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Saints & Sensibility

Complete 'Grand Finale' after completing all Homie missions.

Saints & Sensibility+0.4
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Achievement Guide for Saints & Sensibility

  • Sketchy77Sketchy77290,011
    10 Jul 2014 09 Jul 2014 09 Jul 2014
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    Note: This achievement is missable and you will either need to return to an older save or start a new game to earn it. The stats page may have an incorrect completed mission count when doing the Loyalty missions, but if they do appear in your 'Completed' log, then it's okay to continue to the end.

    This can be unlocked in co-op. Thanks to Tasty Outlaw for confirming.

    You do not need to finish side-missions (store hacking/activities) given to you from your crew, but doing them will progress towards other achievements while you're working through the game. Thanks to Mjilner and Cr4zyAlan for confirming this.

    Before the final mission, you will get a warning prompt that once you start, you will not be able to return to the simulation until it is over. You'll need to finish every Loyalty mission before you start the finale. You can save any of these Loyalty missions until just before the end-game mission and clear them up one after another if you'd rather focus on the story/activities first.

    Final mission spoiler:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    You will get this before Imperator during the cutscene after the credits.

    Disclaimer: I taken zero credit in this guide, I am merely copying the american versions guides for people with the Australian version because it is more convenient for them.
  • SpilnerSpilner758,325
    12 Jan 2018 05 Jan 2018
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    This achievement is missable if you do not complete all loyalty missions for each crew mate.

    For this achievement you will need to have completed each of the 7 crew members Loyalty missions, (not their side quest missions (Based around activities) before you complete the final story mission 'Grand Finale'. You will be given a warning prompt that once you start, you will not be able to return to the simulation until the finale is over so you wouldn't be able to do these loyalty quests.

    You can do these at any time (Once you've saved the crew member) and they can be done in co-op.

    The missions are called as follows:
    Kinzie - The Girl Who Beat Cyrus
    Matt - Nytefall
    Pierce - Pump Up The Volume
    Shaundi - Girls Night Out
    Asha - Training Day
    Ben - King Of The Dance
    Gat - SR3 Wrap Up
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