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Hats off to 819 achievement in Marathon: Durandal

Hats off to 819

The secret of 2401 lies within.

Hats off to 8190
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How to unlock the Hats off to 819 achievement

  • Thund3RChildThund3RChild88,042
    15 Feb 2009 10 Feb 2009 29 Mar 2013
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    You have to find every single terminal in the game. (In numbers they are 81). That may sound hard, but if you have maps with terminal-locations or a list where the terminals are it´s very easy. If you wanna do it seriously, you can explore the whole maps, but three terminals are hidden well.
    You can get guides on:

    Map locations:

    Terminal list:

    It appears that the list is not complete. I, for my part, found every terminal with that list and got the achievement w/o problems. (Which is why I created this solution). But as suggested by Durango55, here is an official list by Bungie:


    Here's terminal locations from Bungie's site:

    as well as the text of the terminals:

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    Lord AgriusIt's definitely missing some, i went through the game with that guide and didn't get it, went back with a video guide and there's a lot of missing ones from that guide. Not your fault obviously but maybe you should make a note saying there's some missing.
    Posted by Lord Agrius on 10 Dec 11 at 01:36
    Durango55Haven't playee this yet, but if there are 81 terminals in the game, there are only 71 listed on the website, so Lord's comment might be correct...
    Posted by Durango55 on 28 Mar 13 at 17:00
    Durango55Here's terminal locattions from Bungie's site:

    as well as the text of the terminals:
    Posted by Durango55 on 28 Mar 13 at 17:06
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  • NiteraceNiterace238,810
    02 Oct 2010 03 Oct 2010 03 Oct 2010
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    The links above are a great help. However in the last mission "All roads lead to Sol" the secret terminal is pretty hard to get to. The terminal map guide doesn't have a map and the written description isn't much help either. So I just recorded my own attempt at the two terminals of that level and the last ones you need for the achievement. Hope that helps you guys.
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    DROGTURISTHelpful video, thanks! I'd like to note that the teleport annotation is a little off though; it's not "don't stay too long on the platform", it's "MOVE IMMEDIATELY!" I thought I had time to get my bearings but you really don't; it teleports you again in less than a second if you don't hold the stick in any direction as you teleport.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 13 Jul 13 at 21:51
    NiteraceOk, will fix it to reflect that. Thanks!
    Posted by Niterace on 13 Jul 13 at 23:32
    14 Jul 2013 14 Jul 2013
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    There is quite a lot of confusion around this achievement and I thought I'd share the things I found out:

    - The Bungie link that is famously posted everywhere is incomplete! Do not use it.
    - The most complete guide is:
    - The fantasiadomain guide has one omission: #1 is missing from the map on level 3. It's in the same cluster of terminals as #2 and #4.
    - Never dashboard out of the game. Quit to main menu and then quit the game from there, in order to make sure your terminal progress saves. It does save which terminals you've found so if you missed one on level 3, for example, you can just play there and get that one.
    - Most important thing that I haven't seen any other guide for this game mention: you need to read all messages! The achievement is not for simply finding all terminals! In the guide above, you'll see them labeled as U and F. U is the first time you see the terminal, F is if you backtrack to that terminal after completing all the level objectives, and the terminal will then have a different message. I'm 90% certain that this is why most people seem to fail this achievement and why the ratio is so high.

    Here's exactly which terminals I read in which levels:

    01. Waterloo Park - ALL
    02. The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune - NOT F
    03. Charon Doesn't Make Change - ALL
    04. What About Bob? - NOT F
    05. Come and Take Your Medicine - NOT F
    06. We're Everywhere - NOT F
    07. Ex Cathedra - ALL
    08. Nuke and Pave - ALL
    09. Curiouser and Curiouser... - NOT F
    10. Eat It, Vid Boi! - ALL (NOT U ON FINAL TERMINAL)
    11. The Hard Stuff Rules... - ALL
    12. Bob's Big Date - ALL (NOT U ON FINAL TERMINAL)
    13. Six Thousands Feet Under - ALL
    14. If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay - ALL
    15. Sorry Don't Make It So - ALL
    16. For Carnage, Apply Within - ALL
    17. Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry! - ALL
    18. The Big House - NONE
    19. This Side Toward Enemy - ALL
    20. God Will Sort The Dead... - ALL
    21. My Own Private Thermopylae - NOT U
    22. Kill Your Television - ALL
    23. Where the Twist Flops - ALL
    24. Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks - ALL
    25. Requiem For a Cyborg - ALL
    26. Fatum Iustum Stultorum - ALL
    27. Feel the Noise - ALL
    28. All Roads Lead To Sol... - ALL

    "ALL" means I read both U and F versions, "NOT F" means that I didn't backtrack to read the terminals again when the level was done and "NOT U" means that I missed reading a terminal before completing the level. As you can see, I didn't think to backtrack on the first 9 levels and I have never done so on this save file.

    However, I did play through this game once many years ago when it came out, so I can't guarantee that I didn't read the U/F versions of the terminal back then. To be safe, make sure you read all versions and if your achievement didn't pop, that's probably why.
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    SPARTAN089 AceHad some trouble getting the achievement. Got it now. Some doubts and tips:

    A) There are some identical terminals, for instance on 'Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks', all 5 terminal locations show the same message. Do you need to read each terminal location? I did, but I don't know if it mattered. Note, there's three such terminals that can't be reached:
    - Terminal 2F on [What About Bob?]
    - Terminal 1U on [Curiouser and Curiouser...]
    - Terminal 2U on [Eat It, Vid Boi!].
    It's pretty cool, those terminal texts break the fourth wall ("You're cheating!").

    B) Do you need to read each terminal location, or do you need to read each terminal text? Some terminals change when you progress through the level, so you can return and read them again for another message.

    C) The terminal location maps on the page are much better than the maps on the page. But then page also shows Save Terminals, Shield Regenerators and Oxygen Panels.

    D) As far as I'm aware, the maps lacks two terminals:
    - Terminal 1 on [Charon doesn't make Change], in the same alcove with 3 other terminals (yellow to the left, yellow in front, red to the right).
    - Terminal 0 on [The Hard Stuff Rules...], there is an identical terminal to the right side of the map. You'll walk into it when you enter that part of the map from the central part.

    I agree that it is vital to save your progress and exit to main menu normally.
    Posted by SPARTAN089 Ace on 12 Jul 18 at 17:31
    magmashark20This site worked really well for me! Some of the maps are a little bit useless for map objectives or when flors overlap but I’m glad this guide was complete and I was able to get my achievement. Thank you for sharing! Even years later, this guide is very useful.
    Posted by magmashark20 on 03 Mar at 23:53
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