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Unnatural Selection

GTA Online: Complete all 10 waves of a Survival.

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  • LavindatharLavindathar1,338,516
    05 Oct 2013 06 Oct 2013 13 Oct 2013
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    *incredibly easy method* now with solo video (Provided by Manic Ado)

    After seeing some good solutions on here, I wasn't going to post, but even the top voted method people are claiming some difficulty with mini gunners etc, and with this method me and my partner didn't get shot.

    an incredibly easy method, is to pick Boneyard. Where as the other guides describe shooting through fence cracks etc, you don't need to bother.

    Right from where you start, you will see a grey porter cabin to your right. Behind this, there is a gap between the cabin and the fence.

    Now, with two people. Just position one at either side. The enemies literally run into your line of fire. A friend showed me this method, and I didn't get shot once. Nor did he. Even mini gunners don't get a bullet off.

    Solo is just as easy as less enemies spawn.

    As they run around into your line of fire, they get caught out in the open. Pop them in the head, and they don't shoot back as they are trying to sprint for cover.

    Because of their line of sight, helicopters can't get a good shot on you, so they are also incredibly easy to take down.

    And, in case you need to know, the host has to be level 15.

    Simply clear all ten waves for your achievement, platinum medal, 3000RP and $20k.
  • Fallen GFXFallen GFX67,891
    03 Oct 2013 04 Oct 2013
    26 3 11
    This can easily be done on the survival mission at the airplane scrapyard.

    Most people hide in the warehouse on this one. But if you go in to the room with 2 cars in it and fencing on either end of the room that is connected to the warehouse it makes it much easier. You can shoot through the fencing but your enemies won't shoot you. There's only 1 way in (the door), so put someone guarding it and have another person shooting people through the fence as they get close and this should be very easy.

    I did it with 1 other person with little to no trouble.

    Credit to killers4life147 for finding this.
  • That505GuyThat505Guy253,012 253,012 GamerScore
    03 Oct 2013 04 Oct 2013 23 Oct 2013
    18 4 0
    You obtain this by finishing wave 10 in the survival missions
    You unlock this by reaching the rank of 15
    These are easiest if done with less people, because less people equals less enemies.
    Minigun's tear through helicopters quick!

    On round 9 you get a mini-gun on the map which takes out the helicopters fast.

    On the mission Boneyard if you run all the way to the back to the crashed airplane there is a nice area where guys cannot come to you and you can shoot through cracks to run through the rounds really fast. The area is right behind the armor on the wing of the plane. If that doesn't work outside beside the warehouse there is two dumpsters that put in work.

    On the mission Sandy Survival there are a few hot spots that I would recommend.
    You an camp on top of the 24/7 store taking over on the air vent. Across the street there is a room that gives you cover all but one way there is another one of these in the middle of the map with a dumpster. You can camp inside the 24/7 store behind the counter. Finally behind the RV across from the 24/7. I would highly recommend that you use multiple places with multiple people to get the angles and separate the guys on this one.

    On the mission Industrial Plant there are two good spots to hold. On two corners there is containers that you can jump on top of, one that you can enter and be covered from all angles and another that is just two containers with a opening in between giving you side cover but front and back is open so be careful. There is another container with an opening but it is facing the map and isn't recommended as the enemy can shoot you from their spawn.

    On the mission Railyard Survival, unlocked at rank 20, you can run out to the street and head south you will encounter a building with a ladder in which you can climb up to the top roof you can easily hold off up here. as there is cover everywhere.

    On the mission Processed, unlocked at rank 25, the warehouse on the hillside has a container that has only one side for good cover there is a dumpster directly in front of it as well and behind it in the warehouse all for good cover. across the street almost out of the area there's a container there as well.

    On the mission , unlocked at rank 30, basically anywhere inside the sawmill or on the assembly line. This survival take forever as all the guys will be under you. Additionally inside the mill there is a part you can jump onto in the room that provides cover all but in front but you can easily retreat back inside the mill.

    If any of these positions are patched, mission failed when standing in any of these spots, please let me know in the comments section so that I can update accordingly.
    Also the name of the last mission unlocked at level 30 i dont currently have my disc so I cannot check.
  • Life On SaturnLife On Saturn52,842 52,842 GamerScore
    18 Jan 2014 08 Oct 2014
    2 1 0
    Easiest way to this is to go to the survival mission called Boneyard, located in the Grand Senora Desert. It's the one that's an airplane scrap yard. This is probably easier with a friend if you are a low rank or lack money for ammo and stuff. Once you start, to your right should be a metal container. You get behind one side and your friend(If you did this with one) on the right side. If you did not do this with a friend just take off enemies from both sides.

    If you do this with a high enough rank you can put sticky bombs on the road you spawn behind for vehicles, and use RPG or Minigun for any helicopters. If you do not have sticky bombs or and RPG/Minigun, then you just pick them up when they spawn. You can look on your minimap and you will see the weapons' shapes when they appear. Once you get to wave 7 or 8, enemies wil have Miniguns. You can just kill them and take their Minigun(s). After every round, be sure you are full on health and armor. If not, then go pick up body armor or health packs scattered around the map. Just be sure to make it back in time before the wave starts or you may get gunned down. When you are low on health and the wave isn't over and there's enemies running around shooting everywhere, it's good to have snacks to increase your health. The snack that fills the most health is the EgoChaser, but it's still good to have 30 P's & Q's for when you run out of everything else, so go buy max everything except for smokes and Pisswasser because they do not fill health and smokes actually take down health. Try using weaker guns in the beginning because enemies get stronger each wave. If there is only one person left, play it safe and send one person at a time. With taking down vehicles, it's easier to just wait for them to park and get out. When a helicopter come, shoot the gunners and then shoot the pilot. Aim for the head, practice makes perfect. Avoid all damage at all cost because one hit can take away 1/3 of your health.

    Each kill gives 10 RP.

    Each helicopter kill gives 25 RP.

    Completing 10 waves will give around 30,000 RP and $20,000. You can keep repeating this to level up faster.

    Thank my friend Dropback Legend for showing me this!

    Hope this guide helped. Congratulations on your new achievement!

    If you still can't do it, msg me and I'll help. GT:BKD Vevil. I can only get online every other weekend so I may not be able to help at that time, but I will check my inbox every time I go. Now, you can finally get done reading all this boring stuff and get your achievement!
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