Berserker achievement in Armored Core: Verdict Day


Clear Story Mission Hardcore Mode (any type).

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How to unlock the Berserker achievement

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    Hardcore mode in simplest terms, is a harder version of the 60-mission storyline with a set number of ACs, determined by a chosen type of difficulty.

    // Overview:
    After you've beaten the storyline in Normal mode, you unlock Hardcore mode. Upon starting hardcore, you are presented with 10 types, each with a different twist. Whichever type you choose, it must be done solo. Co-op is disabled and you can't use any UNACs. You're also given a set number of ACs for your playthrough. How many, is determined by the type of hardcore you choose.

    *** If your AC is destroyed, you will lose 1 AC. If you quit the mission, you will lose 1 AC. If you dashboard or turn the power off, you will lose 1 AC., don't do any of these.

    // Types:
    A :: "Daredevil" | Damage Taken: 150%. 10 ACs
    B :: "The Bargain" | Damage Dealt: 30%. 10 ACs
    C :: "Money is Everything" | Repair cost: 300%, Ammo cost: 5,000%. 5 ACs
    D :: "A Poor Man" | Rewards: 10%, Damage Taken: 200%. 5 ACs
    E :: "Mr. Confident" | Damage Taken: 70%. 1 AC.
    F :: "Gambler" | Damage Taken: 500%, Damage Dealt: 1,000%. 5 ACs
    G :: "Please Be Gentle" | Damage Taken & Dealt: 70%, Rewards: 50%, Repair Cost: 200%. 1 AC
    H :: "Aegis" | Damage Taken 150%, Damage Dealt: [Direct HIT 100% / Deflected 5%]. 5 ACs
    I :: "One Shot Kill" | Damage Taken: 500%, / Dealt: 1,000%. Repair cost: 300%, Ammo cost: 5,000%. 1 AC.
    H :: "No Fear" | Damage Taken: 500% / Dealt: 150%, Reward: 30%. 10 ACs
    Most common modes are Daredevil, Mr. Confident & Gambler.

    I went with Gambler. Most of the time you can take them down before they ever get a shot off.

    // Weapons:
    These are weapons that carried me through the entire playthrough. All "Arm" weapons were spec'd for Power (+3)
    Rifle [KE] | URF-15 Valdosta
    Battle Rifle [CE] | Au-C-B07
    Laser Rifle [TE] | AM/LRA-144
    Sniper Cannon [KE] | ISONOKAMI mdl.1
    KE Missile | SU09 Jellyfish
    CE Missile | Su-J-G17
    TE Missile | SU30 Jupiter
    CIWS | SL/CWA-243
    // AC Build:
    As for a particular AC build, this will change quite a few times as you progress through the storyline. Most parts are locked when you start your playthrough. You also have very little money. Spend it wisely.
    It's best to keep your Defense stats balanced. I had my KE & CE defense just below 2000 & my TE defense was slightly over 3000. My TE was high due to using a Heavy Bi-Ped for my legs. I also went with a KE Head & Core, with CE Arms. Always keep an eye on your Energy Recovery stat when choosing your parts. If it's too low, you will deplete your energy very quickly and will be a sitting duck. 6000 is ideal. Boosters and Generators will vary. Pick a combo that works best for you and doesn't deplete your energy too quickly, but still keeps you mobile. If you're unsure, test your build before going on the mission.

    // Prepare:
    I cannot stress this enough. Be prepared for your next mission. Preview your next mission in Normal mode first. Go to Team/Player Data > Mission Information and play your next mission.
    - Scan the enemy AC for it's weakness
    - Learn it's movements and fighting style
    - If you need CIWS or not
    - Weapons testing
    - Know the map and areas for cover
    - The sequence of events
    After you feel confident, go into Hardcore mode and make any necessary adjustments to your AC. Then, go for it. Remember, you only have a limited number of ACs to use, so don't be careless! ...especially if you only have 1.

    *** If it helps, the game will allow you to build an AC in Harcore mode. Save it. Then load it up in Normal mode. Just make sure you have the same parts in both modes.

    // Mission 10:
    The final mission will be the most challenging. This required a completely different build then the one I used for the previous 59 missions. It had to be fast, very mobile and with good boosting ability. Here's the build for it:

    Right Arm // Au-R-F11 ( H.E.A.T. Pile Driver )
    Left Arm // AM/SHA-302 ( Shield )
    Shoulder Unit // SL/KMB-118H ( KE High Speed Missile )
    Right Bay // Au-B-A04 ( Rifle )
    Left Bay // AM/SHA-207 ( Shield )
    KE Head // H-07 Starlight
    KE Core // CB-116
    TE Arms // AD-134
    Legs // TAKEKAWA mdl.2 ( Heavy Reverse-Joint )
    FCS // USUGUMO mdl.1 ( Long Range )
    Generator // Ge-D-G23 ( High Output )
    Booster // BA-309 ( High Acceleration )
    Recon // Re-X-A07 ( Hover Type )
    *** In the video below I changed out my KE missile for CIWS. Ignore that, go with the missile. The CIWS was useless.

    This is one for the case. Good luck!
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