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Saving the Day...All Day achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Saving the Day...All Day

In Origins, revive another player four different ways in one game.

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How to unlock the Saving the Day...All Day achievement

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    Here are the four ways you'll need to revive someone to unlock the achievement.

    1 - Normal revive

    Simply revive someone to get this (Get a friend to down himself, being crushed by a Giant, getting hit by a Zombie or cooking a Grenade will all work.)

    2 - Quick Revive

    Revive someone while you have the Quick Revive perk on you.

    3 - Maxis Drone

    There are three pieces to build this, once built, get a friend to go down, and then hit down on your D-pad to activate the Maxis Drone once you've picked it up, it will then revive your friend if you are close enough. (This will also shoot zombies so make sure to be away from a crawler if you don't want the next round to begin)

    4 - Ultimate Staff Revive

    Build an ultimate staff, then hit left on the D-pad to select a healing rod out, shoot it at your downed teammate.

    - Building the Ultimate Wind Staff -

    Wind Staff Parts

    There are three giants that walk across the map. On each of the giants, there is a secret entrance which leads inside the giant where you can claim your staff part. To open this up you'll need to shoot under ONE of the giants feet, there is some white markings, shoot them with any gun (Burst fire is recommended) and it should open up a white portal in his foot. You then have to stand where he lands that foot to be taken inside the giant where you can claim your part. (It's better to shoot this as soon as he appears from a safe distance then move to another section where he may stand). It's better this way because if you try shooting it when it's right over you and you miss, you'll go down. Squish.

    Be careful not to shoot the wrong foot either as the portal only appears on ONE of the giant's foot.

    The Music Box

    Now once you've gotten all the parts, you'll need to go into the Pack-A-Punch area and go down the stairs, right to the bottom which is where you'll find the music box. Place the box on the table which will open up some more stairs leading to a new area.

    At the bottom there will be four coloured statues, the same as the staffs.

    Now you must collect an element for each staff.

    There are four cave systems around the map which you can go through, they always lead to a dead end and are labeled - Ice (Blue), Fire (Orange), Lightning (Purple) and Wind (Yellow). For example, if you have the yellow disc, you'll go to the Wind tunnel.

    The yellow (wind) coloured disc is in the Generator 5/Staminup area.

    You then put the music box on the table, the disc will be automatically selected and will slowly open up a portal which will take you to the 'Crazy Place'. From here, move forward and go to a small coloured alter, which you'll be able to take an element from. You can only hold one at a time so mulitiple trips through each portal will be required. For those wondering, you need to use the specific caves to pick up the specific elements, you can't pick up the Fire element by going through the Ice portal.

    Go back to the statues and build the staff. Don't waste ammo, you need if for the next few wind puzzles.

    - Enter the Crazy Place, any portal will do.
    - Search for the Yellow zone and look up to find the puzzle
    - Follow the next steps in order to unlock the first Ultimate staff

    You'll need to shoot the four tiles with the Wind Staff only, to match up to what they look like in this video. Take your time! You have limited ammo so don't go wasting too much of it.

    - Credit to xJHUBx on Youtube

    Once done Samantha will speak to you, and the tiles should move a little bit indicating that the challenge is complete. You are halfway there.

    Now, you must go back outside and shoot THREE metal ball type things (It's hard to describe what they are)

    The 1st right next to the Juggernog generator. Stand in front of the Random perk bottle machine (It costs 1,500) and look forward. You will see the metal gong thing on a bit of land just before the next area where the giant's foot lands. Shoot it with the staff twice (Another time just in case you miss and don't realise it)

    The 2nd one appears near the Staminup generator. You'll need to be on the far left of the map when you run to this area so you'd be running right past the soul chest. (The chest you fill with souls as part of the challenge which you get rewards from.)

    BEFORE you get to this chest, but SLIGHTLY after you walk past a burning cart, look to your right on the piece of land and you'll see the second gong, shoot it and prepare for the final one.

    The final one is on the way to generator 6, which is at the church. Open up the pathway to Church zone, and you'll be approaching where the giant's foot lands and also where a soul chest is. before you get to the top of those mini stairs, look right and search along the graveyards in the distance, you'll come across the final gong in the distance, shoot it twice and you should finally hear Samantha speak to you.

    - Arranging the discs -

    Before moving on, switch all the discs below the pack a punch area using the controls so that all the colours are YELLOW. Then shoot the yellow orb that will appear with the staff.


    - Put the Rod back where you took the original element (Yellow Alter in Crazy Place)
    - Fill the staff with zombie souls
    - Take the staff once Samantha has spoken and the 1st Ultimate Staff is yours, enjoy.


    Zombie Blood does not count towards this achievement and the Ballistic Knife does not appear on this map, so you can't Pack a Punch is and revive someone with it.

    All four revives need to be done in one game.

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    Maxis drone part locations?
    Posted on 01 Sep 13 at 05:59
    Oni Tenshuif quick revive works why not zombie blood?
    Posted by Oni Tenshu on 02 Sep 13 at 00:40
    Good question - I've no idea

    Maxis Drone part locations will be added soon.
    Posted on 02 Sep 13 at 09:43
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  • StephenM 84StephenM 84724,132
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    For this achievement you have to revive another player four different ways in a single game.

    1. Normal Revive - Just let your teammate get downed and revive.

    2. Quick Revive - Buy quick revive and revive your teammate.

    3. Maxi's Drone - Get the 3 parts to build the drone then let your teammate get downed and put out your drone and it will revive him.

    4. Ultimate Staff - You need to build any of the Staff's to the ultimate version and while holding the Staff press left on the d-pad and shoot your teammate while he's downed.
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    Alpha Wesker 5Thumbs up! Could You help me with this sometime. This and the ultimate staff one are hard beside the Easter egg! I'd appreciate the help! ;)
    Posted by Alpha Wesker 5 on 29 Aug 13 at 03:31
  • Fishie PenguinFishie Penguin202,909 202,909 GamerScore
    31 Aug 2013 29 Aug 2013 04 Sep 2013
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    Does not require 4 Players as I have done this with 2 others:

    1.) Normal Revive

    Holding (X) Next to down player

    2.) Quick Revive

    Use the Perk "Quick Revive"

    3.) Maxis Drone

    Build the "Maxis Drone"

    -Brains (always located on the table in spawn bunker)

    -Rotor: Found normally next to Pack-A-Punch, on crates right under Pack-A-Punch to the left of the table, and inside the Excavation Site on the bottom wooden walkway on some crates.

    -Frame: Under the Church you have the left & right muddy paths it is located on either path next to one of the "Cross-Bones Signs" or In or Around Generator #6 Tunnel (Ice)

    -Have someone down themselves and Press Down on the D-pad the Drone will shoot zombies as well as Revive near by Teammates. After it is used it will return to the table it was built and will recharge for 90 sec then you or a Teammate may use it again.

    4.) Ultimate Staff Revive

    How to Build: (Now your able to use any staff I picked this one cause of it being easier than most also the Ice Staff was my next choice)

    Wind staff (Yellow)

    -Record location: On the Wall next to Stamia Up, In the Generator #5 Tunnel (Lightning), or on the crates outside the Tunnel.

    -Parts: Inside the 3 Giants that walk all over, they have a doorway under either the left or right foot. In order to get inside them, observe which one of their feet has glowing yellow lights. To open the doorway in the giants you must shoot that exposed bottom of the foot. Having that exposed area step on you to enter the Giant. You will then be inside the Giant's head. Grab the part and will exit the Giant. Repeat this process for the other 2.

    Grammaphone: aka the "Music Box"
    It is located under the Pack-A-Punch in the Excavation Site. Now once you've gotten all the parts, you'll need to go into the Pack-A-Punch area and go down the stairs, right to the bottom which is where you'll find the music box. Place the box on the table which will open up some more stairs leading to a Secret Area.

    Black Record Locations:
    -Near Engine to the left of the entrance to the Excavation Site.
    -WheelBarrow to the Left of Pack-A-Punch
    -On Crates close to the path going to the Church on the backside of Excavation Site.

    You will notice the 4 Elemental Statues which you will use in the Staff building process.

    Your Next step will be to go to the Yellow Tunnel next to Juggernog using the Music Box & Record you will unlock the doorway to "The Crazy Place". Once in you must head towards the Yellow Alter to grab the Yellow Orb. Exit The Crazy Place by going to the Yellow Teleport Stage and return to the Yellow Elemental Statue under the Excavation Site to build the Wind Staff.

    After the Wind Staff is built return to The Crazy Place above the Yellow Teleport Stage is a circle dial w/ symbols follow the vid (Credit to Vid Creator) to line up the symbols. Once done correct Samantha w/ speak up letting you know its complete.

    This Vid is for the Puzzle:
    *Note* Screenshots are the view from on the Teleport Stage looking back towards the Center of Argatha (Crazy Place)

    This Vid is for the Stone Dome Location: (if you notice they shoot the 2nd & 3rd Dome and they don't unlock until shot correctly)

    *Now you must use your Wind Staff to shoot 3 Stone Domes

    In this order:

    1.) Generator #4 Next to Juggernog. If you stand in front of the Random Perk Machine, turn around you will see the Stone Dome. If you position yourself to the right it will be facing the Excavation Site.

    2.) Heading towards the Church. Go under the Church taking the backside muddy pathway till you see the Smoke Dome on your right facing the view of the Excavation Site.

    3.) Head to Generator #5 you will see it to the right near a burning cart. If you stand to the right of Stamina Up you will see a clear shot facing the Excavation Site.

    If done correctly you will hear a sound confirming it's completion & a Yellow Orb will be floating below the Color Dials.You must go under the Excavation Site, at the very bottom is 4 rotating stone dials use the switches to make the lights all Yellow. Shoot the orb with the staff & follow Final Steps.

    Creating the Ultimate Wind Rod: (Final Steps)

    -Go to The Crazy Place and place the Wind Staff in the alter where you acquired the Wind Element.
    - Fill the staff with zombie souls (same as the Soul Chest)
    - Take the staff once Samantha has spoken.
    -Have someone down themselves (Press Left D-pad) shoot the staff at the to revive.


    All four revives need to be done in one game.
    Please leave Comments below w/ any questions or issues before voting Negative. Thanks!
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