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Complete all Stunt Jumps.

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  • Maka91Maka91992,063
    20 Sep 2013 21 Sep 2013
    198 20 32
    For this achievement you will need to successfully complete all 50 Stunt Jumps scattered within the world. Most of them can be done in slower cars like the Taxi, although having a sportscar doesn't hurt. You can easily find a sportscar in Vinewood Hills near Michael's house.

    Franklin is the obvious choice for your driver here, as his special ability will help you line up your vehicle and complete the jumps more easily. Make sure you land on all four wheels for the jump to count, and remember that you can alter your vehicles position while in the air. You are also able to alter the speed of time with the right stick.

    Make sure to regularly use the "Quick Save" option in your phone, and you can just load the save back up if you destroyed a good car or died.

    Note: There is 1 jump that requires a very small vehicle, preferably a motorcycle.
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,687
    18 Sep 2013 19 Sep 2013 29 Sep 2013
    138 12 20

    There are total 50 Stunt Jumps in GTA 5. The best Charakter to do this, is with Franklin, his Special Ability is perfect for Stunts. You have in the Game NO Overview which Stunt you have and which Stunt not! but i create a Map for all of us :) (look below)

    For a succesfully Stunt you must land in a specific Area, normally dont hit anything (Cars / Lantern etc) and landing on all 4 Tyres.

    A Trick is, save your Game (Mobil Phone -> quicksave) before you try a Stunt, if you failed, reload this Save and you stay exactly at the same Position again.

    In my Video you see from Stunt 1 - 15 only 1 Marker, this is the Stuntlocation, from the 16. - 50. Stunt, you see 2 Marker, the second Marker is the specific Area where you have to land.

    I use nearly for all Stunts (except 2 or 3) the same Car, the BJ Injection.. This Car can you find in Sandy Shores and Grapeseed. At the MCKenzie Airfield beside the Hangar stay a special (orange) Version of this Car.

    From the huge 30. Stunt, my Car is upgraded in Acceleration and Speed. I sorted all 50 Stunts from North to South.

    Here my selfcreated Map with all (Video)Numbers.

    External image


    Video: The Links in spoiler open in a new window, in the YT Description you have the same Timeline. There can you click a Timestamp without open a new Window.

    Edit 29.09.

    I create a Video and Map for all Letter Scraps, Spaceship Parts and Stunt Jumps. Click the Spoiler below to see a Preview. The Timelinks, Maplinks etc can you found in the Youtube Description.

  • LuckyKantLuckyKant447,033
    25 Sep 2013 08 Oct 2013 10 Sep 2017
    63 9 88
    Reportedly, this has been patched. I will leave this up in case another exploit is found and I no longer have the game to confirm the comments. has said that this achievement can be buggy. This is what he has said.

    Kraven PL has informed me that you need to be Rank 8 to access the required track.

    You can get this achievement in GTA Online as well as single player.

    I got this achievement while grinding out the Downtown Underground race [online].

    I did the same stunt jump apparently fifty times over a few days. This was not in one session nor were different stunt jumps used, so it is cumulative.

    I didn't do all the stunt jumps, just the same one fifty times.

    Basically, I was in GTA Online grinding out the Downtown Underground race. In the race, you have an opportunity to get a stunt jump because it is directly in the race path. Each time the jump is successfully completed it will award xp and apparently add one to the counter controlling this achievement. When the [counter] reaches fifty, the achievement unlocks. This does not need to be done in one sitting because I got the achievement early on in my session last night.
    He is unable to post, so I have posted on his behalf.

    Here is the original thread where he mentioned this.

    You can also find another thread, on X360A and follow that thread for more comments.

    UPDATE: DarkxMaterials has added a photo and a video to support his claims

    External image

    Update 2: AssassinGnome has commented that you can go up to the ramp and then head straight back and do it again instead of 50 races. Of course, you do not get the Reputation Points for doing 50 short minutes.

  • IDarK VorteXXIDarK VorteXX698,975
    03 Dec 2013 24 Sep 2013
  • Sera Di SiahSera Di Siah818,782
    26 Sep 2013 25 Sep 2013 28 Sep 2013
    19 1 7
    There's already a ton of solutions... but here's my share of cookies.

    For a jump to count you have to land on all 4 wheels, but with a motorcycle only on both 2 wheels for it to count, you'll be suprised how much more easier the jumps are with motorcycles instead of cars!

    Go on your phone, internet, travel and transport,, all the way down you can buy the Pegassi Ruffian for 10k and have it delivered in your garage. Go to LS Customs and buy all the best upgrades, all the stuff that is the most expensive and use this fantasticly boosted bike to do all jumps :) Ofcourse use Franklin with his special slow-mo ability blablabla etcetcetc, like the other solutions mention.

    Also, it's a ton quicker with a map than a YT video, I found Master Zoda's solution the best to follow. Hope it helps!
  • MarkyshizzleMarkyshizzle1,288,368
    22 Sep 2013 24 Sep 2013
    16 3 0
    All these other videos are great, just wanted to give you a pretty nice tip to keep you from having to get a new car if you mess it up.

    THE TRICK - if your car is badly damaged, simply teleport to another character and teleport back immediately. Doing this will fully repair your car and 90% of the time you will be in the same location with your fully repaired car. A friend told me this and i saved so much time! Works with other vehicles too!
  • TMLarsen96TMLarsen96182,722
    26 Sep 2013 25 Sep 2013
  • SSCPSSCP797,705
    20 Sep 2013 20 Sep 2013 21 Sep 2013
    12 3 2
    Welcome to our guide for "Show Off"

    In this easy to follow video I will guide you around All 50 jump locations - All locations follow on from each other so there will be no need to backtrack from here,there and everywhere

    If you do a quick save on your phone before attempting the jump then fail. Reload your save to back back at the start position

    This is a solution posted up by "That505guy" - Thanks to them for this snippet of information...

    If you go-to junks website in game

    Click yes

    Then adrenaline junkies at the top.

    Then you will get this beautiful map of all the stunt jumps and plane events

    Want to collect the letters too, link below for my solution. I will also add the Spaceship part link here too as soon as the video is done

    Solution for A Mystery, Solved in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
  • Phoenix KyoumaPhoenix Kyouma786,549
    20 Sep 2013 24 Sep 2013
    7 1 0
    Here are 2 videos showing all the stunt jumps. Remember to quick save before the jump so you can load it if you fail.

    Using Franklin's special ability also helps with a few of the jumps.
  • RQuigleyWVRQuigleyWV223,516
    26 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013 21 Sep 2013
    17 11 1
    Here is all 50 in a video. THANKS TO POWERPYX FOR THIS GREAT VIDEO GUIDE! SUBSCRIBE TO HIM. This guide will be a lot easier if you fill in the entire map first. Maka just recently posted his solution but its all the way at the bottom of this solution page. I've added his video guide into the solution as well.
  • wittman4x4wittman4x4342,417
    24 Mar 2014 03 Jun 2014 03 Jun 2014
    2 1 0
    I am not entirely sure if it has been patched or not, but if you load up the online race "Downtown Underground" (preferably solo so you can take as long as you need) , you can get them all on the one jump in mission. This does require that you have not completed that stunt jump in free roam however.

    You must take the jump to continue the race so it is nearly impossible to miss. Once you take it and land flat, you should see a small 200 rp notification flash over your character.

    If you want to count, you can to make sure it is working but after 50 or however many you have left online, it should pop. I finished the achievement this way and so did my cousin. You can find your completed stunt jumps in the "Stats" tab under "Vehicles" to see how many more you need and see if it is working.
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