Universal Soldier achievement in A.R.E.S.

Universal Soldier

Achieve character level '6'

Universal Soldier+0.1
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How to unlock the Universal Soldier achievement

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    Squ4rex solution is great, but I have some things I'd like to add.

    Getting the SS on level 1 is the best way to give yourself an overall score boost, so I thought I'd contribute the "perfect score" for that level:

    Difficulty: Hardcore
    Clear Time: 01:58
    Damage Dealt: 9040
    Times hit by the boss: 0
    Upgrade chips: 3/3
    Combo: 172

    This yields 11,927 points, which is much more helpful than it sounds! Just 2k out of 70k sounds irrelevant, but perfecting this very easy and short level allows you to play more sloppily on the others.

    My scores and some minor notes for each level:

    Level 1: 11,927 (SS)
    Perfect this one as per above.
    Level 2: 9,992 (S)
    I did this one on normal, with gold in every category but difficulty, as I find this boss too annoying to deal with on hardcore.
    Level 3: 9,992 (S)
    Also on normal. (Mostly because I think I forgot to go back on it on hardcore.)
    Level 4: 9,684 (S)
    Normal. This is my least favorite boss in the game so I never bothered nailing it on hardcore.
    Level 5: 10,233 (SS)
    Back to hardcore mode. I find this level and boss really easy, so it's another good one to get an SS rank.
    Level 6: 9,444 (S)
    This is on hardcore but I took 3-4 hits from the boss and never bothered to replay it for a higher score.
    Level 7: 8,984 (S)
    On hardcore again, but I messed up miserably on the boss.

    As you can see, as long as you perfect the two easiest levels (IMO), you don't have to try very hard on the others! Check out RAINKINGX1's great video guides for boss tips.
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  • Squ4rexSqu4rex931,049
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    The player level is the cumulative stage scores from all seven levels. To reach level 6, you need to reach a cumulative score of 70,000 with one of the characters.

    You only have to reach level 6 with either Ares or Tarus, but not both. So pick a character you are more comfortable with and focus on improving your scores in each of the levels.

    At the end of each level, you are graded on a few criteria that determine your overall score. By getting "gold scores" or perfects in each of these criteria, your overall score will increase. These criteria include:
    -Damage Inflicted
    -Number of Times hit by Boss
    -Upgrades Found
    -Max Combo Achieved

    Helpful tips going for the achievement:
    1) Do not attempt this until you have first finished the game, found all the upgrades in each stage, and fully upgraded whichever character you are using. By finding all the upgrades, the "Upgrade Found" category at the end of the stage will always give you a "Perfect" score. Having a maxed out character will help you do more damage and easily steamroll the level more quickly.

    2) Since you need an overall score of 70,000, you need to be averaging at least 10,000 points per stage. To have a better shot at doing this, up your difficulty from Normal to Hardcore. Enemies will have more life in Hardcore, but you should hardly notice the difference with a fully maxed out character.

    3) Use the fully upgraded Wave Emitter Gun to destroy as much as possible and rush through the stage. Don't worry too much about taking damage-- damage received during the stage does not penalize your score, only damage taken against the boss. Try to string a high combo on the way, but don't worry about it too much-- Most of your combo will likely come from the boss if you can destroy it without getting hit

    4) You can still get hit about 3-4 times from a boss and get a perfect rating for the stage. Make sure you are using a fully upgraded photon cannon against bosses, and you will destroy them in no time.

    Playing through each stage on Hardcore, I was able to easily get an "SS" rating playing as a fully upgraded Ares. I averaged a bit over 10k on each stage, and scored over 11k on the first stage. This enabled me to only get 8.5k on the last stage and still end up with 71k overall for the achievement. Once you get the pattern of the bosses down (which you likely will going for the "Perfect" achievements), this cumulative score achievement shouldn't be an issue at all.
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