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City of Gold

Have a town worth 30,000,000 simoleons.

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  • UltimusOptimusUltimusOptimus65,409
    08 Oct 2015 25 Jul 2014 13 Oct 2016
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    Updated 13 Oct 2016
    From Dexter XBA and verified by Yannie Boy
    I think the town value can be improved more easily since the latest update since there is a new feature called architect homes that allows you to buy player-built mansions (they rotate bi-weekly). Each mansion costs between §1-2 Mio. or 50-100 LP / SP. They aren't cheap but they add ~1 Mio. town value each. So if you save enough money / LP / SP it won't take too long to hit 30 Mio.
    Also these houses take 3 days to build according to ingame when you look at the houses.

    25 July 2014
    If you have a few preteens, this may work faster, but requires more dedication.

    1. Gather as many preteens as you can get
    2. Get one house with as many 3 star study desks as preteens
    3. Now the important part ...
    4. Get them all to reach A+++ grades if they haven't already
    5. After they have achieved A+++ levels, get them to brainstorm (3 minutes on the 3 star study desk; costs 5 LP if I am not wrong)
    6. While they are brainstorming, go to their career tab, make them leave elementary, and then join again.
    7. Very important that step six is done ONLY after a preteen STARTS brainstorming, not just assigned to brainstorm; so basically, start brainstorming (preteen sits on desk and starts ruffling books, not just happily jumping towards the study desk), then go to career tab, leave elementary school and then join again.
    8. Now the super-important part ....
    9. Do not tap on anything but the screen. Don't move away from the house, and make sure that nothing else causes the game to pause or the screen to lock.
    10. Considering you managed point 9, you will be able to get 30K in the 3 minutes, instead of the three brainstorms that would be required.

    Probably works only on the patched version, as I have only played with the fully patched one.Also, I am currently at 23 million using this technique.

    These are from my friend Shadow Kisuragi:
    Worth noting is that the 3* Desk isn't required - it's just having a task running while you leave and rejoin, and not causing the data to be reloaded. You can probably have 9 PreTeens for the 3* desk, or 12 PreTeens for the 1* desk, constantly running this, but it's worth noting that each PreTeen takes 15 LP and 3 days to create.

    Added on 19 Apr 2015:
    You can only have a max of 8 Sims in one location.
    Also worth noting, but with the latest update it seems that it may be possible to macro this with Project My Screen, as long as your macro doesn't have long idle time to allow for the PreTeen to wander. The most recent update seems to have reduced the wandering AI, as long as the AI isn't exhausted (which can be circumvented for the most part by low idle time).

    From Wiznyatt:
    It might be worth mentioning that if your game was crashing upon startup and not bootable doing a reinstall from the Windows Phone website still retained all of the progress and made the game playable again.
    you can "bank" birthday cakes. I just had my other sims bake 6 cakes simultaneously and when my baby was born I could just give him/her 2 birthdays immediately to get them to preteen.

    Ping me if you need any more details.
    As always, glad to help :)
  • janiwesterlingjaniwesterling387,043
    08 Jul 2014 11 Jul 2014 11 Jul 2014
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    This solution is for the current version of the game (and according to EA the last version there will be) Windows Phone store version:, Game's About page version: 2.8.12

    For this achievement you need to accumulate 30 million town value in total. You can check your town value from the right side of your stat bar (blue figure).

    The fastest way I've found to grind town value up without doing micro-transactions is to use the fact that whenever preteens level up in school they get a town value bonus. Every time a preteen gets to grade A+++ you will get 30k of town value added. Now, if you leave and enroll your preteen to elementary again their grade will be back at A++. From here it only takes three brainstorm sessions for you preteen to get to grade A+++ again netting you another 30k of town value.

    Big thanks to mamaani2nd for the following trick: You can actually make this method three times faster if you make your A+++ grade preteen to brainstorm and only after that leave school and enroll again. If you keep your app open the preteen will be back at A+++ grade after only one brainstorming session! To make this trick to work you can't close or switch the app and can't change houses. Also, pausing the game and anything that will pause the game (like calendar alert) will prevent this from working. If the trick fails because of some interruption previously listed, you will be back at normal speed - meaning 1/3 of the way to A+++. To try again you need to get your preteen back to A+++.

    A single brainstorm session will take 3 minutes with a 3-star study desk which costs 3LP. And 3min 30sek with a 2-star one, making it possible to get 90k added to town value every ~10 minutes with the three preteens you will need for:
    The Sims FreePlay (WP)Top of the Class!The Top of the Class! achievement in The Sims FreePlay (WP) worth 59 pointsHave 3 preteen Sims with a grade average of A+++

    In order to start this grind you will need preteens unlocked by completing various challenge tasks which will take time.

    Buying various things also adds to town value and I've noticed that renewing interior walls and floors will net you 50% of the simoleons used to town value. Building houses will also give you almost 50%. If you happen to have tons of simoleons then you could ramp up the town value by buying these over and over.

    I do not suggest you selling anything as that will actually lower your town value. So do not sell anything from the house you're about to demolish and rebuild if you've not gotten the two town value achievements for 12 and 30 million.
  • cccuaresma1cccuaresma185,955
    26 Sep 2013 22 Sep 2013 21 Oct 2013
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    UPDATE: The solution will only work if you have the initial version of this game.

    Completing the collection for ghost hunting hobby rewards a Ghost Cabinet. Subsequent set completions though rewards additional § 500,000 in town value. I'm currently grinding this now before they update the app, as the iOS and Android versions now reward only § 50,000. It also works for wood carving hobby for the 4th and subsequent completions.

    Getting a Pro Skater’s Dream Pad for the
    The Sims FreePlay (WP)Life of ExcessThe Life of Excess achievement in The Sims FreePlay (WP) worth 26 pointsBuy the Pro Skater’s Dream Pad.
    works with this, as it includes a free Skeleton used to initiate ghost hunting. (Thanks Failure Online for teaching me how to embed achievements)

    There are also other hobbies you can try, as they also give additional § 500,000 in town value upon subsequent collections. Make sure to always start a new collection upon completing a set to be eligible for the other rewards.
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