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    This comes naturally through the storyline. This is when the FIB orders Michael, Franklin, and Trevor to steal bonds from an Armored Bank Truck. You are to get a Garbage truck, a tow truck, 3 boiler suits, and 3 masks, and a getaway car. (the getaway car can be any car. it has to be placed off the road and not in the way of anything.) When you have all that, go to the FIB lot and start the mission. You will start out as Michael and drive the Garbage truck. Drive the truck to the location. Then you will block the street with the garbage truck. You then switch to Franklin in the tow truck and you ram into the Armored truck. Then throw a sticky bomb on the back. The cops will then come. Just take cover and take them out. After a while, you will be prompted to switch to Trevor for sniping. after taking out the snipers, a chopper will come. take out the men in the chopper and shoot the pilot. Then switch to Franklin. Take out the rest of the cops. Michael will then tell you to take the garbage truck. Take the truck and drive to wherever you parked your getaway car. (Since I didn't know where this was going to take place, I parked it far away.) You will then have to blow up the garbage truck. Then drive away and you'll then switch to Michael. Just drive to the house and a cutscene will appears. After the cutscene, mission passed will be on the screen and it will then pop up.
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