Above the Law achievement in Grand Theft Auto V

Above the Law

GTA Online: Reach Rank 100.

Above the Law0
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How to unlock the Above the Law achievement

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    Now I know this is basically the same as Sidanto's solution so feel free to thumbs-up his instead, but I feel my commenting would just be too verbose to simply add-on.

    So, idling at the impound never worked for me, and R* keeps removing replay and "balancing" RP to make you play longer. Well, F* them.

    You will need a rubber band, a Rockstar Social Club Account tied to your gamertag, and the ability to hit a few buttons every 4 and 1/2 minutes.

    First, download this race from the Social club:

    I don't know how long that will be up, but it works for me. Now, once you have that queued for download, start up a GTA Online "Invite only" or other type of private session (NOT solo) so people don't bother you.

    You are going to want to go to pause -> Online -> Playlists and create 3 playlists. Add in the job you just downloaded ("race!") from your bookmarked -> races section. You want to create a playlist with 16 of these races, and save it with a name like "full". Create two more the same way, one with 8 ("half"), another with 4 ("quick"). This will enable you to pick a playlist that you can keep on semi-AFK while you watch a movie, browse imgur, play with your TA DLC settings...whatever. As each race should be 4:20 long, you can give a relatively good estimate on what you can do in the time you are allotted (ex. you need to leave for work in an hour...a round of "half" should fit in there while you get ready). There is also a bonus to playlists which I will explain later.

    UPDATE: Click this link to view my playlists (requires rockstar sign-in)
    you should be able to download the playlist, but watch out as a lot of people have hard times using that site. It can be done, just play around/click everything till you get it working.

    As for setup, most of the setting for the race are already setup for you. GTA race type, weather clear, daytime, channel X. You will need to confirm those settings, start the job on your own, keep the adder chosen, and finally start the race. You will have to do that every ~4.5 minutes as each race is 8 laps long (more on that below). A rubber band on your controller's right trigger will keep you rolling onward.

    About the race:
    The race is forward (instead of backward like Sidanto's video), so you don't have to do anything once you hit "start race". There are little barriers that nudge you along the outside of the track, and because it is a GTA race, there are checkpoints and more importantly, repair pickups along the way. The repair pickups will fix damage to your vehicle from scraping. If you accidentally changed the race type to "Rally" or "non-contact", your car will be a little haggered by the end (unless you have full armor and bulletproof tires on a custom adder. Waste of money). If you choose anything other than the adder, you'll go too fast and wedge into the walls/railings. Stick with the defaults. It is uncommon, but sometimes you can hit the wall too hard. Just hold Y to respawn, or hold the left trigger to burnout in the right direction. 6% chance of occurrence, based on my trials.

    So, the RP gained scales on level, with level 50 giving up 1,750RP, and going up 25RP/race for every level above that (100 topping a whopping 3,000RP). The mechanic R* placed was the longer it takes you to do a mission or race, the more RP you get, topping off at around 4 minutes and change for races, so there is no point in going 99 laps or 1 lap 99 races. Stick to the race provided.

    As you go through this and set the next race up, don't forget to upvote the race for an extra 50RP. By level 90, each race was giving me ~$5,000 as well, so from lvl 60-100 I was able to buy enough to get a tank and buzzard. Very nice. I like.

    At the end of the playlist, you get 100RP for every race you completed, so for the full playlist of 16, you get a bonus 1600RP, whittling down the remainder a little bit more.

    level 50 full playlist about 72 min, about 30,400RP, ~$80k (with voting, and assuming you don't level up, but you will)
    level 90 full playlist about 72 min, about 46,400RP, ~$80k (with votin...yadda yadda)

    tl;dr = same method as Sidanto, but lazier. Download map, make playlist, semi-AFK, profit.

    Credit - Sidanto for posting earlier, Doobie_daithi for making the forward-facing map, DRObythePouNd420 from reddit for math and R* post-QA QA testing

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    Octobot SuperI think it's better for lower levels to use the 5 star evasion trick at the prison over and over again since it's a flat RP amount, whereas the afk race scales the RP with your level. At some point it's more economical to do the afk races, but I'm not sure when that is.
    Posted by Octobot Super on 17 Apr 16 at 15:32
    A Happy Walnutneed someone to do these and other online ones
    message me/add me
    Posted by A Happy Walnut on 14 Jan 17 at 15:01
    Gunrunner318Dont waste your time downloading missions takes forever if they even show up at all best thing to do is play a solo session and play missions on hard its what i do and nets me 1k rp.everytime not to mention cash is alot also
    Posted by Gunrunner318 on 18 Apr 17 at 01:13
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  • oxHARMONxooxHARMONxo765,495
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    Credit goes to Markyshizzle @Markyshizzle Gaming

    Marky introduced me to a pretty good afk method. It is a capture game type that requires 2 people. The host will have to launch the match and also hit replay at the end of every game. The second player can remain idle for the duration of your boost. This cannot be turboed due to inconsistent load times as well as match times. This method is not flawless, but is one of the quickest, non modded method out. Log into your Social Club account and bookmark this job.


    RP needed is roughly 1,585,000. I was able to go from level 9 to 100 in less than 2 weeks with day breaks every other day. You can easily do this in less than a week if you are dedicated enough. Not sure if this custom map will be removed in the near future, so better get idling! Good luck!
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    oxHARMONxoSomething must have changed over time. There used to be no issues just loading it.
    Posted by oxHARMONxo on 09 Mar 17 at 17:05
    LuucIs this map also downloadable for the Xbox One version?
    Posted by Luuc on 12 Dec 17 at 11:32
    Armstrong x360aDoes this method still work? Anyone want to try it with me?
    Posted by Armstrong x360a on 18 Sep 18 at 07:07
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    I did not create this video!

    This is a boosting method I found online... Personally I was looking for easy cash when I found this but you also get RP from it.
    The race itself gives 3000RP to those over level 100 but I know it gives less RP the lower your level so if any lower levels could tell me the RP their getting, it will really help for my edits.

    In order to use the race map in the video, you need to sign up on Rockstars website here and download this player created map:

    After clicking to to add it to your game, go to host job - bookmarks and look for the race titled: 2DynamicRPGrind

    Once in, just let yourself sit in reverse to get the highest RP for your level.
    ((Please note, you have to manually restart the race each time you complete the race))

    Level and RP for solo play listed below:

    Level 26 - 1150 RP
    Level 51 - 1775 RP
    Level 52 - 1800RP
    Level 55 - 1875 RP
    Level 100 - 3000 RP

    It would appear the exp goes up by 25 with each level up.
    ((Thanks to Phillip Andrews for that info))
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    hugo3104OMG ...warning 2800 RP/ 4 min cry ... try this race with one only lap ... it could be the same RP ... i do some races (not ring races : boring and less RP) with lap of 1 min ... setting : 1 lap ... same RP (at lvl 90) : 2800 RP/1 min ...
    Find a race, try it with 1 lap ... you will find one that give's you fun and RP ...
    Good game
    Posted by hugo3104 on 10 Mar 14 at 17:38
    rafa1000houseYou may want to update the link, because it doesn't work anymore.

    I clicked in the video to watch it on You Tube and on its description there is a new link, that works:

    Posted by rafa1000house on 19 Oct 14 at 13:23
    JohnnyGreenbackI am currently using this method so I can confirm that it works. I started at level 75 and Im now at 85. I am using this map

    Posted by JohnnyGreenback on 22 Oct 14 at 04:17
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