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All's Fare in Love and War

Purchase Downtown Cab Co. and complete a private fare.

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  • Max Rapture 133Max Rapture 133241,406 241,406 GamerScore
    18 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013 24 Nov 2013
    89 10 83
    OK very simple achievement!
    Quickest way to get this is to change your current character to Franklin as he is the only person that can buy the Taxi Company, now press start and select your map, on the right side go up and select the $ symbol using the D-pad and then scroll through the propertys until you find the taxi company then set a way point.
    On arrival purchase the building for $200,000 and then just continue playing the game as Franklin.
    Eventually you will get a call on your cell about a private fair, press A to accept, complete the side mission and achievement unlocked.
    I am quite sure that the time frame between buying the company and reviving the call is random so all I did was go off and play as Trevor for a few stranger missions and then came back and got the call almost as soon as I changed back to Franklin

    Edit; do not get these confused with the Normal taxi fairs where it hints you to press the left stick to activate, you have to wait for a call on your cell phone.
    Also I was not even in a car when I got the call

    If you end up stuck like many others try purchasing the Tow Truck company, for some reason this has help some people get the long awaited call.
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,685
    26 Sep 2013 26 Sep 2013 26 Sep 2013
    28 1 0
    This Achievement can only earn with Franklin.

    As first you must buy the "Downtown Cab & Co" business for $200.000. You find the Business in the right upper Corner of Los Santos City.
    External image

    Directly after you buying the Business, you get a phone Call. It is Raul and he introduce himself. This was the first Call from Raul, we need the second Call for our Achievement.

    This may take several real Hours (not Ingame). In this Time, continue the Game, play Mission etc
    Normally after 1-3h you get the phone Call. I get my Call immediately after i call Downtown Cab for a Cab, may a mere coincidence or not. You can test it if you want.

    Raul says he has a passenger with a extra Mission and ask you if accept to drive him. Push the A Button to Accept. After this, you have on your Map a new green Symbol "P". Drive to them and pickup the Passenger.

    Play the Mission from him and after success you will earn this Achievement. The Mission in your Game can be different from mine in the Video (i have a juwelry Store Robbery)


    PS: You dont need a Cab or so for the 2nd Call, drive with your Car and all its fine.
  • Maka91Maka91992,491
    17 Sep 2013 17 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013
    24 13 2
    This achievement can be a little complicated.

    To start, you'll need to spawn as Franklin and buy the "Downtown Cab & Co." business for $200,000. The ability to buy property and the money will come through natural progression.

    Just play the game for a while as Franklin, and as you are driving around you will receive a call on your cellphone, from the owner of the company asking you if you'd like to work on a "Private Fare" to earn some extra money. This call is unique because it happens on your cellphone and NOT through the dispatcher. Accept the request on the cellphone, and then complete the "Private Fare" mission which will be marked on your map. After completing the short mission, you will get some money and also unlock this achievement!
  • GBCheeseheadGBCheesehead725,435
    26 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014
    11 1 5
    1) Reverted back to old save not 100%
    2) Bought taxi co.
    3) Received first call from Raul
    4) Bought towing co.
    5) Killed myself with grenades southeast downtown by the towing place
    6) Came back to life at hospital and got the call right away

    Not sure what steps helped but I think the whole kill yourself in southeast downtown and spawn is the key piece. I wasn't even in a car when i got the private fare call.
  • NetechmaNetechma137,094
    26 Sep 2013 23 Sep 2013
    17 9 7
    Just bare in mind -do NOT have any bodies in your passenger seat when you go to pick up the VIP once the call happens.

    I did, and for many many hours since the call has not happened again -if it will at all.
    19 Sep 2013 19 Sep 2013
    18 14 0
    This achievement is simple you just have to wait till you get far enough through the game till you can buy you own property.

    To start, you'll need to spawn as Franklin and buy the "Downtown Cab & Co." business for $200,000. The ability to buy property and the money will come through natural progression.

    once you have bought the cab & .co just keep playing the game as Franklin and the cab & co. will ring you asking if you want to take this job. go and do the job and then the achievement is yours clap. happy hunting

    This is one of my first guides so please comment letting me know what i could change in my future guides thank you.
  • nanoc1111nanoc1111144,971
    15 Dec 2016 15 Dec 2016
    3 0 0
    Credits for Spilner on his Xbox One Solution for this Game, just copying it here.

    Before you can unlock this you will need $200,000 with Franklin

    Once far enough into the game after you have stolen the Lost's plane as Trevor the option to purchase the Cab Co will be available to you, now select Franklin as your active character and travel to the upper right hand corner of Los Santos City in 'East Vinewood' where there will be a House icon with ($) inside it in this location.

    Travel there and buy the Downtown Cab Co. for $200,000 by walking up to the For Sale sign and press cn_right twice, once the purchase is complete you will immediately get a call from Raul who introduces himself.

    Now you need to wait for a second call from Raul which may take some time so try to stick with Franklin and just play missions like normal, after 1-3 real hours you should get the phone call.
    xxxDarkRuleRxxx notes that you can speed up the phone call by sleeping 6+ times in Fraklin's safehouse.

    In the call Raul asks if you'd like to work on a 'Private Fare' to earn some extra money. Push the cn_A to Accept. After this, you have on your Map a new green Symbol 'P'. Drive to them and pickup the Passenger.

    Play the mission out and the achievement is yours.

    Original Solution: Solution for All's Fare in Love and War in Grand Theft Auto V
  • GV LocGV Loc437,455
    28 Feb 2016 14 Jul 2016
    3 0 0
    This is a little help for those who don't recieve any call for a private fare.

    If you complete the game 100% and after this you buy the cab company as Franklin, you will never recieve the call for the private fare, just Raul call you for welcome, then nothing. This achievement become unobtainable in this moment.

    The only way to unlock it after this is to start a new game save like me, play until you have 200.000$ with Franklin, after a heist i guess, then imediatly buy the cab co, wait for Raul welcome's call, then wait for the private fare call witch you should recieve imediatly, if not, kill yourself few times.

    That's how it works for me. I repeat if you buy the cab company before reach 100% game completition, its a bug and the call will never pop.
    I buy the cab company after reaching 100% completition. The call never pop and i do all the sollutions like buy the towing company of Tonya and other stuff. Never recieve the call for the fare. The only sollution for me was to start a new game and buy imediatly the cab co. Done achievement unlocked.

    Hope my guide help somebody. Comment for questions. Thanks! headspin
  • ZureeyZureey154,864
    22 Sep 2013 21 Jul 2014
    5 3 0
    - Must be playing as Franklin
    - Must have $200,000

    1. Purchase Downtown Cab Co. (costs $200,000)
    2. Answer call from Cab Co. and accept mission
    3. Complete Private Fare

    Watch my video for more detail :)
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