Uncle! achievement in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Use Raphael’s Counter Submissions 25 times.

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How to unlock the Uncle! achievement

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    This is a tricky one.

    1) (required) unlock the move under the stats page. Under the Defense tab, the top left one called Punishing Counter. Get that to 2/2. Notice that it says you NEED TPKO to be at the threshold.

    2) (optional, but super helpful) reduce Raph's TPKO from 10 to 5. Under the Combat tab, go to the bottom and get TPKO Threshold to 2/2 so you only need 5 instead of 10 combo.

    3) Go to the dojo and get the hang of it. Build up to TPKO how you want, and keep it ready. Then when the dummy attacks, hit B to counter and RIGHT after press and hold RT + X. Raph will put them on his shoulder, then drop them to the ground, then climb around and perform a submission, like yank on their arm. That's the move you are looking for.

    (vid1 - dojo)

    4) Go into a challenge mode, like Alley, and then start racking them up. Near the points/exp counter you will see "Submission TPKO" when you do it right.

    (vid2 - challenge mode)

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    FreshPrince513I had such a hard time with this, until I read your guide. Positive vote from me.
    Posted by FreshPrince513 on 02 Sep 13 at 23:04
    SambaJust did it from the move list 25 timmes, got a couple of different animation, the most frequent was a chokehold lying down.
    Posted by Samba on 07 Sep 13 at 16:10
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    Ok this one is frustrating as all hell.

    Under the Defense skill tree for Raphael, 1st row, left side is the talent you want to put two skill points into. You must have two in there to perform the submission.

    Next I suggest using the Dojo at HQ but I'm sure if you prefer Raph you can get quite a few of these during the campaign. In the Dojo under the move list choose the Counter Submission move.

    The move can only be performed when you've activated your combo (numbers have turned red for Raph) and acts as a kind of TPKO during a shoulder drop, must be done off of a counter, and must be timed correctly.

    The set up for this is three training bots but only one of them is active and attacks you. The active one is in the center. I started off by going up to the active bot and hitting it with a swift combo until it falls down. Then turn to the stationary bot on the right or left. Hit that bot slowly, what you're trying to do is maintain your combo until it reaches 10.

    (Raph has a talent that once it's fully upgraded reduces the number of hits required to get into TPKO mode from 10 to 5, which makes this part easier.)

    Once the bot that attacks moves back to you wait for it to get brave. Now you must press B to counter, while facing the attacker, and when the weapons make contact hit X. This will do one of two things:

    1) Raph will do something akin to a choke slam on the bot which you do NOT want


    2) He picks up and throws the bot over his shoulder and walks around a bit before shoulder slamming it into the ground. This is the move you DO want.

    DO NOT Hold RT + X like the move list tells you until right before Raph's shoulder makes contact with the bot on the ground. If you hold it early Raph can transition to the ground and pound attack, too late and he just stands up. But if you did all of the above correctly, Raph will roll to the side and grip the bots arm before breaking it. The training will end and you will get taken back to the move list selection. Good job. Now do it 24 more times.

    *Thanks to k1ng p33zy for these*

    *Apparently you can get Raph to perform the submission off of other moves as well. Grapples and throws work and you can go into the shoulder slam short of the TPKO requirements as long as you get enough strikes during the beat down to then hit TPKO mode and perform the submission. I personally had difficulty getting these to work for me but then again timing for all of these moves are tricky, but I thought it worth mentioning.*
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    k1ng p33zyI just want to add that this works on any of the takedowns from above one breaks the arm and the other is a choke I know it works because it completed the dojo stage after I did it
    Posted by k1ng p33zy on 01 Sep 13 at 02:33
    k1ng p33zyAnother note this works with any of his take downs if its a throw or a grapple the move works I did a variation of different submissions took me about 5-6 mins to get after I realized it worked on everything
    Posted by k1ng p33zy on 01 Sep 13 at 13:57
    k1ng p33zyanother thing to add is that you go do the submission after the ground pound if you dont have enough hits to enter tpko mode as well i think that should be it for now lol
    Posted by k1ng p33zy on 01 Sep 13 at 20:28
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