All's Fare in Love and War achievement in GTA 5

All's Fare in Love and War

Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.

All's Fare in Love and War0
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How to unlock the All's Fare in Love and War achievement

  • Max Rapture 133Max Rapture 133254,046 254,046 GamerScore
    18 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013 24 Nov 2013
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    OK very simple achievement!
    Quickest way to get this is to change your current character to Franklin as he is the only person that can buy the Taxi Company, now press start and select your map, on the right side go up and select the $ symbol using the D-pad and then scroll through the propertys until you find the taxi company then set a way point.
    On arrival purchase the building for $200,000 and then just continue playing the game as Franklin.
    Eventually you will get a call on your cell about a private fair, press A to accept, complete the side mission and achievement unlocked.
    I am quite sure that the time frame between buying the company and reviving the call is random so all I did was go off and play as Trevor for a few stranger missions and then came back and got the call almost as soon as I changed back to Franklin

    Edit; do not get these confused with the Normal taxi fairs where it hints you to press the left stick to activate, you have to wait for a call on your cell phone.
    Also I was not even in a car when I got the call

    If you end up stuck like many others try purchasing the Tow Truck company, for some reason this has help some people get the long awaited call.

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    FuzzyFridayzWas having trouble with this on next gen version. Got the obligatory phone call after buying the place but no follow up call to start a private fare. Tried the obvious stuff, sleeping to advance time, playing missions phone call. So, called for a cab, stole it and did a regular fare (press in left stick), about 1-2mins (real time) after completing i got the call. May be a coincidence but worth a try imo. I had not done any other taxi fares before this point.
    Posted by FuzzyFridayz on 13 Jan 15 at 02:21
    Budd DwyerI got the call but I decided to do another mission. I ended up getting the text that it wasn't appropriate... Will I get another call in the same playthrough?
    Posted by Budd Dwyer on 10 Oct 18 at 01:24
    DrakeCastleWas able to get the call without buying the towing place. Like so many others I played as Franklin for hours trying to get it to happen with no luck. Was a few hundred from a goal of buying a new property so I started doing cab rides for people. Did about 3 or 4 fares, went home to save, put the taxi in my garage for later convenience, and immediately got the call. I hope this helps some people out. Good luck!
    Posted by DrakeCastle on 21 Mar at 16:20
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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV153,458
    26 Sep 2013 26 Sep 2013 26 Sep 2013
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    This Achievement can only earn with Franklin.

    As first you must buy the "Downtown Cab & Co" business for $200.000. You find the Business in the right upper Corner of Los Santos City.
    External image

    Directly after you buying the Business, you get a phone Call. It is Raul and he introduce himself. This was the first Call from Raul, we need the second Call for our Achievement.

    This may take several real Hours (not Ingame). In this Time, continue the Game, play Mission etc
    Normally after 1-3h you get the phone Call. I get my Call immediately after i call Downtown Cab for a Cab, may a mere coincidence or not. You can test it if you want.

    Raul says he has a passenger with a extra Mission and ask you if accept to drive him. Push the A Button to Accept. After this, you have on your Map a new green Symbol "P". Drive to them and pickup the Passenger.

    Play the Mission from him and after success you will earn this Achievement. The Mission in your Game can be different from mine in the Video (i have a juwelry Store Robbery)


    PS: You dont need a Cab or so for the 2nd Call, drive with your Car and all its fine.
  • GBCheeseheadGBCheesehead1,032,499
    26 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014
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    1) Reverted back to old save not 100%
    2) Bought taxi co.
    3) Received first call from Raul
    4) Bought towing co.
    5) Killed myself with grenades southeast downtown by the towing place
    6) Came back to life at hospital and got the call right away

    Not sure what steps helped but I think the whole kill yourself in southeast downtown and spawn is the key piece. I wasn't even in a car when i got the private fare call.
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    xXxHardixXxthx man! I was stuck with this ach so long. With this solution it worked. Did it pretty much the same way: Buy DT Cab Co., wait for call, then suicide, buy Tow Co, wait for mail, then suicide agian and the call came right away leaving the hospital.
    Posted by xXxHardixXx on 09 Nov 14 at 12:11
    RakestyreThe towing company part is what did the trick for me. I bought the cab company ASAP and then got no calls for private fares until i bought the towing company about 75% into the game. Got a private fare immediately after purchasing the towing company.
    Posted by Rakestyre on 24 Dec 15 at 10:24
    Hanrec2This worked for me using an old save, I got the phone call as soon as I respawned at the hospital without purchasing the towing company. +1
    Posted by Hanrec2 on 05 Jan 16 at 21:47
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