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Subversive achievement in GTA 5


Complete The Merryweather Heist.

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How to unlock the Subversive achievement

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    The Subversive achievement has to do with the first heist that Trevor plans after you take control of him. Trevor will plan this with his people (Ron, Wade, etc). This is not the first activity/mission with Trevor but is the first heist. Below will be more details about the mission and its completion. Plus stop reading as to not ruin your experience with this fine game. Also as with every hiest you get to plan how it is executed, my solution deals with the second choice(B).


    There will be many little mission leading up to the heist. You will have to steal a cargo helicopter and an exploration submarine. I'm not 100% sure but believe that you will need to own the sandy shores air strip because that is where you will store the helicoper. You will also go to Wades cousin and he will take you to his work, here your going to take photographs of a boat and Merryweather guards. Once these tasks are done you can start the heist.

    You will call in Mike and Frank for support. Mike will fly the chopper, Frank will give you support, and Trevor will use the sub. You will most likely want to go to flight school with Mike because it will help rank you up in flying and also get you better at it.

    First you will get in the chopper as Mike, and Trevor will get in the sub. Mike will then use the helicopter to lift the sub and go to the designated area. Once there you will drop the sub in the water, and with Trevor use a GPS device to guide you to a package. When you get there just ram the sub into the top of the package to release it and you will automatically grab it. Next head to the surface where Mike will reconnect you and begin flying to the next area. On the way back you will have to fight off some choppers and boats. Once you arrive and drop submarine in the proper area and land the chopper, a cutscene should trigger. After cutscene will be the heist passed/completed prompt and achievement should pop.

    If I missed anything or need to change something just let me know. Hope this helps.
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    Mark MiwurdzThis may be glitched/missable. I did the heist but got no cheev.
    Posted by Mark Miwurdz on 23 Sep 13 at 13:33
    Mark MiwurdzDidn't get 'Blitzed' either. This is bull****!
    Posted by Mark Miwurdz on 23 Sep 13 at 18:06
    BiGPaPaRuIm sorry mark, that blows. I wonder why this would happen. When I get home I'll add that this may glitch. I wish I could be more help.
    Posted by BiGPaPaRu on 24 Sep 13 at 12:40
    AlaffyI also had problems getting this achievement to unlock. It didn't unlock the first or second time I played the mission. I checked the end mission stats and it was like nothing had been recorded. It didn't even tell me how long I played the mission. So I started it a third time, except I played it with the sub only and it worked.
    Posted by Alaffy on 26 Sep 13 at 09:39
    Iceonfire89Hi just to confirm you do not need to own sandy shores air strip. I never bought a single property as any character before this and still got my heavy lift chopper saved at the hangar for me.
    Posted by Iceonfire89 on 26 Sep 13 at 23:42
    MimicLobsterDid the mission and didn't get the cheevo. What's the deal? How can I retry?
    Posted by MimicLobster on 11 Oct 13 at 00:55
    VenomSlash8771Im stuck, Trevor told Mike he needs to get his flying skills up first, I have him at 100/100 now and I dont know what to do to start the mission back up. Any help TA'ers?
    Posted by VenomSlash8771 on 16 Oct 13 at 14:22
    BiGPaPaRuThere should be something like H3 on the map. Did you get the helicopter? If you haven't heard that yet then go to your safehouse(apt).
    Posted by BiGPaPaRu on 16 Oct 13 at 15:57
    VenomSlash8771took awhile but Wade finally called and said everything was ready to go. Got it.
    Posted by VenomSlash8771 on 20 Oct 13 at 14:17
    FriedDuck62i did this and blitz play none popped. I'm not sure if I did it wrong but I didn't skip any part of the missions.
    Posted by FriedDuck62 on 24 Jan 14 at 18:23
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