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Wanted: Alive Or Alive

Deliver a bail bond target alive.

Wanted: Alive Or Alive0
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Achievement Guide for Wanted: Alive Or Alive

  • xZeRo FakexZeRo Fake98,276
    18 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013 21 Sep 2013
    118 5 27
    MISSABLE Achievement !

    First, you need to meet Maude at the first orange Question-Mark in Sandy Shore with Trevor. Maude will give you Bounty Hunter missions, wait an E-Mail from her for more information.

    When you received the E-Mail, it will give you information on Ralph Ostrowski : It's the first target. He's located in the Quarry, near Maude's house.

    Once you're front of the fugitive, shoot the tires before he goes in the car. He will surrend and you'll can bring him to Maude to unlock the achievement. If he don't give up, shoot him in the leg.

    Here is a video to help you :
  • EvyrraEvyrra138,110
    18 Sep 2013 19 Sep 2013 16 Oct 2013
    58 3 7
    NOTE: This is a missable achievement, so aim to get it on the first try.

    There are 4 bounty missions to complete for Maude, which may be hard to find. I am going to point out the locations on a map, and the order they are found in. Bounty locations on the map are marked by pink squares with black borders.

    Map with locations can be found at:

    I took all my bounties in alive, this is how I done it:

    1. Ralph Ostrowski, Rear of Davis Quartz Quarry: - I shot the tyres on his car, and he gave up.
    2. Larry Tupper, Great Chapparel, just to South West of Harmony & Grand Senora Desert: - I shot all his buddies, and the wanted guy gave up. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO SHOOT THE BOUNTY!)
    3. Glenn Scoville, Top of Mt. Chiliad: - By this point, I had a Stun Gun from the Border Patrol wannabes (a Strangers and Freaks on Trevor's side, marked in game as M?). If you don't have one, just grab one from AmmuNation. I followed him when he jumped with the parachute, then zapped him and he surrendered.
    4. Curtis Weaver, Dignity Village, Very North of Map: - Again, just chased and zapped with the Stun Gun. Easy.
  • SilentRich69SilentRich69667,692
    22 Sep 2013 22 Sep 2013 01 Oct 2014
    26 3 1
    So when you get hold of Trevor later in the game you gain access to bail bond missions you get your first one by visiting one of his question marks on the map and meeting a women called Maude.

    My guide is to bring the first guy in alive and its not that hard at all you can retry if you mess it up which is a great bonus!

    Now as the email you receive says he is located in the quarry on the map it is called Davis Quartz and hes basically hidden in the deepest part of it.

    He is located here for those who have not revealed much of the map, sorry for the awful paint work.

    External image

    When you see him he will be standing there simply run down the hill disable his car using a shotgun as I did it with two shells and then aim your weapon at him and he will come quietly since he doesn't want to die.

    After that drop him off and BAM achievement unlocked. Video below showing the method of his capture. Yes It isn't that professional compared to Dog the bounty hunter.

    And as the other guides state this can be missed so please capture at least one of these guys alive!
  • TenrethTenreth417,122
    17 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013
    24 2 8
    WARNING: Missable! Bail bonds are in the category "Hobbies and Pastimes". Unlike the most of them (e.g. Tennis) Those are NOT repeatable! (needs confirmation)

    These missions become available, if you visit the first orange "Question-Mark" with Trevor. You will meet Maude, who gives these missions. Wait for her to e-mail you with details about your target. The first one can be found at Davis Quartz. (near the highway - east of it - if you still can't find it: start at Sandy Shores Airfield and move to the south-east, cross the highway)
    The target will try to escape: chase after him and shoot the tires.
  • xGamBeaTxxGamBeaTx210,225
    21 Oct 2013 21 Oct 2013
    7 0 0
    To do this achievement you need to play as Trevor and contact Maude. She will pop on the map after a while and you'll get headhunt missions from her on some people. To complete this achievement you need to deliver your target alive. Easiest and fastest way to do it is on the very first target located in the Quarry. Simply to do it you need to shoot tires of the target escape car and he will surrender and you can drive him to Maude to get the achievement.
  • DannyHRDannyHR21,751
    18 Oct 2013 18 Oct 2013
    11 7 2
    It's not really missable. If you missed in on your campaign playthrough, or if you have never gotten the e-mail from Maude you can always go to the Quary and it will activate.
  • ZureeyZureey154,869
    19 Sep 2013 21 Jul 2014
    3 1 0
    - Must be playing as Trevor

    1. Talk to Maude - Location: Grapeseed near Sandy Shores
    2. Read email from Maude
    3. Go to target location
    4. Drive target to Maude

    Watch my video for more detail :)
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