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Scale the Mountain achievement in Tetris Blitz (WP)

Scale the Mountain

Score 500,000, or more points in a single game

Scale the Mountain0
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How to unlock the Scale the Mountain achievement

  • Warlord K1ngWarlord K1ng353,698
    27 Sep 2013 02 Oct 2013 02 Oct 2013
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    this is almost impossible without power-ups, unless your a tetris god that can make tetrises and t-spins every second. instead im here to tell you the best power-ups to use and strategy. the below solution only uses 2 effective power-ups. before i list the recommended power-ups and the finisher, i have a score of 1,1105 and can consistently score above 400k. i consider myself average tetris player, and with my strategy even a beginner can master this achievement. without making this solution too long im just gonna keep it simple.

    -time shift


    -ok so this might sound crazy. start off with the first tetris, then tap the screen as fast as you can to build the grid near the top. this will make a mess, then start to clear lines at the top of the screen. some times the mess you just created can turn into a deadly cascade destroyer. you only want to make this mess a couple of times though. then just start clearing the messy board, and you should start to see an increase in your score. in some cases, you dont even need the finisher :)

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    MrZombieChickenI got almost 1 million without using a finisher by playing a 3 minute tournament. Great solution. Thanks
    Posted by MrZombieChicken on 03 Jan 14 at 20:59
    DifficuIt DaveI got this by joining a tournament and watching the top score in it. I also got another achievement this way.
    Posted by DifficuIt Dave on 21 Apr 14 at 02:54
    SambawebGet this ultra easy in an endurance game in tournament mode on the first try with the "Twin Rams" (its the weekly power up in this week) power up :)

    i got over 1.000.000 Points
    Posted by Sambaweb on 20 May 15 at 09:29
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  • qwxxqwxx526,759
    02 Oct 2013 02 Oct 2013
    5 0 3
    After reaching out to several fellow gamers, I combined that information and took it upon myself to achieve this almost lucky achievement.

    I used no finisher (because I was under the impression finishers voided the achievement). I used the following power ups:
    -time shift

    The biggest thing I noticed was to get tetrises setup and with the aid of the magnet, helps out a lot. Once you have a high clean stack on the board, start clearing lines... You'll go into frenzy mode and the pieces will soon drop in filling in the bottom. This will increase your multiplier even greater. I got 500k with 40 seconds left...
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    GeoffistophelesExactly how I did it, with the additional help of Mino Rain. Had a x12 multiplier at the end. To get the most out of the finisher, you want a middling height stack left over to help fill out the board. First time I got 100k for the finisher, second time with the middling stack I hit 250k.
    Posted by Geoffistopheles on 15 Oct 13 at 18:31
    BSquad56I used the Multiplier, Quake, and Magnet. Then Mino Rain. Scored 507k.
    Posted by BSquad56 on 24 Oct 13 at 01:40
    DM2Finishers don't void the achievement, I had 250k before my finisher, then scored 300k with it and the achievement popped.
    Posted by DM2 on 30 Oct 13 at 13:07
  • littlelou1982littlelou1982528,470
    30 Jan 2014 30 Jan 2014
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    I got this today without finishers and using only 3 of the "standard" power ups which you don't have to grind to unlock or pay for and without having to link my facebook account to the game.

    You need to scroll across the main menu to Tournaments and at the time of writing this there is an Endurance tournament.

    The Endurance tournament has a 5 minute timer and costs 5 energy to enter.

    I used:
    Time Shift

    and no finisher.

    I then just relaxed and played for 5 minutes ending with a score of just over 600,000. The achievement popped while I was playing the game.

    Please note that these tournaments do change every few days and at the time of writing this there is only 2 days left for the Endurance tournament, but they probably repeat and if not there are quite a few other tournaments which would make this achievement a lot easier to get without having to use real money for power ups & finishers.
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