Career Criminal achievement in GTA 5

Career Criminal

Attain 100% Game Completion.

Career Criminal+0.2
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How to unlock the Career Criminal achievement

  • oDs I WoLFZz xoDs I WoLFZz x57,993
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    This won't be the most helpful guide but it definitely helped me.

    Completion Percentages
    Story missions-50%
    Hobbies and Pastimes-10%
    Strangers and Freaks-10%
    Random Events-15%

    Story Missions(69)- All Story Missions, including Lester's Assassination Missions(available only to Franklin)

    Hobbies and Pastimes(42)-
    Lap Dance at Strip Club
    Street Races(5)
    Sea Races(4)
    Shooting Range(score at least Bronze in 3 rounds with each weapon type)
    Flight School(Score at least a bronze in all 12 lessons)
    Parachuting(Doing all 13 counts for 2 hobbies and pastimes)
    Sports(Golf, Darts, Tennis and 3 Triatholon Races)
    Off-road Races(6)

    Stangers and Freaks(20)
    Tonya(All towing missions)
    Beverly(All Paparazzo missions)
    Hao(Shift work opens street races)
    Barry(Only Franklin's missions)
    Fanatic(Only Franklin's mission)
    Dom(All 4 extreme missions- last one unlocks after all parachute jumps are complete)
    Omega(Collect and return all spaceship parts to omega)
    Dreyfuss(Opens up after collecting all 50 letter scraps)

    Random Events(57 altogether)- Only need to complete 14 out of the 57

    50 Spaceships Parts
    50 Letter Scraps
    25 Under the Bridges
    8 Knife Flights
    25 Stunt Jumps
    Purchase 5 money-generating properties
    Purchase a vehicle via the web
    Visit the cinema (TIP- Do this with a friend and you get 2 out of the 16 done at once. You also don't have to watch all of it)
    Walk and play with chop
    Use a prostitute
    Booty Call
    Rob a shop
    4 friend activities( bar, strip club, movie and darts)

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    Michael is often being enticed by them when you switch to him, try near the strip club.
    Posted on 03 May 17 at 09:00
    Michael is often being enticed by them when you switch to him, try near the strip club.
    Posted on 03 May 17 at 11:49
    Gunrunner318Im also having trouble with hao texting about the new races ive done two so far and am now waiting for the next one and am at 99% anyone know how long you have to wait until he texts a new race?
    Posted by Gunrunner318 on 07 May 17 at 04:00
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  • TimbooooooooTimboooooooo118,491
    10 Nov 2013 11 Oct 2013
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    In order to obtain full 100% completion in GTA V and unlock this achievement, you will need to complete the following requirements:

    Story Missions

    Complete all 69 Story missions

    Strangers and Freaks

    Complete the following 20 Stranger and Freaks side missions
    Pulling Favors
    Pulling Another Favor
    Pulling Favors Again
    Still Pulling Favors
    Pulling One Last Favor
    Shift Work
    Paparazzo - The Sex Tape
    Paparazzo - The Partnership
    Paparazzo - Reality Check
    A Starlet in Vinewood
    Grass Roots - Franklin
    Grass Roots - The Smoke-In
    Exercising Demons - Franklin
    Far Out
    The Final Frontier
    Risk Assessment
    Liquidity Risk
    Targeted Risk
    Uncalculated Risk

    Random Events

    Complete at least 14 out of the 57 random events

    Hobbies & Pastimes

    Complete the following 42 Hobbies/Pastimes

    Shooting Range - Handguns (Win 3 Medals)
    Shooting Range - Sub-Machine Guns (Win 3 Medals)
    Shooting Range - Assault Rifles (Win 3 Medals)
    Shooting Range - Shotguns (Win 3 Medals)
    Shooting Range - Light Machine Guns (Win 3 Medals)
    Shooting Range - Heavy (Win 3 Medals)
    Street Race - South Los Santos (Win a Medal)
    Street Race - Circut City (Win a Medal)
    Street Race - Airport (Win a Medal)
    Street Race - Freeway (Win a Medal)
    Street Race - Vespucci Canals (Win a Medal)
    Win at Tennis
    Play 9 holes of Golf and finish even or below par
    Win at Darts
    Get a private dance at the Strip Club
    Triathlon - Vespucci Canals (Win a Medal)
    Triathlon - Alamo Sea (Win a Medal)
    Triathlon - Coyote Cross Country (Win a Medal)
    Off Road Race 1 - Canyon Cliffs (Win a Medal)
    Off Road Race 2 - Ridge Run (Win a Medal)
    Off Road Race 3 - Minward Spiral (Win a Medal)
    Off Road Race 4 - Valley Trail (Win a Medal)
    Off Road Race 5 - Lakeside Splash (Win a Medal)
    Off Road Race 6 - Eco Friendly (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Training Take Off (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Runway Landing (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Inverted Flight (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Knife Flight (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Flat Hatting (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Touchdown (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Loop the Loop (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Helicopter Course (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Helicopter Speed Run (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Skydiving (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Drop Zone (Win a Medal)
    Flight School - Earn Your Wings (Win a Medal)
    Sea Race - East Coast (Win a Medal)
    Sea Race - North East Coast (Win a Medal)
    Sea Race - Raton Canyon (Win a Medal)
    Sea Race - Los Santos (Win a Medal)
    Parachuting - Complete all Base Jumps
    Parachuting - Complete all Heli Jumps


    Complete the following 16 Miscellaneous activities around San Andreas
    Purchase any 5 Properties
    Purchase a vehicle from a website
    Collect 50 Space Ship parts
    Collect 50 Letter Scraps
    Walk and play fetch with Chop
    Collect a Booty Call
    Receive a Prostitute Service
    Hold Up a Store
    Complete 25 Under the Bridge Challenges
    Complete 8 Knife Flight Challenges
    Complete 25 Stunt Jumps
    Visit the Cinema
    Friend Activity - Visit a Bar
    Friend Activity - Visit the Cinema
    Friend Activity - Visit the Strip Club
    Friend Activity - Play Darts
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    TimbooooooooJust one character is fine. They also dont need to be gold as long as you have passed every single challenge. It would help to get atleast one gold for the Multi-Disciplined achievment though so make sure you get atleast one.
    Posted by Timboooooooo on 08 Jan 14 at 09:35
    Gunrunner318How do u interact with chop? Ive walked by em with franklin and nothing triggers it.and ideas?
    Posted by Gunrunner318 on 10 Aug 15 at 02:21
    TimbooooooooI havnt played this in a while but i think you go into your house and interact with him whilst he is in your garden i think? Then you can take him for a walk or play fetch. I remember playing fetch out the front of the house so that may not be the case. I think if you stand near him you should get an option on the D pad to play fetch or walk him. If you have not played enough of the game he might not be your do yet so that could be it. Sorry its been a while since i last played this.
    Posted by Timboooooooo on 10 Aug 15 at 10:17
  • JohnnersCahonasJohnnersCahonas144,131
    26 Nov 2013 27 Nov 2013 27 May 2016
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    First of all this is not a guide to the 100% completion but a few helpful tips to make the journey a bit more streamlined. I wanted to share some ideas I used which made it more straight forward, here goes…

    General Tip:

    Register at Social Club then navigate to ‘Games’ > ‘Career’ > ‘Checklist’ tab, link here:

    I finished the story missions first then went about completing ‘Hobbies & Pastimes’ and ‘Strangers & Freaks’. If you do this you will find many of the ‘Misc’ requirements are completed along the way. Any which aren't, like ‘get a tattoo’ etc. are simple enough to get.


    For all ‘Spaceship Parts’, ‘Nuclear Waste’, ‘Letter Scraps’ and ‘Under the Bridge & Knife Flights’ use the map guides provided by Achievement Hunter at the following link:

    (all credit to Achievement Hunter and its original author/s)

    These maps are incredibly detailed, with mission filters and embedded videos that you can ‘mark as completed’ which then update on the map, an invaluable tool.

    ** Use Trevor and the Buzzard Helicopter for Under the Bridge challenges and Quick Save with your mobile regularly.

    ** Use Trevor and the Crop Duster plane for Knife Flights, it is really manoeuvrable but again, quick save before and after a successful knife.

    ** Stunt Jumps. If you play online, rank up quickly by doing ‘Downtown Underground’ race and you also unlock the achievement ‘Show Off’ – complete all stunt jumps.

    Be aware, you still are required to complete ‘Stunt Jumps’ but if you have played online and got this already you'll ONLY have to do 25 as outlined under ‘Misc’ in the Checklist.

    ** Use Franklin to do the Street Races, make sure you get a car modded and use it to easily win. Hao will call/text when a new race is available, either save to pass time or go do some other activity until it becomes available. (Note: races 20:00-05:00)

    ** For the final Street Race a Motorcycle is needed. I would recommend replaying the Mission, ‘Jewel Heist’ and follow steps outlined in this thread:

    (All credit to ‘Edub_1234’ for the steps needed)

    Once you have the Pegassi Bati801RR put it in Franklin’s garage and use it for that last street race.

    ** Use Michael for the Triathlons. Once you have completed the ‘Strangers & Freaks’ mission, ‘Death At Sea’ (you have to purchase the Sonar Collections Dock too).

    What this does is builds maximum lung capacity whilst completing the mission which allows you to compete easily in the swimming stage.

    Swim underwater for longer with less button mashing as believe me the final race, ‘Coyote Cross Country’ is huge. Also, Michael should by this stage of the game be maxed in stamina etc.


    Once at this stage you will be ready to clean up these last few requirements. I advise calling Trevor up to ‘Hang Out’ (playing as Michael).

    You should go and play tennis, darts, visit the cinema and go for drinks, visit the strip club all in one hit if you can. Sometimes he says, “that’s enough drop me off..” but just call Franklin if he does.

    Go to the Strip Club and max out the ‘Like’ meter of Juliet (Red thong Blond hair) guaranteed to go home with you and get that ‘Booty Call’ requirement.

    Hope this gives you some helpful tips on making the 100% a little more straightforward.

    I have never produced a ‘solution’ before so if there are errors or mistakes please accept my apologies in advance and comment below with any issues for an edit.
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    FiveWizzGreat helpful tips man thanks. I'll be using some of these as I go for 100%. I would recommened putting the link in for the rockstar social club near the top of the guide so then they can clearly see what they need once signed up and then use your guide to actually do it. That's what i've done anyway. Thanks.
    Posted by FiveWizz on 01 May 15 at 10:30
    skymukerLot's of useful tips. Thanks!
    Posted by skymuker on 16 Oct 15 at 21:02
    JohnnersCahonasEdited to include the social club site link. Appreciate the comments
    Posted by JohnnersCahonas on 27 May 16 at 19:24
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