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Run Like The Wind

GTA Online: Survive for a day with a Bounty on your head.

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Rockstar have disabled bounties making this achievement Discontinued.

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    02 Oct 2013 02 Oct 2013 07 Feb 2019
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    Posted by LuckyConquerer2 on 24 Oct 17
    - Bounties are currently disabled by Rockstar due to exploits, preventing the Run Like the Wind achievement from being unlocked via legitimate means.
    - Modded lobbies exist where bounties can be placed (Currently locked), and Reputation Points (RP) and money can be granted. Take precautions to prevent others from modifying your profile and unlocking achievements illegitimately.


    UPDATE: 9-26-2016 - Comment From User : Idsi
    hiding in the apartment seems at the very least a bit glitchy? Didn't work for me either so seems like switching to a private session and roaming the streets is a safer bet.

    **"If someone places a bounty but they leave, The achievement will still Unlock "Thanks To Reabo

    Setting Bounties will be available after :
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    * " If you do this in a friends or crew only game, there would be no need to hide. I even got shot by the police while robbing stores and i still got the achievement. "
    Thanks to Exxonic

    * " it seems you can only have a bounty placed on you if you have spoken to Lester as well, not just the ability to place them. For example, my friend is the same level as me (14-15 I'm not positive) although I was able to set bounties on other players, I couldn't set one on him. As soon as he went to Lester's house and watched the cutscene, I could place a bounty on him. " Thanks to Fatboyy

    * " It did take longer than the 24 hours as i kept going into Los Santos Customs. So Any time i spent NOT on the street was added on. " Thanks to Pine Reaper

    * " Took exactly 24 in-game hours and 48 real-life minutes. You can check to see exactly what time the bounty got placed by looking at the time on the text you received. GL! "
    Thanks to Tgamesmaster

    If for Some Reason you're playing SOLO read this :
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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    05 Oct 2013 06 Oct 2013
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    Easy Achievement to unlock solo, just go into a solo / friends / crew only game and keep jacking cars until you get a text and onscreen message from an anonymous NPC saying something along the lines of "you're a dead man" or "You're going to end up on a slab", If you are in a solo game you have nothing to worry about. If in a friends or crew game just ask your friends / crew mates to not kill you or if you don't want to keep jacking cars just ask one of them above lvl 10 to put a bounty on your head.

    ** I didn't go into Los Santos Customs during my time on the run as I was doing missions for Soloman, and the achievement took just over 30 in game hours to unlock
    (Text message and Bounty prompt on screen at 02:06am, achievement unlocked following day at 08:27am)..

    ** This was after the 2nd Title update on the 5th Oct.
  • paul0877paul0877216,130
    06 Oct 2013 06 Oct 2013
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    Just a tip.
    If a random puts a bounty on you, drop what your doing and get up to the airfield in grand senora desert. Jump into chopper and fly for the day. If you must land use the skyscraper beside Iaa and fib buildings. Nice and safe there.

    At low levels this should work fine. I guess in time as people level up the attack chopper might become available then the above tip will be useless.
    Also, keep an eye on other players who might steal the fighter jet to nail you. Since it is harder online to steal jet it probably won't be an issue. Don't get timed out.
  • mossfan563mossfan563592,247
    02 Oct 2013 03 Oct 2013
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    If you vote negatively, please comment why!

    Here's an even easier solution if you don't wanna spend much money or have friends spend their money.

    Load up a solo session on GTA Online via the online menu.
    Now, start stealing cars.
    Eventually, you will have one of the NPC's put a bounty on you.
    Now go do whatever you want (as long as you don't idle for too long or you'll get kicked) and wait 24 in-game hours from the start of the text where it said that you have had a bounty placed on you.
    Once those 24 hours are up, the achievement should unlock! :)

    No need to worry about randoms killing you or friends accidentally killing you!
  • GuanchadaGuanchada222,029
    12 Jan 2014 12 Jan 2014
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    Get a Sea Shark and run to around the end of the map and keep driving around the map. The Sea Shark is one of the faster boats in the game and is $16899. It's a good way to get away from the other players because it is faster than the speeder boat (from heart of the beach boat pack) which most people use since it is free. It's hard to get hit by helicopters and some people don't bother you after a while. GL
  • G Mason PatriotG Mason Patriot222,061
    10 Aug 2015 10 Aug 2015
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    I got a helicopter and landed on top of the Maze Bank Arena. The lower edge of the roof is sloped up and if you stand against the inner wall, no one can see you from the ground. No one can get to you unless they come by helicopter. If you have the rocket launcher, you should be able to shoot them down. It was a lot easier then just flying around. After the achievement pops, get back in your helicopter and go about your business.
  • TheFlaminBeanTheFlaminBean135,519
    17 May 2019
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