purple):
    - Record location: in or around the tunnel that leads to the Wind Portal (Yellow), on a table next to Power Generator #4, around Juggernog, or on a cart in No Man's Land near Power Generator #4.
    - Part #1: Activate the Tank in the church and be prepared to jump to a platform normally out of reach, on the right side of the Tank, shortly after passing Power Generator #4/Juggernog. This is before the halfway point/cooldown location. Follow the path to retrieve the part.
    - Part #2: Activate the Tank from the halfway point/cooldown location and be prepared to jump to a platform normally out of reach, on the left side of the Tank, right at the hill where the Pack-a-punch machine is located (the excavation site). Follow the path to retrieve the part.
    - Part #3: Activate the Tank from the halfway point/cooldown location and be prepared to jump to a ledge normally out of reach, on the right side of the Tank, just before the Tank goes back inside the church. Follow the path to retrieve the part.
    Note for Parts #2 and #3: If you're playing in a game with at least one other person (i.e. there are 2-4 players in the game), it's recommended to have two players get on the Tank at the Tank Station so that one person goes for Part #2 and the other person goes for Part #3 since it's impossible to get back on the Tank fast enough to get Part #3 if you just grabbed Part #2. This not only saves you the time it would take to wait for the Tank to make another round, but also the points it would cost to buy it two more times to make it come back around.
    On the other hand, if you're playing solo, this unfortunately means that you'll have to buy the Tank under the church again, and buy the Tank at the Tank Station once again in order to grab all three parts of the Lightning Staff (Purple).

    Ice staff (Blue):
    - Record location: in the bunker next to Power Generator #2. Typically lying on a shelf.
    - Parts: Grab a shovel from the spawn bunker (there are some hanging on the walls) and start digging up all the piles of dirt/skulls/bones you come across. Only dig when it's snowing on the map (HUGE thanks to KFC Gandalf for this vital information). One of the piles will eventually yield a staff part as a reward. Finish the round and repeat this process (you don't have to get a new shovel each time) until you find the next part. Same thing for part #3.
    Notes: It's possible to dig up two parts or even all three parts in the same snowy round, albeit rare.
    There are only two shovels in the spawn bunker. If you're playing in a 3-4-player game and the remaining one or two players also want shovels, there are shovels in the following locations: under the church, in the tunnel leading to the Lightning Portal (Purple), in the small area in the trench between Power Generators #1 and #2, in the small area in between Power Generators #1 and #3, or finally in the tunnel leading to the Wind Portal (Yellow).

    Wind staff (Yellow):
    - Record location: in or around the tunnel leading to the Lightning Portal (Purple), around Power Generator #5.
    - Parts: Inside the 3 giants that walk across the map every few minutes. In order to get inside them, observe which one of their feet has a partly glowing yellow bottom (it's random each time they respawn and start their walk again) and shoot that exposed bottom of the foot (a normal bullet weapon has been confirmed to work). Now have someone stand in an area which that now-exposed foot will stomp on eventually. You will be inside the giant's head. Grab the part and wait to be ejected or get yourself ejected by pressing and holding cn_X next to one of the ejection tubes in the giant's head. Repeat this process for the other 2 giants.

    Once you have all of the above, look for a gramophone (located in the excavation site underneath the Pack-a-Punch machine - there are stairs behind the Pack-a-Punch machine to access the lower levels of the excavation site) and a black record.

    Note: in case you didn't know, the Pack-a-Punch machine is located at the top of the hill in the center(re) of the map, which is the excavation site.

    Black record possible locations (credit to TheNutman69321):
    - The wheelbarrow to the left of the Pack-a-Punch machine.
    - On some crates near the path that splits off towards the church, just outside the excavation site.
    - Near an engine on a box on the outside of the excavation site, just behind an excavation site sign, on the side facing the path that leads to the Workshop.

    Once you find the gramophone and the black record, head to the 4 tunnels.

    Tunnel locations:
    - Wind (Yellow): near Power Generator #4/Juggernog.
    - Fire (Orange): immediately on the left after taking the leftmost of the two exits out of the spawn bunker.
    - Lightning (Purple): next to Power Generator #5.
    - Ice (Blue): near Power Generator #6, under the church.

    Once you reach the bottom of a tunnel, place the gramophone on the table near the wall and enter the portal once it finishes building itself. In this new area (called "The Crazy Place" according to the in-game signs), head to the pillar with the colo(u)r that matches the portal you entered. Grab the rock from that pillar and head back through the portal from whence you came.

    Once back in the main map, take the gramophone back from the table, head below the Pack-a-Punch machine, and place the gramophone on the table in there. This will open a spiral staircase. Head down to the very bottom of this chamber and build the staff which corresponds with the rock you have, and on the correct pedestal.

    Have each player do the same thing for their tunnel or have the same person build the rest of the staffs - preferably without picking one up (though note that the gramophone can be placed by anybody once someone picks it back up from a table). Once all 4 staffs have been built, the achievement will unlock.


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    meriweather31can you just pick up the staffs and get the achievment the 30G? please could anybody answer asap please
    Posted by meriweather31 on 18 Oct 13 at 21:09
    Paul ZapHi meriweather31, picking them up isn't even necessary for the achievement in fact. As long as you build all four of them in the same game, you'll get the achievement. Of course, there's no harm in picking them up though. Remember, this isn't the Master Wizard achievement (in case you're confusing the two).
    Posted by Paul Zap on 18 Oct 13 at 22:06
    TexasHONZPaul Zap attacking another user for posting a guide. Look at the comments under the other solution. Douche move. Not like this guide isnt rolled into 3 other achievements guides anyways.
    Posted by TexasHONZ on 28 May 20 at 02:32
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  • coreymawfcoreymawf97,793
    28 Aug 2013 01 Sep 2013 01 Sep 2013
    15 0 3
    Start an Origins game by going to Zombies > Excavation Site 64 > Dig Site > Origins
    The video at the bottom of this solution is all you should really need
    however i have still explained the steps in detail below.

    -This CAN be done on EASY
    -This CAN be done with ANY NUMBER OF PLAYERS

    Collect all elemental staff pieces.
    FIRE - red
    - Record: CHURCH ~ under tank, on a pew, on a crate near gen6, or in the ice tunnel.
    - Pt1: dropped by first PANZER SOLDAT (big daddy) killed.
    - Pt2: shoot down glowing PLANE - dropped near the chest closest to the excavation site.
    - Pt3: comes out of the reward chest beside generator 6 once GEN 6 is activated.

    WIND - yellow
    - Record: STAMINUP ~ against some crates, in a window frame or in the lightning tunnel.
    - Pt1, 2 & 3: inside the GIANT ROBOTS - to get inside simply shoot a foot with glowing
    yellow lights and it will open allowing you to go inside if it steps on you - there is one
    part in each robot - THOR(gen2/3 side), ODIN(middle) & FREYA(church side).

    LIGHTNING - purple
    - Record: JUGGERNOG ~ on a table, on a cart or in the wind tunnel.
    - Pt1, 2 & 3: down secret pathways that can only be reached by jumping OFF THE TANK
    while it is moving - 1: before the tank station on the right, 2: at the excavation site hill
    on the left, 3: at the side of the church on the right.

    ICE - blue
    - Record: TANK STATION ~ on a shelf (the tank station is the bunker near gen2).
    - Pt1, 2 & 3: all found by DIGGING UP mounds of dirt and bones WHILE IT'S SNOWING -
    shovel spawns are; spawn room, gen1 room, lightning tunnel, church (behind the tank).

    BUILD the staffs
    - Once you have all the staff parts for a particular staff go through its corresponding
    tunnel, place the gramophone down, step through the teleporter, go to its
    corresponding alter, hold (x) to pick up the elemental stone, go back through the
    teleporter you came through, pick up the gramophone on your way out of the tunnel
    then go to the excavation site, place the gramophone down on the table, wait for the
    stairs to open, pick the gramophone back up, take the stairs all the way to the bottom
    and build your staff by going up to its corresponding staff holder and hold (x) to build.
    Repeat for all four staffs.

    - Black Record: EXCAVATION SITE ~ in a wheelbarrow, on some crates near the steps to
    the church or on a box beside an engine on the catwalks around the excavation site.

    - Gramophone: EXCAVATION SITE ~ downstairs near the table to place the gramophone.
    - TELEPORTER tunnels;
    FIRE-red: near gen1/spawn (left exit from spawn), WIND-yellow: near juggernog,
    LIGHTNING-purple: near staminup, ICE-blue: near the back of the church / gen6.

    You must have all four staffs built at the same time in one game but you do not have to hold all of them.

    Pop goes the cheevo.

    Happy hunting

    All credit for this youtube video goes to CAPTAIN0BVI0UZ.
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    AGGY AggressoRPaul Zap back at it again with the smack talk
    Posted by AGGY AggressoR on 03 Jul 16 at 13:39
    I TRU RELIG1ONLol coreymawf is a solid zombies guide poster has a massive YouTube channel and I for one ALWAYS use his guides. Quite whining and try to better yourself. Great guide coreymawf
    Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 16 Sep 16 at 23:15
    I TRU RELIG1ONLol coreymawf is a solid zombies guide poster has a massive YouTube channel and I for one ALWAYS use his guides. Quite whining and try to better yourself. Great guide coreymawf
    Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 16 Sep 16 at 23:49
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