Eradicator achievement in Tetris Blitz (WP)


Clear a total of 100,000 lines

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How to unlock the Eradicator achievement

  • MC0REBEMC0REBE544,319
    30 Jan 2014 13 Oct 2013 23 Nov 2013
    21 10 28
    Hey guys,
    This is a horrible grind, but luckily the game is quite enjoyable and it's getting very addicting when you try to beat the scores of your friend. For this achievement however, you shouldn't focus on getting big scores as the game gives you close to nothing when it comes to in-game coins. I will share you the strategy I'm currently using, and in my case it's really paying off. I could see why people wouldn't use this if they found something better, but feel free to share it with me as I'm currently going for this. The described method can also be used to unlock:
    Tetris Blitz (WP)EliminatorThe Eliminator achievement in Tetris Blitz (WP) worth 38 pointsClear a total of 10,000 lines

    This is obvious, so I'll keep it at this. Remember to go for lines directly when your game starts and go in Frenzy-mode as fast as possible as that will be a big help to clear more lines at once. There are also Pro-video's available in the game since the last update, which should help you clear more lines once you've figured out the methods the devs are using.

    Finishers are quite expensive and don't pay off when it comes to clearing lines but it does when it comes to big scores. Personally I didn't spend coins on them and mostly got them by the gambling wheel which brings me to my next point.

    Every 4 hours you will receive a free spin and the ones you already received will be marked out. That being said, it should be impossible to land on the same tile twice in a row. You could be the lucky guy getting 100,000 in-game coins or you could get unlucky and only receive 1,000. Either way, be happy with what you get, as every little bit helps.

    As a guys who spent real money to buy the Pro Pack, I can say that not every power up is really good when it comes to clearing lines. Personally I'm currently using the Power Up of The Week along with Lasers. The Lasers can clear your board which could cause a huge cascade when you enter Frenzy, which again, is good to get done with this grind as soon as possible. Other good power ups in my eyes would be Avalanche, Quake and Lucky Seven. All the others can be used to increase your timer or getting more points, which doesn't really help you getting 100,000 lines. Be wise and find the power up that suits you best. I'm currently getting 100+ lines for every game I finish, so maybe you could try my tactic and see how far you get.

    As said in the solution from, you will need to aim for level 35 of higher; depending on how many power ups you use. The grind is ridiculously long in hours (I'm 25 hours busy at the time of writing), so prepare to invest a lot of time.

    I hope I helped some of you with these hints. As written before, every one has his own play styles so don't downvote this solution because it doesn't suit you. Let me know what you guys are currently using so I can perhaps change my own tactics and improve this solution.

    Good luck guys!
    - MC0REBE

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    supadryzA little advise for this needed. How are the lines cleared saved. As the phone I had this saved on was reset, but login in to Facebook has my saved data & Lines cleared is over 100k. So have I lost all info for Achievement. or am I still able to get this through Facebook saved data?
    Posted by supadryz on 06 Dec 15 at 21:39
    Skanker irl^ good question.
    Posted by Skanker irl on 22 Dec 15 at 02:22
    TanukiVNo, facebook saved data won't trigger the Eradicator achievement. I had to do another 100K until the xbox progress bar for Eradicator filled up again
    Posted by TanukiV on 24 Aug 16 at 00:34
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  • somethingisomethingi228,387
    17 Jan 2016 04 Mar 2014
    9 1 5
    This is more of a warning than a solution. Many have commented this.. but it seems worth having as a solution.

    Once you've started making any progress on this --

    I was at about 75,000, the latest update reset all of my progress once again.

    As for the best way to get tons of lines, look for the speed tournaments. In particular the ones with constant blitz.

    I use the time bonus, avalanche and blitzn - on the speed tournaments I average around 260 lines. For a regular game it's about 150.
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    X MR 504 X96.000 lines reset no up date
    Posted by X MR 504 X on 15 Apr 14 at 01:54
    Panthera oncaI submitted a ticket to EA on this and I heard back from them yesterday. This is what they told me: "I'm sorry to hear that you are unable to completed Eradicator achievement in Tetris Blitz. Actually, some players had already informed about this problem and our studio team worked on it. Unfortunately, we are not able to restore your lost progress."
    Posted by Panthera onca on 21 Apr 14 at 19:06
    Skanker irl^ Yeah, they don't give a shit. I'm still trying as well, but they don't help at all.
    Posted by Skanker irl on 19 Mar 16 at 16:07
  • DOADOA1,313,516
    03 Oct 2013 03 Oct 2013
    16 9 51
    Ok finally got this damn achievement after what had to have been 50+ hours. There is no tracking for this achievement at all. The only thing I can tell u is that I was level 39 and a half when it popped along with overachiever.
    (but how much xp you get is subject to number of power ups you use .... which for me was a lot)
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    Marcos AspiraFinally I got rid of this nightmare! 112,832 lines cleared!
    Posted by Marcos Aspira on 27 Oct 14 at 16:28
    Mr RodsterMy counters were slightly off. I popped the 100k lines for 100,000 coins and then later popped the achievement for 100k lines. Fortunately, I popped the achievement at 100,537 on the other counter, so they were not far off.

    If anybody cares, I focused on boosts that clear lines, namely Avalanche, Bulldozer, and Laser. I would have used the Santa one but it glitched the week it was offered so I did not have it (without paying money--yeah right). I did most of my gaming in tournaments where frenzy was on, drops were fast, or both. Need for Speed is the best. Finally, the achievement popped midgame in a tournament, so tournaments definitely count.
    Posted by Mr Rodster on 20 Nov 14 at 19:04
    R3APER 0F G0DSmine took slightly over 100k as well, 100,799
    Posted by R3APER 0F G0DS on 23 Jan 15 at 05:50
  • Wavey B3DWavey B3D372,515
    10 Sep 2015 25 Aug 2015 10 Sep 2015
    5 0 0
    My hint, that has accelerated my progress a little, is to pay attention to the tournaments that are going on.

    Some tournaments will shake the gameplay up enabling you to get more lines per game - i.e. some will periodically come up with Frenzy always active (giving you a much greater source of raw material [minos] to get lines with), others will increase the frequency of power up drops (so spend your coins on power ups that give lots of minos - Blitz'n, Twin Rams and Frostbite are ones I have unlocked that are great for both lines and tetris') and some will increase the length of the game (a recent one was 5 mins per game, which results in less time waiting a load screens and more total time in game - it’s also better to spend coins on power ups in extended games; I've been clearing 300+ lines in a 5 min game).

    Note, recent updates have also given in-game (not "XBOX") achievements that yield in coins and one of these is "Clear xxxK Lines" with 2 star at 50K and 3 star at 100K - this does report the line progress and it is correlating with the XBOX achievement progress. I started a little before these in-game achievements and got the 10K XBOX Achievement around 8K on the in game progress. [Edit] – Finally got this sucka. Seems that the "Clear xxxK Lines" lines tracking and the achievement tracking did diverge and I got the achievement at 102,461 lines, so there was clearly points where the XBOX Achievement tracking dropped off, presumably due to connection issues.
  • Ham SaladHam Salad817,757
    02 Jun 2014 30 May 2014 26 Jan 2015
    6 6 28
    This solution is confirmed only to work with the following versions:
    - 1.7

    This does not work with version 1.4 or older, or anything after 1.7. It is not confirmed to work with 1.6, but it stands to reason that it might.

    If you've got all of the achievements already, and want to finish this game quicker than you normally could, then watch replays of tournaments. Lines cleared while watching tournament replays count towards your total. (Much like how you can earn achievements while watching replays.)

    Be cautioned if you update your game to a later version, as doing so usually results in your achievement progress being reset.

    I started watching the #1 player of a tourney on 5/30. When I started, my achievement progress bar was just before the "t" in Eradicator (around 25K lines). After watching off and on over the day, it was at the last "r." In that time, I cleared maybe 200 lines on my own, so the replays were adding to my progress.

    Here's where I was on 5/29/14, 3:45pm:

    Here's my progress on 5/30/14 at 3:27pm:

    The achievement unlocked on 6/1/14, in the middle of a replay, after watching replays for about 3 days straight.

    I was using version 1.5, which I got in early April and never updated, as I didn't want my progress reset.

    Here's what you need to do, and some tips:

    - You can find your version number by selecting "About" under the "?" in the drop-down menu
    - Make note of where your progress bar for the achievement currently ends (maybe take a screenshot)
    - You'll need to be at least level 11, which is when you unlock the ability to join tournaments
    - Look for tournaments with High Speed Cascades, Fast Piece Drop, or Frenzy Mode Always On. These will drastically increase the amount of lines in a two minutes game. If you find a tourney with all three like "Need for Speed," even better.
    - Join a tournament, and play normally, trying your best to clear a lot of lines
    - Go back into the tournament and scroll through the list of players, pick one with a high score (or the #1 player), and click the purple box next to their name labeled "Watch."
    - Sometimes the replays aren't available on the server, or worse, they load incorrectly and the replays are not the original gameplay. You can tell when this happens as the game will continually stack pieces in the top-left corner and not clear lines normally. If either of these happen, you'll need to watch a different replay.
    - If you clear a lot of lines when you join the tournament, go ahead and watch your own replay, as there usually aren't any issues with it.
    - You can use the fast-forward button to make the replays last less than two minutes
    - Watch your progress creep up (Note: This won't increase the line total for the non-Xbox achievement that is for clearing lines.)

    You'll still need to "play" the game by watching replays, but you can guarantee yourself a set amount of lines every time, and even play while unattended. Getting 200 lines per replay is much better than getting 100 or less on your own. It's a great way to finish the game off if you're tired of it and have all of the other achievements already.
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