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Overachiever achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II


In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.

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How to unlock the Overachiever achievement

  • RaiderhornRaiderhorn206,707
    27 Aug 2013 27 Aug 2013 10 Jun 2019
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    This can be very difficult because of the challenge to fill 4 chests. I highly suggest setting it to Easy difficulty.

    In the spawn, up the stairs to the left is a 'Ritual of the Ancients' board that has challenges for you to complete (another out by Generator Station 6). If you aim at each medal it will bring up a challenge. The challenges listed are:

    1. 115 Normal Zombie Headshots - Rewards Lamentation / Afterburner / Spatz-447 / Agarthan Reaper
    2. Capture 6 Generators - Rewards Max Ammo
    3. Spend 30,000 points - Rewards Double Tap
    4. Fill 4 chests to capacity - Rewards Thunder Fists

    Challenges 1-3 are individual. Challenge 4 counts for all players. Thanks to ClockWrkPhantom for confirming this.
    Every time you complete a challenge, a medal will appear above your perks. You can then head to the stone chest where the challenges are listed to gain a reward.

    Headshots and Point Spending
    This is pretty straightforward. If you open up the entire map/buy perks/hit the weapon box/etc. You'll spend 30 grand in no time. SMGs or Assault Rifles are excellent for headshots. The STG-44 in the Church has the highest headshot damage multiplier for a weapon you can buy off the wall, so I highly recommend it.

    For the six generators and how to capture them, refer to my solution on 'All Your Base'. As stated above for this challenge you do not have to have all six captured at one time, though you must have captured six total at one point.
    Call of Duty: Black Ops IIAll Your BaseThe All Your Base achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II worth 23 pointsIn Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop.

    Also as stated above, this challenge IS counted individually. If you aren't on the platform when the generator is powered and a teammate is, it won't count for you.

    Filling Chests
    To fill a chest, you must kill zombies around it. When it is filled it will sink into the ground. I strongly suggest having good guns and a few perks. For those who don't know yet Juggernog can be found at Generator Station 4.
    The chests are found in No Man's Land. You can find a chest at these locations:
    -To the left of the Excavation site (coming out of the Workshop)
    -Beside Generator Station 5
    -Outside the Church near the Graveyard
    -Past Generator Station 4 by an MP40 wall buy

    Be very cautious and keep a lookout for Giants that come through. These chests are in areas where they can step, and you don't want to get squished. The thing that makes this an even bigger pain is when Giants step on a chest it will close, and you'll have to restart the process of filling it again. Kills with the Maxis Drone, Nuke, and Electric Cherry perk do not count towards the chest.
    Another thing to look out for is Panzer Soldats. If you have strong guns like Ray Gun/MkII, staffs, etc. then you'll be fine. Just keep your distance from them.
    I would suggest doing the chests as early as possible as in the higher rounds the zombies will become increasingly overwhelming, and you sometimes face multiple Panzer Soldats. I would like to stress that if a Giant resets a chest, immediately start it again as you will have lots of time before the Giant comes back through.

    Once you complete your fourth challenge, the achievement will unlock.

    Good luck everyone :]

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    -Maxis Drone kills do not count towards the chests.
    Posted by Raiderhorn on 30 Aug 13 at 03:04
    -Listed rewards with their proper challenge
    -Updated tip on chests challenge
    Posted by Raiderhorn on 21 Sep 13 at 18:19
    z 4assed monkeyGreat solution! Here's a spending tip. If you're doing this in co-op, and you've already bought all the doors and four perks, and find yourself in a position where you do not want to abandon any of your current weapons in order to spend money on new weapons and Pack-a-Punch, let yourself get downed and have your partner revive you, so you can rebuy perks.

    I had the Magna Collider (from the Maxis Drone step) and a staff, and didn't want to abandon those awesome weapons. I didn't luck into Mule Kick from the random perk machine, which would've given me a third weapon slot to spend on. So what we did was, we stayed near Generator 4 and I allowed myself to get downed, so I could repeatedly rebuy Juggernog and the random perk machine. This allowed me to finish out spending 30,000 points.
    Posted by z 4assed monkey on 13 Jun 15 at 00:32
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  • WirelessYoshiWirelessYoshi408,058
    31 Aug 2013 31 Aug 2013 01 Sep 2013
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    I found this was easier to do solo, after trying several times with multiple co-op partners. I would find that I was getting kills stolen, panzer soldats took a lot more to kill and at higher rounds spawned several at a time, I would be lacking points for perks/weapons sometimes too, and most annoyingly team mates activating a generator whilst I was on the other side of the map.

    The challenges are:
    Capture 6 generators
    Spend 30,000 points
    115 Headshots (On normal zombies)
    Fill all chests

    I got the achievement on wave 16, had a PaP'ed STG-44, PWD, and SCAR.
    The idea is to maximise your points early on so you can get the perks you want as soon as you can. For me those were Juggernog, Quick revive and Speed cola (I also got lucky with a Mule kick for extra fire power).

    You need to play whilst focusing on the challenges (Obviously...) That means, aim for the head whenever possible to get the 115 headshots, spending 30,000 points, (Dont waste your points...) By opening up areas to the generators, buying weapons and ammo and pack-a-punching you shouldnt struggle to spend your points. That being said dont waste it, save as much as you can for pack-a-punching/perks.

    The way which I suggest to do this is as follows;
    From wave 1 try to maximise your points (5 pistol shots to the body followed by a knife) and activate the first generator as soon as you can. (Side note I also bought an MK14 off of the wall at spawn for headshots). Also buy a quick revive before you move out of this area.
    Grab a shovel and work your way around to the second generator digging up all the spots you can as they can yeild blood money, zombie blood (Extremely useful for activating the generators) double points and weapons.

    Activate generator 2, after that was done, I bought the MP-40 (Great for headshots, and several spots to buy ammo [Shelter, front of excavation site, and behind Juggernog]) from inside of the shelter and continued to earn 2500 points before moving on. This is because you are at an open area and shouldnt get too over-run by zombies.

    Run on up to generator 3 (You should be on wave 4-5 by now) and activate it when you can (Beware of the area to side of the generator is in the path of one of the giant robots).
    I chose to stay here for a round or two to buy speed cola, and get enough points to open the next door in the area leading to no-mans land.

    After entering no-mans land, head left at the excavation site, towards generator 4, again activate it as soon as you can. Your going to want to buy a Juggernog as soon as you can as the Panzer Soldat will be coming soon (for me he spawned at wave 7 or 8, AIM FOR THE HEAD, a few well aimed shots will take him down piece of cake). Now head over to the other side of the excavation site to generator 5.

    Activate generator five, once that is done run over to the excavation site and head on over to the church where you'll find the sixth and final generator. (This one in my opinion coupled with generator 5 is the hardest as they are next to zombie spawns and are in a small area).

    I advise buying the STG-44 from out of the church, as I found it possibly the most effective way of dealing with those pesky zombies. After the sixth generator is done you will have completed your first (possibly second challenge if you've managed to get the 115 headshots) You will be rewarded with a max ammo if you claim your reward for capturing all generators and Pack-a-Punched weapon for completing the Headshots.

    From here I back-tracked and started to work on the chests, the first one being nearest the church, as it was close enough for me to run back to the church to get ammo for the STG if needed. After that I had enough to PaP (Pack-a-Punch) the STG-44. I headed on over to the chest behind Juggernog next. This is when the next Panzer spawned, at wave 13 if my memory serves me correct. However against the STG he didn't stand up too well.

    Moving on to the next chest at the bottom of the stairs near the excavation site, beware though, there are several routes the zombies can come from so dont let yourself get trapped between a wall and a zombie.

    After filling that, you'll almost be there! Fill the final chest up by the fifth generator, and the achievement should be yours! If you need to spend more points, PaP another weapon or spam buying ammo for a weapon (it costs 4500 to wall buy ammo for a PaP weapon)

    Final notes:
    - Always aim for the head. Always...
    - Perks are your bestfriend, Juggernog is essential to your survial and Quick revive incase you get downed.
    - Dont get side-tracked with the random box/perk machine, staff parts, etc.
    - Play with the challenges in mind.
    - Dig as much as you can.
    - Avoid nukes, unless you need to escape from an army of zombies.
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    TheAZNmikejust to add to what you've said if anyone is getting killed by the panzer soldier if u don't open the door to no man's land he won't spawn. So you can prepare yourself better buy sleight of hand and quick revive and run trains around generator 3 get your 2 favorite weapons out of the box save up like 20-30k then go do everything u get headshots super easily running trains. When your ready just leave one zombie keep it alive to capture the other 3 generators get jugg ur PaP weapons and your other favorite perk. This way u'll have 3 challenges done and u just need to focus on box kills which shouldn't be too bad if you got lucky with monkeys from the box. throw it and unload if u get cornered
    Posted by TheAZNmike on 04 Sep 13 at 17:28
    LGS I HitmanI got this on wave 13 if you get the headshots first the reward is a pap gun.
    Posted by LGS I Hitman on 11 Jul 14 at 17:43
  • RubiksHnKRubiksHnK25,638
    22 Sep 2013 23 Sep 2013
    5 0 0
    I did this is two people. We all accomplished everything in the same match as one person needed everything.
    1) Build staffs (Wind/Ice) easiest to get. All the Wind staff parts are in the robots with the yellow record located in the Generator 5 area. You have to wait for it to snow to find the Ice staff parts as they are all dug up throughout the map. The record is in the bunker by Generator 2. The gramophone is underground at the excavation site while the record is located either right outside the site or near the pack-a-punch. You will need to the two elements to build them. The two Crazy place locations is Gen 6 for Ice and Gen 4 for Wind. If you don't want to wait for Snow the lightning staff parts are pretty easy to get using the tank. Parts are, in order, on the right before Gen2 (You'll be able to see it riding the tank) Let the tank cool... Sucks I know.. The next two are easier to get with two people unless you want to make another trip on the tank but they are off a platform you pass at the excavation site and right before you enter the tank station again. The Purple record is by 4 and it's Crazy place is Gen5. Having the staffs also was a huge help killing off the Panzer Soldats that came.

    2) We then filled up boxes with headshots. (Use your favorite gun.) We used the STG from the excavation site. After a couple boxes we pack-a-punched. The staffs were mainly a fail safe in case we became over run with zombies. And continued with headshots filling up the four boxes. (Outside the Church, by Gen 4, by Gen 5, and by the excavation site.)

    3) From there, We started turning on all the generators the staffs made this a lot easier. All the players need to be on the platform for it to count. You should have three weird looking icons by the round number if you have finished all three of these things.

    4) With all the doors, guns, pack-a-punch, etc you should be close to spening 30,000 points. We just bought Mule Kick from under the excavation site. (Place the record player on the table under Pack-a-punch to get to it) bought the AK74u, pack-a-punched it, then bought another perk or two. Ta-da, Achievement won.

    -- Again, staffs aren't needed and you can cut on Gen4 for jugg-nog if you really want it. It's just how we did it.
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