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A Light Snowfall

Complete Episode 1: "Faith"

A Light Snowfall0
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How to unlock the A Light Snowfall achievement

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    Important Notes for this Guide:
    The entirety of the guide is one continuous spoiler. Please do not read forward if you do not want to know decisions, how to make them, or what they mean for later on.

    Questions that influence character development, major plot, the chapter(s), the episode(s) or the season as a whole will be in the guide and expanded upon.

    Non-altering response means that no matter your response it will not alter the outcome of the game as a whole, although it can change that particular dialog.

    Because of the expansion of choice in this game I may not get some of the action sequences down to your exact parameters. What does this mean? It means although I may play through a specific sequence 3+ times I may not get that one instance where I was not able to make a particular move meaning the rest of the sequence was altered. I do try my best to give as many explanations as possible.

    From the start of the chapter we have some very interesting dialog culminating to this pivotal question about the direction of the investigation:

    Bigby. Be honest with me. Who do you think... did this? - Snow
    A superficial statement dialog segment that really just plays into Snow's curiosity more than anything else.
    1. Her husband - You ultimately name Lawrence as the suspect.
    2. Dee - You name Dee and Dum as your suspects.
    3. The Woodsman - You name the Woodsman as your suspect.
    5. Bluebeard - This will be the only option Faith wholeheartedly agrees with you on oddly enough.
    6. The Pimp - You name Faith's money problem the suspect.
    7. . . . - Your silence ultimately leaves Snow with a very unsure feeling.

    There will be some terribly awkward and rather cute non-altering dialog you can partake in although after a little bit of it you will have the opportunity to back Snow:

    To have to turn to... prostitution. I wish there was more we could do. This isn't how I thought it would be... - Snow
    This is another major relationship builder or breaker regarding Snow.
    1. You're doing your best. - Snow appreciates your kind words.
    2. Do something about it. - Snow appreciates your kind words.
    3. Crane is the problem. - Mostly non-altering as it does not benefit your relationship with Snow.
    4. . . . - Snow is a little put back by your silence.

    After a bit more non-altering dialog Bigby will enter the Trip Trap bar. Right off the bat the bartender will ask what you are looking for:

    What do ya want, Sheriff? - Bartender
    This will be another personality trait dealing with the bartender, the patron, and Bigby.
    1. Sheriff business - The bartender will remember your claim of official business.
    2. Woodsman - You tell the truth.
    3. In the neighborhood. - You avoid the bartender's question.
    4. . . . - Bigby's silence does not sit well with the bartender.

    Bigby will then try to gain some information on the Woodsman from the bartender, but will run into quite a bit of resistance. The dialog with her is non-altering so try as you may you will get no answers out of her. Time to examine the surroundings.

    You can check out the half empty glass in front of Bigby where it looks like someone could have been sitting. The bartender will yet again give Bigby will the run around with any line of questioning so let's turn our attention to the picture above the bar. First examine and then question the picture to come to the conclusion that the Woodsman is probably a regular here. Now remember that matchbook from the first chapter outside the Woodsman's apartment? Notice the matchbook next to the half empty glass? They are the same.

    Now we can head to the other side of the bar and start with the cigarette machine. If you have money because you did not give it to Faith you can buy a pack, otherwise Bigby will be yet again denied. Taking a look at the pickled eggs will provide some funny little dialog, although nothing else. We should now move to sit down on the bar stool and talk to Gren. The dialog will all be non-altering even up to the point when the Woodsman comes out of the bathroom.

    Bigby will get up and will attempt to go sit next to the Woodsman which will prompt Gren to stop Bigby. How you respond to him is non-altering, but is vindictive of the type of person you want Bigby to be. There will be some interesting dialog regarding Woodsman and Bigby that will lead to the following opportunity:

    Woodsman is telling his story and finishes by telling Bigby that he ruined it all. - Woodsman
    Although ultimately non-altering, I think it is vital to know this little tid-bit.
    1. What are you talking about? - This will lead to the following dialog sequence.
    2. So this was a robbery? - This will also lead to the following dialog sequence.
    3. I'm taking you in. - Will skip right over the backstory filling you in.
    4. . . . - Will skip all the way to the beginning of the action sequence.

    After telling about his Red Riding Hood Experience stemming from answers 1 or 2. - Woodsman
    How you handle the situation will reflect on the type of character Bigby is and will be.
    1. I already know the story. - Non-altering.
    2. Did you kill Faith? - Non-altering.
    3. [Glass Him] - This is the violence route. You will immediately initiate the fight scene.
    4. . . . - Leads directly to the action sequence.

    No matter what approach you take tensions will rise within the bar angering Gren and putting the Woodsman on the defensive. There will be some dialog between Gren and Bigby (non-altering) leading up to the sequence.

    1. The sequence begins with Gren knocking Bigby back to the end of the bar. Quick reach the mug on the bar and press RT, although our strike will be blocked by Holly.
    2. When Gren grabs a hold of us and is bashing against the ceiling you'll have a few brief opportunities to grab the ceiling fan using RT and hit him upside the head with it.
    3. Gren will then throw you across the bar and when you get up you'll need to go UP on the LS to avoid being smashed by the pool table and then can take a quick jab at Gren's face with the RT.
    4. After being thrown to the door you will need to go DOWN on the LS and to the RIGHT on the LS to avoid being pelted by Gren.
    If you do not dodge either attack by Gren at this point he will demolish Bigby and will drag him back to the bar. If you are in fact able to dodge one of the attacks follow on.
    5. After dodging both attacks use the RT to grab the coat rack and ram it into Gren's head, although this will lead to Gren thrashing you around and dragging you back to the bar.
    6. After Gren stands you up at the bar scene bringing out the wolf among Bigby you'll need to hit Y quickly to pounce on him.
    7. You can then give Gren a good kick to the mid section with the RT.
    8. Gren will then stand up and charge Bigby opening up his right arm to a swift RT attack forcing him to crash into the wall.
    9. When Gren get's up you'll be able to jump on top of him with the RT and then go for a swipe on his head with the LT and a shot to his chest with the RT.
    10. Gren will then begin bashing Bigby against the wall providing you with the opportunity to grab a pool stick with the RT and the chance to ram it into Gren again using the RT.
    11. Bigby will then be able to step on his leg with the RT.
    12. This will then provide you with the opportunity to either tear off his arm or leave him. If you decide to tear off his arm you will need to do a bit of button smashing followed by a single button to finish the job.

    Depending on how you dealt with Gren at the end will reflect on the character of Bigby. Bigby will then go over to Holly and will ask for a drink. After drinking it you can do a few things:

    After Bigby has finished his whiskey. - Bigby
    Again mostly a judgment piece on Bigby's character.
    1. You didn't see any of this. - Sort of the 'tough' approach for Bigby to take.
    2. [Pay for the drink] - If you did not give Faith the money in the first chapter you can pay for the drink now.
    3. Send the bill to Crane - This option is similar to the first and forth, but it’s more of a privileged approach.
    4. . . . - Silence will be just like not paying for it.

    There will be some non-altering dialog with the Woodsman when Dee will enter the bar. After a brief comment from Dee you will need to make a decision on whether to stop the Woodsman or to stop Dee. Depending on what you choose will weigh heavily on the next chapter.

    Whoever you choose you will lead back to the Woodlands and will stop when you see police activity outside. Yeah what you see is too much for my mere words to describe. Watch it for yourself, I'll see you for some much needed work next episode.
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    Comixfan@The Deadly Dog: Just want to say thanks in a big way. This is the only comprehensive dialog tree breakdown I've seen anywhere, and that includes walkthroughs from sites like IGN. Always try to play Bigby as the Hero Type, always being good with people and taking the Paragon path basically. Was running into issues with some conversations and this helped me find the best route. Awesome that you took the time to follow every path.
    Posted by Comixfan on 25 Jan 14 at 03:50
    THE DEADLY DOGThanks Comix, I'm glad it helped out.

    Here's to the next episode.
    Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 25 Jan 14 at 23:43
    Ricardo CapelloNever played this game, and I want to know if I can play it straight, and than repeat chapters in order to catch the missable achievements.
    Posted by Ricardo Capello on 28 Feb 14 at 16:38
    THE DEADLY DOGYes you can rewind chapters.
    Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 28 Feb 14 at 22:18
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