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Making Moves achievement in GTA 5

Making Moves

GTA Online: Reach Rank 50.

Making Moves0
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How to unlock the Making Moves achievement

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    GTA 5 ranking system is an accumulative rank meaning you can only improve.

    The system is based off RP, Reputation, or experience.
    Level 999 is the highest rank (According to GTA forums)
    The achievement is only to reach level 50
    Level 50 = 448,800 RP

    You obtain RP upon completion of any activity in Los Santos online game modes.

    The REPLAY has been patched!

    You gain extra RP for playing missions on hard so select it if you can handle the heat.
    You also gain RP per kill which I've come to find out that every kill equals the same, even AI. Also if you evade police you gain a little RP boost.
    If you get kill streaks and double kills you also get a double bonus for RP.
    If you play with a crew you receive bonus RP as well.
    As your rank increases so does the amount of RP that you earn on missions.
    In certain game modes you earn more XP for your performance or doing certain things that secretly add to your RP bar, such as in deathmatch after killing someone they dont just drop money but little orange balls of RP.

    Quick methods to gain some fast RP
    If you host you can set 1 lap gta payouts vary depending on how many people are in your lobby. You will get 600 - 700 RP a race by yourself. The best thing to do is host a race with 4 of your friends as 4th place gets 700 RP and of course 1st 2nd and 3rd gets more. Additionally if you win against humans it adds to your car upgrades so you can go even faster. Criminal justice is the shortest track averaging 30 seconds a race. Downtown Underground in super cars and traffic disabled, he also mentioned as your rank increases you start to gain more RP for the races. You get bonuses for passing opponent's (overtaking), cruising directly behind someone ahead of you (slipstreaming), beating your best time (lap), starting from last finishing in first.

    unlocked at level 10 on the free roam map, but can be accessed in a lobby screen earlier on.
    Around 700 RP per drop. drops take around 1 minute

    Simeon offers you a job through text which has you find certain cars each one of these cars will need to be resprayed at the pay and spay for 750$ or more.
    Upon completion of this you will get 700+ RP

    unlocked at level 15
    Each WAVE grants you 1000+ RP if you personally killed all enemies yourself.
    Enemies in this mode each grant you 10 RP per kill.
    for example 30 kills = 300 RP
    You get 25 RP for every vehicle you destroy this includes helicopters.
    You also get a wave completion bonus at the start of each wave after the 20 second prep.

    If you ranked up past a mission requirement you wont receive it unless you played it on someone else's game as the game thinks you already received it this is why people aren't getting the contacts for certain people and missions.

    These get sent to your phone via contacts you can also request a job by calling someone in the contacts.
    These can range anywhere from 700 - 5000 RP
    The missions get pretty stale after doing them all 3 times but as you rank up normally by the 5's you get new missions that grant your more money however haven't seen much of a spike in RP

    You can call a contact to request a job every 2 hours according to your phone so just over 2 minutes.

    You will receive this mission in a text on your phone you can also call Simeon to request a job. You will drive to the dealership and blow up the cars you can then call Lester to remove wanted level drive to Lesters for the finish.

    You receive this mission in a text on you phone you can also try to call Gerald to request a job after beating the mission you get just over 1000 RP and $3000. Fastest way is to get a low suspension car and just drive to the back real smooth without disturbing anyone and drop a satchel on the deal mission passes with destroyed coke only if they didn't scatter ;) no need to deliver after.

    Unlocked at level 45

    Unlocked at level 81
    You receive this mission in a text on your phone from Martin additionally you can call him to request the job. In this mission you have to go around destroying 4 garbage trucks after you go to a rival base and destroy 6 parked trucks and finally the boss who runs away on foot. You get 4000-5000 RP and $20,000.

    Unlocked at level 55
    You receive this mission in a text on your phone from Lester. You can also call Lester up and request job till you receive it. This is a two player mission! Go to ammunition and buy all the explosives you can before the mission.
    When you start go to the yellow marker then head to roof of the garage. Shoot a explosive at the guy carrying the suitcase and make sure your blow him up as well as the suitcase mission complete for 5000 RP and $5000.

    Unlocked at level 75
    You receive this mission in a text on your phone from Martin additionally you can call him and request the job. Run up to the side of the garage and kill everyone pick up the documents and deliver them for 4000 RP and $ 25000 in 30 seconds.
    Is this patched?

    Unlocked at level 18
    These give you 10 RP a kill and about 300 - 700 RP for completing.

    Unlocked at level...
    These drop every 10 hours in game and give you some guns ammo and around 750 RP.

    When you purchase a house or apartment go to your bathroom and talk into your mic this gives you about 90 RP each time. ;D

    set it to 1 round games finish in first for 2000 - 3000 RP


    Press the controller into your leg for a better grip when shaking the analog back and fourth 700 - 1000 RP.

    Aim for the triple 20 for max points you have to double out win grants 200 - 500 RP

    700 - 1000 RP

    Remember enjoy this game don't kill yourself boosting and grinding out these ranks knowing Rockstar they will add tons of bonus XP weekends/holidays.

    Happy rocket ranking and if this helped give me a +
    If I left out anything please let me know in the comments below.
    If anyone knows exactly when you unlock air drops please let me know.
    How much RP for Tennis? Also any good missions, post with RP and payout

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    RegentVirus201I am level 50 too and it did not pop.... Almost to level 51.... Hopefully it will pop then.... We shall see
    Posted by RegentVirus201 on 02 Jun 15 at 23:37
    RegentVirus201UPDATE: Achievement unlocked when I leveled up to 52. This is a glitched achievement
    Posted by RegentVirus201 on 04 Jun 15 at 00:30
    A Happy Walnutneed someone to do these and other online ones
    message me/add me
    Posted by A Happy Walnut on 14 Jan 17 at 15:01
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    When going for each level up achievement......
    Rank 25 - "Three Bit Gangster"
    Rank 50 - "Makin' Moves"
    Rank 100 - "Above The Law"

    be sure that the last bit of RP you earn to move you up to 25, 50, and 100 is not earned through completing a Heists DLC Setup or Finale it will not pop. So essentially anything else other than heists that gives an RP reward will pop the achievement on time. The RP reward from a Heists setup or finale can contribute without causing this bug, it just can't be what causes you to move up to each of the 3 ranks. If you can get RP mid Setup or mid Finale (i.e. just getting a kill) that causes you to move up to 25, 50, or 100 it will pop. If you forget you can still pop the achievement after the next level up provided it's not for completing a Heists setup or finale.
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