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Beat the game in under 40 minutes.

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  • adiash73adiash73834,394
    24 Jun 2010 24 Jun 2010
    97 3 28
    You will need to complete all 19 levels of the game within 40 minutes.

    Don't try to combine this with the Perfect Win or Chaos Master achievement, unless you have played this game many times before and know the levels inside out, even then I would still hold fire on going for Chaos Master.

    The above solutions all provide excellent advice, so i'm not going to duplicate anything they have, or provide any links to videos etc, although i'd recommend using them if you are struggling.

    You have 2400 seconds to complete the game, and below are the times I got to provide a benchmark. I used a calculator and starting at 2400, deducted the times I got for each level just to make sure I had plenty of time.

    I had also played thru once to get all the other achievements 1st and to refresh myself with the game then went onto the speed run playthru.

    1 - 36 seconds (You could try for 35 and the achievement)
    2 - 40 seconds
    3 - 72 seconds
    4 - 77 seconds
    5 - 142 seconds
    6 - 203 seconds
    7 - 83 seconds
    8 - 81 seconds
    9 - 174 seconds
    10 - 158 seconds
    11 - 134 seconds
    12 - 164 seconds
    13 - 72 - seconds
    14 - 67 seconds
    15 - 120 seconds
    16 - 97 seconds
    17 - 125 seconds

    18 - i used the shortcut where you fall off the moving platform at the start and then keep high after opening the 1st gate and make you way to the red bumper that fires you into the final zone, far quicker than doing the whole level, but as the screen changed quickly i didn't see the time.

    19 - 125 seconds

    My times are not that fast, but as suggested i generally saved at the start of the level, half-way thru on the longer ones and before boss battles, and after every couple of hits on the final battle. I reloaded if i died or got really stuck, or if i just seemed to be taking a slow route, as i didn't watch any video guides.

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    TomNic67You can pause right
    Posted by TomNic67 on 01 Apr at 15:11
    Mental Knight 5sure thing
    Posted by Mental Knight 5 on 01 Apr at 16:10
    Ar0nP1aYz05Really tough.
    Posted by Ar0nP1aYz05 on 11 Apr at 04:47
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  • HordrissHordriss91,415
    04 Feb 2009 04 Feb 2009 30 Jul 2019
    57 4 8
    Check out this Youtube user:

    All of this guys videos are speed runs of the stages of Sonic. Every single act is covered, and these videos can be a huge help as they show some very useful shortcuts.

    Of course, emulating them is pretty tough, but they were a huge help for me in getting the achievement. Overall, it took me about 3 and a half hours solid playing, using these videos as guides. And as x2i4eva said - save often!!

    EDIT: The above channel no longer exists. So here's another speedrun from someone else.

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    I followed all tricks he did in the video on Xbox, no problems.
    Posted on 01 May 16 at 21:22
    Darkness727420Link does not work anymore
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 30 Jul 19 at 20:31
    HordrissI've added a link to a different speedrun.
    Posted by Hordriss on 30 Jul 19 at 23:37
  • NickHawkeyeNickHawkeye185,135
    19 Apr 2012 11 Apr 2012 19 Apr 2012
    52 2 10
    The videos from's solutions are helpful if you are stuck on a certain part or want to see the fastest possible way to complete the level but for those of you who want to keep track of what you have done and want know exactly what you need to get on your remaining levels (so you don't have to go at breakneck speeds though the whole game and hope you did it fast enough) I made a spreadsheet to keep track and calculate what the bare minimum that needs to be done. (when I finish it will have my times on there for your reference FINISHED! check bottom of solution for my final numbers) using simple math as stated before 40 min = 2400 seconds divide this by the number of levels and you need to finish with an average time of 2:06 (126 seconds) in every level to meet your goal. Some you can do much less but if you always beat 2:06 you will get done in time. Note:There were a few levels I finished in upwards of around 3 minuets. This is OK as long as you even it out with some runs under 1:30. My spreadsheet should help you see if you can afford to keep your 3 minuet run or not.

    General strategy its a good rule of thumb to use all 3 of your save slots for each level. I usually saved the top one at the levels title screen so I always had a 0:00 starting point for that level in case things went south. then take a short burst and get as far as you can in 20-30 seconds and save. If you think you can get farther then exit and reload your first save and try to beat your last time. just keep "lunging" though the levels hard parts and alternate your saves in the 2nd and 3rd slots whenever you come to a safe area

    I took the time to build this little spreadsheet to help pace myself but now you can use it too. simply put the time you completed the level in column C for the corresponding level and it will calculate the average time you need to complete each remaining level. so if you are really slow on one part but want to know how it will affect the rest of your run you can enter a high time or the time you got. The only annoying this is you have to enter the time in hh:mm:ss format so you have to type out 00:00:35 for a 35 second run. if you have any other questions just let me know.

    Here is what the blank sheet looks like:
    External image

    Here is what it will look like as you go along and update with your times. Notice how the time remaining per level recalculates based on what you have done and what you need to do.
    External image

    Here is the sheet right before I started the final zone
    External image

    As you can see with these times that really are not that hard to get I still had about 9 minuets to beat the final zone which is just fighting Dr Robotnik. I just saved after every 2 hits or so. (NOTE: If you miss him a few times or get crushed or something note that the pillars have almost a pre-determined sequence so when you load it will be exactly the same as the first time you played it. This helped me a lot in that if I didn't get hits on him in 2 or 3 cycles I just reloaded the last save and got a hit on him every time because I knew where he was going to be on the next few cycles)

    Here is my Final run numbers.
    External image

    (note: I also got chaos emeralds on Green hill 1&2, Marble 1&2, and Spring yard 1&2 just make sure you do a 10-20 second segment and save if you did well and just take it in little chunks. you should be able to get 50 rings and do the chaos ones in the same run if you want)

    Final note: I'm not sure if the chaos emeralds count against your time but as there is no timer on those special stages its hard to tell. I got all of the achievements in this game on this single run though so it is possible and not too difficult.

    Good Luck!!
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    bennjjeeThanks for this - has proved really useful to me in keeping track of my times.
    Posted by bennjjee on 31 Mar 16 at 08:06
    TonedefexThanks for posting this. It was very helpful.
    Posted by Tonedefex on 09 Apr 16 at 20:19
    SchiZoPHreNiikzI love spreadsheets! ALWAYS
    Posted by SchiZoPHreNiikz on 19 Jul 17 at 03:40
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