A Lot of Cheddar achievement in GTA 5

A Lot of Cheddar

Spend a total of $200 million across all three characters.

A Lot of Cheddar0
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How to unlock the A Lot of Cheddar achievement

  • Splinun1Splinun1188,473
    19 Sep 2013 19 Sep 2013 30 Sep 2013
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    After you have got your money from the gold heist you should have just over 20 million per character.
    Invest all 20 million on the stock markets (It doesn't matter which company shares you buy).
    As soon as they are bought, re-sell them as soon as possible. (To buy lots of shares just hold down the A button on the plus sign). You should not make a loss.
    Continue to rebuy and sell stocks, do this 10 times using 20 million worth of stocks. A few minutes later this achievement should be yours!

    Video reference from Maka91-
    Glitch found by myself

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    NobleJTHACKER31just letting everyone know it takes a dollar away when you do this well i didn't know if anyone else did but it does but i don't think anyone should care but if you do or was wondering if looked like you was loosing money that's why! lol
    Posted by NobleJTHACKER31 on 31 Mar 14 at 21:02
    x SWISSchris xTook about 2 minutes using ~$45m - thanks for the tip!
    Posted by x SWISSchris x on 30 Nov 16 at 21:56
    InterracialPopped this today, thank you
    Posted by Interracial on 18 Nov 21 at 09:10
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  • Kino PlaysKino Plays527,611
    30 Oct 2013 31 Oct 2013 31 Oct 2013
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    Credit goes to Old Willy Pete and gamingreality as I am combining two methods here which personally netted me $1.3billion per character. [Far beyond what you need but who knows what expensive stuff might be added in DLC.]

    Pete's is on the Trading pure alpha page
    Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)Trading Pure AlphaThe Trading Pure Alpha achievement in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) worth 13 pointsMake a profit over your total investments in the stock market.
    and the GR one is http://www.gamingreality.com/2013/09/how-to-make-money-in-gt...

    Here's a small guide on how to make money with Lester's assassination missions for Franklin [marked as a green L] after you finish main storyline.
    - NOTE 1: You have to do the first assassination mission in order to progress in the story, after that ignore the L missions until endgame.
    - Note 2: Do not do them during the main story, wait till you do the final heist as you will end up with over $20million per character to begin this with.

    STEP 1 - BEFORE the second assassination mission invest in [DEB] Debonaire (LCN). Sell at 80% return.

    STEP 2 - Invest in [RWC] Redwood (LCN). Advance in game clock 2 days. Sell at 300% return.

    STEP 3 - BEFORE the third assassination mission invest in [FRT] Fruit (BAWSAQ). Sell at 50% return.

    STEP 4 - Invest in [FAC] Facade (Bawsaq). Advance in game clock 2 days. Sell at a large return [I don't remember the amount.]

    STEP 5 - AFTER the fourth assassination mission invest in [VAP] Vapid (BAWSAQ). Advance in game clock 2 days. Sell at 100% return. [When I sold this I had over $700million on each.]

    STEP 6 - BEFORE the fifth assassination mission invest in [GCD] GoldCoast (LCN). Sell at 80% return.
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    Claptrap NLOkay, thanks for the info. Gonna start a new game and do the assassination mission AFTER I've finished the main story :)
    Posted by Claptrap NL on 03 Apr 15 at 04:39
    Claptrap NLI couldn't invest in FRUIT with Michael.
    Neither I can invest any money in FACADE with Franklin.
    Posted by Claptrap NL on 12 Dec 15 at 21:21
    Octobot SuperIt's worth noting that BAWSAQ is down forever.

    EDIT: If you do the heists right, you can still end up with 40M+ per character at the end of the game and still use the LCN gains to end up with a little more than half a billion per character. Still can buy that golf club!
    Posted by Octobot Super on 19 Feb at 22:04
  • TrashTalkGamingTrashTalkGaming69,437
    22 Sep 2013 22 Sep 2013
    26 8 4
    Hi guys yes you do go in the stock market and do this
    but there are a couple things i can add to this.

    1-go into the bawsaq stock market(you get higher share prices so you get the achievement quicker.
    2-ONLY invest in the company's with the green triangle(means you will never lose money)
    3-invest in the highest company under the CURRENT price i found BLE Bleeter the highest(it does not matter but this is less time consuming)
    4-Do this at anytime but after the BIG HEIST i found quickest as you have millions in the bank.

    Here's a video on how i did this very fast.
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    TrashTalkGaminghi thanks for the comment and yes you are completely right if you look at my trading pure alpha video that is how i make the money but in this what i'm trying to point out is,if the arrows are in the green then they will not lose money as they are trying to get the achievement for spending 200million without losing money but in my other video i am doing exactly what you are saying but the company's in that video make you alot of money.Thanks for your comment.
    Posted by TrashTalkGaming on 24 Sep 13 at 23:25
    oatesmanSo can I spend all my money on stocks, sell them and buy again and will this all add up to 200million?
    Posted by oatesman on 12 Oct 13 at 13:05
    TrashTalkGamingfollow the vid mate tells you everything.
    Posted by TrashTalkGaming on 12 Oct 13 at 14:38
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