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Specialist achievement in Metro: Last Light


Complete the SHOOTING RANGE and ARENA.

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How to unlock the Specialist achievement

  • Triple G AndyTriple G Andy729,274
    17 Sep 2013 17 Sep 2013
    60 1 21
    To obtain this achievement you need to beat the 10 challenges for both the Shooting Range and the AI Arena.

    Shooting Range:

    Keep in mind that all the waves have a 25 score limit. Over time the targets become harder to hit and take more damage.

    The first 8 waves are pretty straight forward, just aim for the square wooden targets, as the dummies take too much damage. I used 3x Tikhar Rifles with Reflex Scopes, Laser Sights & an Airtight Valve. The reason for this is threefold:

    1. The Tikhar has 15 shots, which with full pressure instantly destroys the targets.
    2. It fires as fast as you can pull the trigger and accurately, so if you slip up you can still compensate.
    3. Having 3 of the guns allows for 45 shots without reloading, so when one runs out you can swap to the next and keep shooting.

    The last two waves however consist solely of undead soldiers. These guys are very resilient to damage, and dodge like hell. After trying to take them out with the Prevet, I then had a great idea.

    Simply use 3x Medved's (the grenade Launcher). These doozies instantly kill most enemies in their blast radius, which is pretty big and reload fast. There is an ammo box to the right wall you can use after exhausting all 3 guns. If you simply shoot for the enemy clusters you'll be fine.

    AI Arena:

    This area is more difficult than the last. The primary reason being that ammo is not obtainable from ammo boxes during these fights (although you can loot corpses for an occasional grenade or shotgun shell). Starting at 20 enemies to kill, it increases each challenge by 5 more enemies. You'll see Human enemies, Male Shrimps, Nosalis' & Watchmen.

    For the first 8 waves all you'll really need are 2 Gatling guns & an Abzat (auto shotgun) I upgraded the Gatling gun with Five Barrel Assembly, Gatling Suppression and a Gatling Engine (You'll need the faster rate of fire). The Abzat was upgraded with a Muzzle brake, Laser Sight, Ammo Box & Auto-fire Adapter.

    Then I simply stayed in the edge of the map where the several doorways are (left side) and camped by the doorway. When enemies came to the doorway I would unload with the Gatling gun (just keep the left trigger held down and fire in short bursts). The reason for two is that when one is used you can switch to the other then reload, with the Abzat as a close-range back-up. From 8-10 Undead enemies will replace the normal soldiers, and ammo gets very scarce. I then replaced one of the Gatling guns with the Flamethrower and used the same tactic, retreating further back when things got heated.

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    matdanOk found the easiest way to do the Arena is sometimes the mudcrab thing will sort of block the entrance while glitched in the wall. Killed 30+ enemies by them simply trying to run through the crab, made it so much easier then my first attempts. Just shoot the sneaky Nosalises and Watchmen that sneak through.
    Posted by matdan on 07 Jul 17 at 16:20
    Hurricane MattFantastic tip about using the flamethrower on the last waves of the Arena! I was able to beat wave 10 with just the flamethrower and nothing else.
    Posted by Hurricane Matt on 10 Dec 17 at 08:41
    LEGENDXKILLA+1 great solution. Great tip on the Flamethrower.
    Posted by LEGENDXKILLA#250 on 27 Feb 20 at 21:18
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  • wellingtonbalbowellingtonbalbo724,604
    08 Mar 2014 08 Mar 2014 08 Mar 2014
    17 0 0
    If you struggle in the last two waves of Arena Challenges see this video, stay in this corner and get your achievement!

    This video show a easy way to you get the achievement (but takes a little more time than usual way):

    Credits to TheBrothersGrim666 for make the video.

    Another tip is: make sure that your difficulty (in Options menu) is set to Easy, to obviously make things more easier.

    Hope that helps, if you see anything that I can improve in this solution please send me a PM or comment below. Thanks.
    11 Feb 2014 11 Feb 2014 11 Feb 2014
    7 0 6
    For those struggling with this achievement in the arena section for challenge 1-7 have in your load out 2 miniguns and a saiga shotgun.

    Location to camp when entering the arena go down the first set of stairs nearest the arena exit and continue straight on until you hit a doorway, before you get to the doorway turn right and you'll run into a metal object camp here the enemies will spawn the other side of this.

    With 2 minguns with the engine fiver barrel upgrades you should easily get through sections 1-7

    What I did for sections 8-10 was have 2 saiga shotguns with extended mag and ran around the very outside of the map making sure i was always under the roofed section.

    Humans and undead will not enter this section of the map nosalies will however they will chase you along with giant green shrimps you can ignore these as they are really quite slow or use your incendiary grenades to kill them quickly i just ignored them, Whilst running around you will hear the nosaslies spawn simply take them down whilst running around the edge of the map they will re spawn once you have killed all of them and are very easy to kill with the saiga.
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    Nothing has changed; the undead soldiers do not enter covered passage on the outskirts of the arena unless you camp. Running from one part to the other will cause them to take cover in the middle.

    Personally I found a combination of these solutions to be most effective. I used the Saiga (my favourite gun in the game), the flamethrower (highly effective when camping but dangerous), and the Gatling. I found that camping at the start and using the flamethrower and gatling for about 8-10 enemies, then relocating to the other camping areas much more effective. Camp, then relocate under the outskirts while killing Nosalises and Watchmen with the Saiga and shrimp with incendiaries. The occasional frag in the middle and claymore doesn't hurt neither.
    Posted on 02 Oct 15 at 13:06
    SM3DINHOLeast it worked for somebody else then
    Posted by SM3DINHO on 14 Oct 15 at 20:31
    PrettyColt21109I like the way you think DEEVIUS, I used Saiga (muh fayvrit), minigun and flamethrower (great for those big crab guys that are green)
    Posted by PrettyColt21109 on 22 May 16 at 20:49
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