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Combo King achievement in Motocross Madness

Combo King

Perform an X, Y and B combo within one event

Combo King+0.2
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How to unlock the Combo King achievement

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    Even though this is a DLC achievement, you can do this in any event (including the base game) so choose Exploration > The Ruins. This makes it easier since there is a huge jump you can utilize and you get unlimited time in this event. Make your way to the big white building that is in the middle of the mini-map. You will want your map cursor to be aiming down and you will want to be in the bottom right corner of that white building on the map. In the game view, you will be facing a darkened ridge/ramp on the edge of the mountain (this is where you will want to jump off later). Here are pictures to clarify if you can't find the designated spot.

    Once you are at this spot, you will want to boost (hold A) and accelerate (hold RT) and jump off the darkened ridge ramp ahead of you. Once in the air, you will want to hold the X button and while doing so press UP, DOWN, UP. Alternatively you could also press UP X, DOWN X, UP X. The timing is important - don't do it too quick but also not too slow - basically wait until you see your rider start the trick and then switch to the next button input. I found it easier to just hold X and press UP, DOWN, UP though (all the while holding X). Be sure to let go of X before you land though otherwise you will crash. If you do the previous button inputs correctly, you will see a green COMBO word pop up at the top of your screen and your bike will have a bluish electrified effect on it. However, you NEED to land it for it to count towards the achievement. As you land, hold up on the left stick as you have a better chance of landing it smoothly. If you do crash, simply press the BACK button and it should respawn you on the mountain. If it doesn't for some reason, drive back the spot manually. Anyway, that is the "X" combo but there are still two more to cover before you unlock the achievement...

    Once you landed the "X" combo, press BACK to respawn on the mountain. Now you will want to drive off that same ramp but this time, hold X and press UP, DOWN, and then let go of X and press UP + Y simultaneously. If done correctly, you will again see the word COMBO on top and this time your rider will have a yellow electrified effect. Land it as well to register the "Y" combo.

    Finally, by now you should have a burning orange bar of boost. This is required for the "B" combo. If you don't, simply do some tricks on or off the mountain to build it up. Once it's orange, head off the ramp once more, hold X and press UP, DOWN, and then let go of X and press UP + B simultaneously. When you land it, you should see the word COMBO again, your rider with a red electrified effect, and the achievement will pop instantly!

    By the way, it is also possible to do different combos if you replace the UP, DOWN, UP and instead use the following inputs for each of the three button types but this is not necessary for the achievement. Here they are anyway for those who are interested:

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    Im the LoraxOk I don't get what I'm doin wrong. I'm doin exactly like you said and I land every one of them but the word "combo" never appears even tho I do get the blue glowy bar, then the red one as well but I haven't gotten the achievement. I don't get what I'm not doing right..
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 24 Aug 14 at 23:15
    soulmanglerI am thinking u need to have the dlc to get the combo system which is needed for the achievement .
    Posted by soulmangler on 10 Sep 14 at 06:19
    TangerineGamerGood guide, bitch to land but works great

    I will say if you fail and have to do tricks to get the orange boost bar back do them on the left side of the ramp (as you face it) in The Ruins, I found if you go to Dig Site, get the boost up and go back to The Ruins the bar goes blue and doesn't do the combo correctly
    Posted by TangerineGamer on 07 Oct 14 at 22:43
    FxxIMxxxDyou are just a monster, i am french and i got it with your guide, its just perfect! thanks a lot!!!
    Posted by FxxIMxxxD on 09 Dec 14 at 05:23
    SockGORE828I am having problems with this too. do you have to own the dlc for this to count?
    Posted by SockGORE828 on 27 Dec 14 at 02:23
    WiznyattThanks for the my mind this would have been done totally differently so I'm glad you had the solution. I would have wasted my time. +1
    Posted by Wiznyatt on 11 May 15 at 00:54
    darkavenger786Awesome, worked like a charm. However, I used the ramp that seperates The Dunefield and The Dig Site. +1
    Posted by darkavenger786 on 12 Nov 15 at 20:43
    TXsportsGamer83Does it gota be in 1 combo? Any1 know? Plz reply
    Posted by TXsportsGamer83 on 06 Apr 16 at 22:57
    TXsportsGamer83I did a 20,000 pt trick, using x & b and no x,y,b cheevo....I'm getting frustrated.
    Posted by TXsportsGamer83 on 06 Apr 16 at 23:03
    InviernoCero2Great! Thanks! clap
    Posted by InviernoCero2 on 24 Oct 16 at 11:47
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