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  • StarshadeFPSStarshadeFPS543,968
    18 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013 21 Sep 2013
    86 6 26
    After winning 99k in stock market I upgraded my banshee for 45k+
    Below is the cheapest alternatives for the Banshee vehicle. Since I had 99k I chose chrome paint and better looking wheels. Its up to you how much you have, you need atleast 40000. You can spend 20000 by upgrading a low class vehicle like the Weemy Issi Compacts (Mini Cooper) credits to Chrisli128's comment.

    Engine--2340 (Level 1 engine)
    Hood--680 (Carbon Hood might be needed)
    Respray Primary Classic--320 (Chrome paint might be needed)
    Respray Secondary Classic--160 (Chrome paint might be needed)
    Wheels Offroad--1480
    Wheel Color--400
    Wheel Accessories: Custom, Bulletproof & Smoke--1000,2000,1200 (you need all these different parts)
    Total: 39937

    The above is for the Banshee car. Other cars may have different parts like Skirts, Stairs, Roof. Make sure to buy those as well. Exit the shop and achievement unlocks.

    You need all color options and accessories then achievement unlocks.
    Make sure none of the options is stock.

    If achievement don't unlock go back into the Los santos customs and buy some more parts, change the paint colors and see if it unlocks then.
  • Drunk SteDrunk Ste212,203
    21 Sep 2013 21 Sep 2013 23 Sep 2013
    75 3 1
    Franklin can get every vehicle upgrade for free by purchasing Los Santos Customs in the Grand Senora Desert for $349,000. This only applies to Franklin and only at this one store, going to another store or using another character will still require you to pay. Drive any vehicle in and equip the best upgrades from every category then exit to gain the achievement.
  • Pure Vapour 420Pure Vapour 420189,330
    19 Sep 2013 19 Sep 2013 19 Sep 2013
    19 2 0
    As soon you take control of Trevor in the game grab yourself a car (mine happened to be a lampadari felon gt coupe) and take it to the customs shop. Trevor has a rack full of money so customise everything! The achievement will pop when you leave the garage. If it doesn`t head straight back in and check you brought everything you need... NOTE: you don't need to buy the most expensive upgrades any will do and also some cars don`t have spoilers to upgrade or a hood to change etc so as long you do the maximum to the vehicle your in this will not matter...


    Bumpers (some cars don`t have this upgrade option)
    Exhaust (some cars don`t have this upgrade option)
    Hood (some cars don`t have this upgrade option)
    Re spray Primary
    Re spray Secondary(some cars dont have this upgrade option)
    Roof (some cars don`t have this upgrade option)
    Skirts (some cars don`t have this upgrade option)
    Spoiler (some cars don`t have this upgrade option)
    Wheel Colour
    Wheel Accessories - bulletproof tyres and smoke.
  • madmax1698madmax169835,657
    09 Oct 2013 17 Oct 2013
    8 0 1
    The above solutions are great, but I have found out that it is possible to get this achievement by modding also the character's car. I modded Michael's sedan.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    This is quite helpful because I only spent money on chrome paint and on the bumpers.
  • NE0182NE0182185,215
    23 Sep 2013 18 Jul 2014
    5 0 0
    More than enought guides for this one, but since there's no video for Trevors first Mission Modding i decided to post it anyway. Maybe it helps. :)
    When you get to play as Trevor for the first time in the Main Story he will have about $100 000 and you will be able to instantly get this achievement. Drive to "Los Santos Customs" that's nearby and buy one new car part from each category.

    Don't forget to put on Custom Wheel Smoke and Bulletproof Tires since they can be easily overseen. Once you drive out of the garage the Achievement will pop if you tuned everything.

    Here's the list of things to get:

    Respray Primary
    Wheel Color
    Wheel Accessories: Custom, Bulletproof tires and Smoke color
  • 6 4 0
    I found it easiest to buy the property as Franklin, as you will most likely be modifying cars later on in the future. Buying Los Santos Customs results in free vehicle upgrades as the character who bought the property (Franklin).

    Max out the vehicle with upgrades and enjoy headspin
  • SilentRich69SilentRich69669,816
    23 Sep 2013 23 Sep 2013
    5 6 0
    Best done with Franklin to get this achievement its a tad costly but it will also mean free mods from now on if you do it this way.

    First you need to purchase the business called Los Santos Customs it costs $349,000 so it aint cheap but it will benefit you for this achievement.

    Next what I did was grab a car from across the road there will be about three parked up. I chose the most boring I could find just to make it easier on the amount of mods I will have to do. Now all you have to do is bring it into the repair shop and CLICK EVERY SINGLE UPGRADE YOU SEE!

    This will pretty much ensure that you have everything you can possibly get to qualify for the achievement. And remember its all free so it aint costing you a penny now.

    Video below to show the car I used (its terrible) and the amount of clicking I suffered through (not alot) good luck guys n girls. Also I realize the video is tedious but consider it a checklist for what you need to mod incase you somehow miss something if your using the same vehicle as me.
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