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Three Man Army

Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

Three Man Army+1.3
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  • BigHoss SupremeBigHoss Supreme147,475
    21 Sep 2013 21 Sep 2013
    175 9 12
    First you have to call up the other two main characters and ask them to hang out. Make sure you call them both before you pick the 1st up, as after you pick one up the other one will not answer your call. After i had all 3 of us I just went to the airfield at he bottom of the map and drove around since you get an automatic 3 star rating, and it's easy to avoid cops there.
    The video goes into a bit more detail
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV142,753
    26 Sep 2013 26 Sep 2013 26 Sep 2013
    48 3 1
    Here is my Solution for this Achievement. First make sure you are outside a Mission. (At some Points in the Game it is not possible to Call your Friends)

    Open your Mobil Phone (D-Pad Up) and Call the other 2 Main Characters for a Hang Out. Call both in a row, not one then pick up this then the next. No! Directly both!

    After the Calls you have 2 new Symbols on your Map:
    External image

    Drive to both and pick up your Friends. It is important that you have a Car with 4 Doors! Otherwise the third Character dont enter the Car.

    If all three are in the car, you have 3 potential Areas to do this Achievement over the "Car way". If you have a Hangar at the Los Santos International Airport, you'll get no rating more here!

    The first Area is the Los Santos International Airport in the South of the Map (3 Star Rating)
    The second Area is the Prison on the East Side of the Map (4 Star Rating)
    The third Area is the Fort Zancudo on the West Side of the Map (4 Star Rating)

    In my Video i show you the Achievement in the first Area and at the End i show you the 2 others. I add a Timer in the right Corner for a better visibility for the 3 Minutes.

  • TrashTalkGamingTrashTalkGaming67,919
    22 Sep 2013 23 Sep 2013
    21 8 2
    Hi guys here is the fastest way and easiest way to get this if you have seen my A LOT OF CHEDDAR solution then you will see i do not mess about.YES the achievement is MISSABLE if you go A OR B at the end i went with C so got this after the end.

    Here it is very fast and very easy enjoy.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    30 18 8
    Once you've unlocked all three characters call up one of the other two and ask if they want to hang out if they say yes before you pick them up call the other and ask them as well, make sure you have a 3+ person car and then when you're all in the car just get 3 stars and drive about until the achievement unlocks.
  • SilentRich69SilentRich69691,246
    02 Oct 2013 02 Oct 2013
    10 4 4
    Short and Sweet way to do this.

    1. Play as Franklin and ring Michael AND Trevor at the same time do not call them after pickup then try to call another.
    2. Mod up your car and make it have full armor THIS WILL HELP ALOT! also go for some engine upgrades and anything that may help you but this is at your own choice.
    3. Drive to the airport and head for the runways this guarantees a 3 star wanted level within moments.
    4. Drive around the runways avoiding the police this should be easily done.

    As you will note in the video I did this easily even with a flat tire proving how vital the armor really is for this, at least in my case.

    Hope this helps some guys out!
  • oRyanHDoRyanHDThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    25 May 2014
    4 0 0
    This achievement is very easy to do, All I did for this is play as Michael and call up Trevor and ask him to hang out, as soon as you've done that call Franklin and do the same ask them to hang out and then go collect them both from there current locations

    Once you've done that cause as much destruction as you can and keep you're 3 star wanted level both characters automatic shoot out the car so you don't need to worry about much protection .
  • The MC 77The MC 7784,355
    05 Feb 2015 07 Feb 2015 07 Feb 2015
    2 1 0
    If you have purchased helipads (or can steal a helicopter), you can easily unlock this achievement. Using a character who has purchased a helipad (and a helicopter that can take 4 people), call up the other two to hang out. Pick them up and go to the helipad. Once all three of you get in the helicopter, fly to Fort Zancudo. Don't land, but instead hover above the runway out of range of the cars below. You can also move away from them if they start shooting at you. You'll be able to maintain the required wanted level for the required amount of time and sustain little or no damage.
  • ZureeyZureey158,633
    18 Sep 2013 21 Jul 2014 21 Jul 2014
    2 2 0
    1. Call Trevor and Franklin to "meet up"
    2. Pick them up in a car at the "meeting point"
    3. Drive to Los Santos International Airport
    4. Drive around for 3 minutes until achievement unlocks!

    Watch my video for more detail :)
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