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Stick Up Kid

GTA Online: Hold up all 20 Stores.

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How to unlock the Stick Up Kid achievement

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    05 Oct 2013 02 Oct 2013 16 Oct 2013
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    There are twenty stores scattered across Los Santos run in and shoot the guy go behind the counter and rob the store shoot the other register to get some extra bucks. You can call Lester and remove your wanted level for $500 but it has a time limit so fortionatly you can hit start then goto xbox live store tab hit A after it loads back out and walla instantly free of cops....
    Now go to the next store and repeat....
    And did I mention you can rob the same Store over and over, this doesnt add to your counter if you rob the same store.
    You can track your progress by looking at the map and seeing a checked mark on the store. If the store isnt there its because it was recently robbed by another player just join a different session or host your own.

    In the single player hit start go to online/gta online/invite only session or solo this gives you your own lobby that you can make sure you don't skip any of the robberies

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    DelithBacking out to the XBL store and back in still works as of August 2015. Awesome tip!
    Posted by Delith on 31 Aug 15 at 13:09
    imaidiot19This works as of Feb 2016. Wanted level removed, but whatever car you have is impounded, so make a note of that. Also, for those like me who couldn't find the XBL Store page because they never played GTA is on a tab you can't see at first, so hit the left bumper once to see it. My achievement popped right at 20 (and I did 20 different stores).
    Posted by imaidiot19 on 22 Feb 17 at 12:01
    MCFC Blue NoseWhen you ring Lester, goes to answer phone, so you can't pay to get your wanted level removed, please update the guide.
    Posted by MCFC Blue Nose on 26 Feb 17 at 17:18
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  • Segendary TySegendary Ty664,643
    01 Oct 2013 01 Oct 2013 04 Oct 2013
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    If you think this is a bad guide and vote negatively, please post a comment or sent me a message why. I edit this a lot. I just want to make sure that this guide covers every detail so even the most noobiest player can get the achievement.

    This can be done on ANY online mode (So preferbly pick the solo or the invite only online mode)
    Then you are able to rob Stores. They show up on the map after / during the turtorial as a shopping tray icon.

    Once you've started robbing a store by pointing a gun on the storeclerk you'll get a wanted level. Make sure to fill the intimidation bar and then pick up the bag filled with money they drop. Then either keep going robbing more stores, evade or die it's all irrelevant towards progression of the achievement.

    But what is relevant is that the store icon will disappear once you either:
    - Robbed it succesfully
    - Failed it (by dying in the store before you get some money)
    - If someone beat you to it making it unavailable for you to rob again the same in-game day.
    If succesful the icon will later reappear with a check, indicating if you've robbed it. (or not, if unsuccesful)

    So just look on your map for their locations and go rob all 20 to unlock your achievement. For some however the achievement seemed to pop after robbing only 18 or 19 stores. As shown in the comments below

    Additional info:
    - If you assault the storeclerk you get the option of taking out the money (with right on the d-pad) which to my opinion is faster, not sure if this is more profitable
    - If you get away from the cops instead of dying you will get some xp
    - Dying will cost you money and sometimes a bit of ammo so it's up to you how you want to get rid of wanted level. However you can put money you earned it the bank through an ATM or your phone to store it until you use it.
    - The more stores you rob consectively, the higher your wanted level will jump to.
    - You can check how many stores you've robbed (I do not know if this counts for unique stores) in the stats menu when you are online under the crimes tab
    -Sometimes an NPC thug will start shooting at you, make sure to kill both the clerk FIRST and then thug or you will die and fail robbing the store
    -Sometimes the clerk will pull a gun on you, then just go with the assault method described above

    Credit to several people for several things, posted in the comments below!
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    Segendary TyThe only thing I can recommend is doing all of them again. Treat them as a collectible of which you missed one. The autosave is also kinda broken so I dunno what to tell you other than that :(
    Posted by Segendary Ty on 10 Oct 13 at 20:55
    Oh Holy HaleNevermind, found it. I joined a solo session and one of the stores lost its check.
    Posted by Oh Holy Hale on 10 Oct 13 at 20:59
    Uh iCanExplainI just made a new character and did them all again. Oh, well. At least I have it I guess.
    Posted by Uh iCanExplain on 11 Oct 13 at 20:48
  • RoboBoyRUSRoboBoyRUS34,119
    07 Oct 2013 05 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
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    Create invite only session(Singleplayer>Start>Online>Play Online>Invite only session). You will see 20 stores on the map. When you enter store, you can point gun on seller or damage him and get money by yourself. When you exit store click: Start>LB>A wait for loading then click B>loading. You have no wanted level and you can see, that store opened.
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    FoolsAndKings+1 from me. Really helps getting that wanted taken away
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 26 Mar 16 at 16:12
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