Invincible achievement in Yie Ar Kung-Fu


Defeat all enemies without losing any lives.

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How to unlock the Invincible achievement

  • ColpaColpa197,247
    09 Jul 2008 27 Feb 2009
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    This Video helped me alot to get this achievement.

    Credit goed to p3rvypri3st for making this video.

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    D1v1dedL1nesThis might be a terrible game these days...however, it was the BOMB back in the 80's. It was one of the 1st of it's far as fighting games go. Not to mention you would fight a different character as you progressed and as you can tell...the 2nd wave of characters were you were always wanting to see who was next. Thanks for the video...should be able to take down TonFon now...having trouble listening to the sound though.
    Posted by D1v1dedL1nes on 31 Jul 11 at 14:34
    MattiasAndersonIf you struggle with club do the same thing you do against tonfun. Jump and do a low kick and jump straight away over him and repeat. Because i dont time it so well as in the video and this is easier for me.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 15 Oct 13 at 13:25
    ComesBrotherswow, reading this ... right now, ... ;-) __ 8-| __ :-D __ :-) __ :-| ... :-)
    Posted by ComesBrothers on 10 Sep 20 at 05:41
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  • Zenn PZenn P484,402
    02 Nov 2011 14 Nov 2011 30 Apr 2015
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    Yie Ar Kung-FuInvincibleThe Invincible achievement in Yie Ar Kung-Fu worth 102 pointsDefeat all enemies without losing any lives.

    For this achievement, it requires you to defeat all 11 opponents of the game in a row without ever losing a match. This may be the toughest achievement in Yie Ar Kung Fu for most players. Although this may sound like a daunting task at first hand, once you get a bit of practice in and learn the strategy to beating all 11 of them, you will unlock this achievement with time. Each opponent basically has an attack pattern that you can use in order to defeat them. Below is a simple strategy for each opponent:

    1. Buchu: Defeat him by normal means. Usually he will start out the fight by flying towards you. Crouch under this and he will end up in the corner. Now hold the direction towards him and rapidly press Kick to bring him down. If you're luck you will Perfect him for the Perfection achievement here.

    2. Star: Distance is your enemy in this bout. So get in close by jumping in towards her. Her throwing stars are slow so you can take them out with well timed attacks if you want or simply jump over them. Simply take her down with Toward Kicks like Buchu and she will eventually be defeated. Just make sure you stay close.

    3. Nuncha: Very easy fight here. Start it out by jumping towards Nucha then just spam Down/Toward + Kick. If he moves then jump after him and repeat this move until he is down.

    4. Pole: Another simple fight. Jump towards him then hold down. Now spam the kick button. He will walk into this move until he is knocked out.

    5. Feedle: Bonus Stage. Bulky bald guys will walk towards you from the left and right. All you have to do is press toward them and kick as they near you. Don't let them get too close.

    6. Chain: Just like the Star fight you want to stay close to this guy and hit him with different low kicks. Therefore, jump towards him and hit low kicks until he falls out. I found that the diagonal kick used against Nuncha works well here.

    7. Club: This can be a stressful fight because it takes proper timing. Start the fight off by backing left into the corner. As Club approcahes you get ready to press Away/Up + Punch once he is about to attack you. If timed right you'll hit him everytime. It's okay if you mess up, you have 8 blocks of health yourself. Repeat until he is knocked out.

    8. Fan: Don't be intimidated by her fans. Just keep jumping left and right after her and try to land some kicks on her. She will keep pacing left and right and tossing fans so just stay on her with kicks and you will win.

    9. Sword: Luck-based fight here but not as much as the next to. Look at the temple in the background, position yourself below the black door then jump straight up. Keep jumping upwards and press Toward/Up + Kick when you land. If you're lucky he'll walk into some of the kicks until he is down.

    10. Tonfun: This is arguably the most difficult fight thus far. Tonfun will pace back and forth and pop you in the head if you get close to him. Best strategy I have seen to him is to start the fight by crouching and pressing punch. Once he gets close jump to the right, if done properly, you will be able to hit a low kick on him once you land. Once you land, hit or miss, immediately jump to the left and try to hit him, then immediately move to the right, repeat these tactics. This technique may require luck, but if you have him distanced properly, it is highly effective.

    11. Blues: The ultimate match of the game is an increasingly intense fight that may also require luck. For this fight, use Oolong's Splits punch which is done by pressing Away/Down + Punch. Wait for Blues to get close then carefully hit this move, after that quickly jump to the opposite side of the screen. Wait for him to get close then hit the Splits punch again, jump then repeat. Once his health is low, Blues will become increasingly rabid and attack more ferociously. I found that you can get extra hits on him if you get yourself in a corner and do a Away/Up + Kick. After that just mash out the splits punch on him like crazy and hope you get his last 2 blocks of health down. Depending on how much health you have by this point, it will increase your chances of finishing him off.
    RA1NKING recently posted an HD updated video to this achievement being done below.

    Overall, it is important to be patient with this achievement. Most people tend to struggle against Tonfun and Blues; follow the tips given here and in the video closely. Occasionally, winning may come down to a game of chance and wits. Good Luck.
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    MarvzMittsThe strategy that finally worked for me on Tonfun was as soon as the match starts back up against the left side of the screen and jump to the other side. Usually you can land in a good spot to land 1-3 hits. Jump back to the other side, but don't attack Tonfun as I rarely was able to get a hit on him. After the no attack jump, jump again back to the right side again for a couple of more hits. Repeat until he is defeated. Hope that helps he has been a thorn on my side for some time.
    Posted by MarvzMitts on 17 Aug 12 at 01:56
    SkepticTheGreatExcellent Solution. Very thorough. Thumbs up. The "zoning" strategy and the Away/Up + Kick attack work excellently against Tonfun and Blues, respectively.
    Posted by SkepticTheGreat on 05 May 14 at 01:10
    MattiasAndersonVs club I find it MUCH easier to do the same strategy you would do against tonfun. Just jump and do a low kick.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 03 Jun 17 at 13:34
  • Legendary J ManLegendary J Man553,670
    30 Apr 2020 30 Apr 2020 18 Oct 2021
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    The guides here and the videos do a great job, but they did not help me with the 3 hardest fights: Club, Tonfun, Blues. I had to come up with my own strategies for these matches, so I wanted to put what helped me here for anyone looking for more help in the future.

    Club: For me I found it much easier to beat Club using a strategy of low kicks. At the start the match I would back up. Then i would walk towards him. When I would get in range where he would attack me I would do a Down/Forward + Kick to kick him in the foot. Once hit Club backs up and you can repeat the process. It takes a bit of practice to get the timing down. If you do the kick too close Club will attack and your kick will miss. Too far away and the kick misses and Club hits you. But once you find the sweet spot I would perfect Club more often than not, and using low kicks is much easier than the backing into the corner and trying to punch him while he attacks you.

    Tonfun: For Tonfun none of the strategies really gave me an edge. The only thing I found was to do the jump back and forth. What I found that worked for me was to make sure that if I got one hit it became at least two hits. When you get a hit there is a bit of a freeze where the opponent doesn't move. If you are quick and at the right angle you can get multiple hits. When I would land I would go for a Forward + Kick and then a Down/Forward + Kick. Generally if one landed the other would as well. Down/Forward + Kick seems to be the fastest attack and sometimes only it would hit. Usually he would get one hit in on me before I jumped, but if I got two hits to his one hit I would win. While I could not always beat him in one life, I found this was the strategy that would work when I did.

    Blues: For Blues the Down/Back + Punch splits punch was the correct strategy but i could not get him those last 2 hits. He would stun lock and kill me every time. I tried mashing Forward + Punch and I tried mashing splits punch but none of it would work. What I finally found that worked was doing the splits punch and jumping over him until he was down to the last 2 health. On the splits punch that was the 6th hit (which put Blues on only 2 health left) I would jump over him again. Assuming the A.I. would let me jump to the other side of the screen I would wait and when he walked into range I would do the Up/Back + Kick to jump over his attack and get the second to last hit. After that it was just down to mashing out Forward + Punch hoping I would get the last hit before he killed me. This would not work every single time, because the A.I. still needs to work with you. Somethings i could not get the 6th split punch to hit. Sometimes the Up/Back jump kick wouldn't land. But when it all worked, Blues was free.
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