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Full Refund

GTA Online: Kill the thief that mugged you.

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  • V0lTeDV0lTeD625,238
    01 Oct 2013 03 Oct 2013 12 Oct 2013
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    EDIT: According to commenters and messages the ability to send an NPC mugger is unlocked at level 50 and can be used by calling Lamar. Credit goes to Raezie, CHRI5TOPH5R and A 0 E Monkey for this info. You do not have to be level 50 yourself of course - simply play with someone who is and they will be able to send one after you.

    OP: Hey guys. I'm getting ALOT of messages asking how I got this achievement so I'll try to clear up some of the questions I've been getting here.

    The achievement popped for me in a random free mode session. I was midway through holding up a store when an NPC charged into me making my character stumble and a notification came up saying another player has mugged you. After chasing down the NPC and killing him another notification came up saying I had killed the mugger sent by a particular player in the session.

    Like I said, it's not much to go on, but it seems like sending an NPC mugger after players is an ability you can gain and the achievement is NOT based on a random event.
    12 Oct 2013 12 Oct 2013 02 Mar 2014
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    I'm just adding more info from the above solution, and the way I did it:

    The best advise is when someone playing online, or a friend who is above level 50 makes the phone call to Lamar to put a mugger after you, that you are on the street on foot, and away from any vehicles.
    (That way you won't have to chase him all over the city).

    The mugger will approach you, throw you to the ground (steal your money), and start running away from you.

    Then you just simply get up, aim with your favorite weapon, and kill him. Approach him, and claim your money...after a few seconds the achievement will unlock.

    Happy hunting!!!
  • TrashTalkGamingTrashTalkGaming66,814
    14 Oct 2013 16 Oct 2013
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    Yes you need somebody that is 50 or above to help you get this.

    Level 50+ calls lemar to send mugger
    you wait with gun in hand somewhere open(so you can kill them easy)
    your mate can tell you when they are coming
    get mugged
    get back up (you get knocked down)
    shoot the mugger
    achievement pops

    p.s make sure your carrying money or mugger will get nothing and you won't get achievement.

    Here's a quick video with everything in there to show you.
  • the games mastathe games masta499,198
    02 Nov 2013 03 Nov 2013
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    If you are struggling to get this achievement, then just do what I did and send messages to other level 50 players in game asking them to send a mugger to you. eventually one will do! Just be polite and thank them after!
  • General ArcaneGeneral Arcane232,840
    13 Apr 2014 10 Nov 2014
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    The ability to send a mugger is unlocked when you reach level 50. If you are going for the achievement, obviously you don't need to be at that level, however if you are boosting it, you must know someone who is at that level. Alternatively, find a session with someone over level 50. Either ask your boosting partner or irritate the other players in the session, and hopefully they will send someone after you.

    Despite its rarity, it is actually quite a simple achievement to unlock. Once someone has dispatched a mugger after you, you must get up off the ground and kill the mugger. Obviously a firearm is the easiest. Once he is dead, it is the simple case of walking up to the dead body and reclaiming your money.

    It should be noted that you need to have money in your possession - essentially, you cannot have all of your money in your bank account, as the mugger will have nothing to steal, and thus you cannot reclaim your money.

    I have included a video guide which explains how to unlock the achievement as well.
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