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Pro Dancer

Have a pre-teen Sim become a Professional Ballet Dancer.

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  • JeffMommJeffMomm299,290
    23 Sep 2013 23 Sep 2013 30 Jun 2014
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    NOTE: Thanks to janiwesterling for pointing out that they've changed the times for everything in the latest update (shortest pirouette is 10mins for example) so these calculations are no longer accurate.

    First, you'll need to get a pre-teen sim. This will involve being married, buying a crib and you will need to bake 2 birthday cakes - each 1 takes a day to bake. You'll start with a baby, spending 1 cake to grow into a toddler, then the 2nd cake to become a pre-teen. Also, you'll need to build the community/rec center in the upper left corner. This is where the sim needs to go to practice.

    The easiest way to do this is to have your pre-teen sim keep stretching. I started by clicking on the record player and having my sim do pirouettes. The XP went up very slowly, and these events took a minimum of 4 minutes.

    The stretching exercise is 30 seconds long, and gains a specific % depending on your level:
    1 - 25% - 4 times (2 minutes) - Thanks to AP E JC for this info
    2 - 12% - 9 times (4.5 minutes)
    3 - 6% - 17 times (8.5 minutes)
    4 - 3% - 34 times (17 minutes)
    5 - 1% - 100 times (50 minutes) (TBH, this seemed to go faster for me, but I didn't count)

    So, in total you would need just over 82 minutes to do this.
  • KinectKid333KinectKid333441,543
    29 May 2015 29 May 2015
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    With the newest game update, this achievement is a lot easier.

    Once you build the Community Center, on the right hand side of the first floor, there is the ballet practice center. Call a preteen Sim there and tap on the bar that is on the side. Then click on stretch. You need to get to level 6 which is professional. Each stretch will take 30 secs. Here are the time calculations:

    ***Note any percentage left over doesn't count towards the next level. I.e. The first level on your last stretch you only need 10% left, but you'll get 30%. The extra 20% won't carry over into the next level.

    Lvl 1-2: 30% each; 4 stretches; 120 seconds; 120 seconds total
    Lvl 2-3: 20% each; 5 stretches; 150 seconds; 270 seconds total
    Lvl 3-4: 15% each; 7 stretches; 210 seconds; 480 seconds total
    Lvl 4-5: 10% each; 10 stretches; 300 seconds; 780 seconds total
    Lvl 5-6: 6% each; 17 stretches; 510 seconds; 1,290 seconds total

    1,290 seconds= 21 minutes 30 seconds total for this achievement, cutting the time needed to put in to this down by almost 3/4

    Also! If you have a neighbor with the community center built, you can visit them via the party boat and do it there as soon as you have your first preteen. If you don't have any friends with this game though, you'll just have to wait until you can build it yourself.
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