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Gatherer achievement in Tetris Blitz (WP)


Own 10 Power-Ups

03 October 2013 - 6 guidesDiscontinued

How to unlock the Gatherer achievement

  • K1d lcarusK1d lcarus306,085
    14 Nov 2013 30 Sep 2013 03 Oct 2013
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    I would like to post this alternative achievement guide for Gatherer which I will be going for without spending a single penny. The easy and expensive method of unlocking this achievement is buying the pro-player pack with cash will give you 9 each of 10 different power-ups instantly which will unlock this achievement.

    The description of this achievement states that you have to "Own 10 Power ups". More accurately, you have to own 10 different power ups.

    You start with 4 power ups namely, Quake, Lasers, Time Shift and Magnet. However, you will need additional power-ups that are available as micro-transactions. these are Lucky 7, Bombs, Avalanche, Meteor Storm, Three Strikes, Multiplier, Crusher and Amplifier. More power ups may be announced at a later date.

    However, for the gamers who care about gaming and spending as little as possible, based on my first week's experience with Tetris Blitz, there will be a different power-up of the week, the first week being avalanche. Using this power-up repeatedly during that week will result in that power being permanently unlocked in your arsenal. It took me 90 uses of Avalanche to unlock thereafter it's free for the remainder of the week (You can check by pressing the question mark for a tooltip which tells you how many uses you need to unlock the power.)

    Based on this experience, it will take 6 weeks to earn from the time you start the game.

    My advice therefore, is that if you're planning on getting Eradicator (Clearing 100,000 lines) and Over-Achiever(obtain all xboxlive achievements), you're better off just grinding the weekly power ups on the way to clearing the 100k lines.

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    Throni360That's old news.
    Posted by Throni360 on 18 Nov 16 at 20:25
    Iron Man TStarkbugged to hell this is lol
    Posted by Iron Man TStark on 18 Nov 16 at 20:45
    Throni360Yes. I got several power-ups twice or more before it unlocked. Patience is the key to get this one.
    Posted by Throni360 on 18 Nov 16 at 20:47
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  • DeceptiCog72283DeceptiCog72283170,234
    19 Nov 2013 09 Oct 2013 10 Nov 2013
    16 8 20
    I dont have this achievement yet, but my solution should work

    Buy the power up of the week once with in game coins. Gives you 3 uses. Use it once and dont use it again. Once the week is over, you get to keep your unused power ups. Using this method I have avalanche and multiplier sitting in my repertoire of power ups.

    We shall see if a few more weeks if it pops.

    EDIT: Seems that they are alternating power ups every week. One week will be a new one, the next week will be one that was already up (well until all of them have been around it will be a new one every week or so I imagine)
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    SinisterPhoenixHmmm... This isn't working for me. I have 10 power UPS showing available with the new one for the week being #11. Achievement did not pop. Even after playing a few games, still nothing...
    Posted by SinisterPhoenix on 06 Jan 15 at 03:36
    napoearthNot sure when, but this method has been nerfed. Please adjust solution.
    Posted by napoearth on 21 Jul 15 at 13:10
    MoneyShot360This method no longer seems to work as noted in the last comment. You can keep the powerup in the next week, but it doesn't count towards your total.
    Posted by MoneyShot360 on 19 Apr 17 at 13:48
  • SinisterPhoenixSinisterPhoenix233,022
    10 Feb 2015 06 Jan 2015 06 Jan 2015
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    This method is for unlocking the power up of the week using Facebook. Apparently with the new update, just having 10 power ups in your inventory (unused previous power up of the week) no longer counts towards your total. So here's how to unlock one each week until you hit 10, other than grinding out 90 plays each week or outright buying them.

    First, create three fake Facebook profiles using three different email addresses. Or four fake ones if you don't have a main FB account to use (just make one main and three assisting accounts). Just be sure to send a friend request from the three assisting accounts to the main account and accept them. Now log in to Blitz using the main FB account FIRST. First time logging in with FB sets it to your profile and keeps your current stats, singing in with other FB accounts afterwords will reset the stat totals back to default. Now log out and back in using one of the assisting FB accounts and go through the entire tutorial until you are able to access the menu to use the log out function (Level 4). Log out and repeat with the remaining 2 assisting accounts.

    Now log in to Blitz using the main FB account. To unlock the power up of the week, tap the blue unlock button and then select the Facebook method that asks for help from friends. Select the three assisting accounts and then send. Now log out and then with each assisting account: log on to Blitz, access menu, notifications, and then accept the help request. After doing this with all three assisting accounts, log back in to Blitz with the main account and access the notifications and accept the help that was given. This will unlock the power up.

    Each week be sure to repeat the unlock process using the main account to ask the assisting accounts for help and accepting the requests. Repeat until 10 power ups are unlocked and in your inventory.
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    DemianThanks mate, this really works :)
    Posted by Demian on 31 Mar 16 at 02:36
    KAIDOit's long way but it's works. Thanks
    Posted by KAIDO on 21 Jun 16 at 19:45
    FELDGESCHREIawesome! works perfectly no matter how annoying the whole process is...once the dummy accounts are ready its only a few clicks once a week....
    how the heck would i even be supposed to get the gold needed to use the weeklies 90 times...
    Posted by FELDGESCHREI on 13 Sep 16 at 19:59
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