The Long Goodbye achievement in The Wolf Among Us

The Long Goodbye

Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 1.

The Long Goodbye0
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How to unlock the The Long Goodbye achievement

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    Important Notes for this Guide:
    The entirety of the guide is one continuous spoiler. Please do not read forward if you do not want to know decisions, how to make them, or what they mean for later on.

    Questions that influence character development, major plot, the chapter(s), the episode(s) or the season as a whole will be in the guide and expanded upon.

    Non-altering response means that no matter your response it will not alter the outcome of the game as a whole, although it can change that particular dialog.

    Because of the expansion of choice in this game I may not get some of the action sequences down to your exact parameters. What does this mean? It means although I may play through a specific sequence 3+ times I may not get that one instance where I was not able to make a particular move meaning the rest of the sequence was altered. I do try my best to give as many explanations as possible.

    We get thrown right into the mix of things upon trying to enter the business office. A gentlemen steps out from the line to challenge us on moving right by him.

    What? You don't see there's a line? You get to just walk in? - Man
    The one 'good' decision also represents the one that gets no changing result. I you play the other answers they will come to fruition with this man in the last chapter.
    1. I don't have time for this. - He will remember your uncaring response to him.
    2. I work here. - Non-altering response, may actually be the best response.
    3. I'm cutting the line. - He will remember that you made a joke about putting him behind you.
    4. . . . - The man takes note of your silence and will remember it.

    Bigby then goes inside and we catch the back end of a conversation going on. We come to see that Snow is being barraged by Crane leaving us with the opportunity to nudge in.

    Don't change the subject! You are to blame for this unpleasantness, Miss Snow! - Crane
    Your answer depends on the type of relationship you want to have with Snow, as well as how Crane should come to see you as the sheriff.
    1. Back off! - Very bluntly take Snow's side, and depending on how you handled her before, this will run either contrary to how you felt you should handle the situation or in agreement with your previous idea.
    2. No one to blame. - Crane does not appreciate being told he should not do something. He does not see eye-to-eye with Bigby.
    3. [stay out of it] - You leave Snow to take the full blame for the death of that woman.
    4. It's my fault. - You take the blame from Snow.

    This will lead to a little rant by Crane, followed by a very pivotal question.

    Anything? Anything at all? [Regarding the case] - Crane
    How you answer here will hold some value between both Crane and Snow.
    1. Her pimp. - You come out and name the girl's pimp as your prime suspect.
    2. Could be Bluebeard. - Crane essentially laughs this theory off.
    3. The Woodsman - You name the Woodsman as your suspect, and Crane seems to buy it.
    4. . . . - If you remain silent Snow will give her own theory, a theory that involves Bluebeard.

    Unlock a book of Fables during the conversation about a suspect IF AND ONLY IF you suggest it is Bluebeard or if you remain silent thus deferring to Snow's theory which is Bluebeard. This one is for Bluebeard.

    After some more interesting background, Crane will do a classic 'out-the-door' taunt to which you can respond however you choose because Snow will cut you off. The dialog following it will also reflect on whether or not you told Snow to wait, not to tell Crane, or to tell him.

    Unlock a book of Fables during the conversation with Snow. This one is for Ichabod Crane.

    After a bit more non-altering dialog we get to meet Bufkin. Your initial dialog with Bufkin will hold some value though:

    How are you today, Mr. Bigby? - Bufkin
    This will just contribute to Bufkin's feelings toward Bigby.
    1. Fuck off. - Bufkin will be saddened by your rude response.
    2. I'm fine. -Bufkin will remember that you told him you were fine.
    3. I'm not great. - Bufkin will express his sorrow for your tough morning.
    4. . . . - Bufkin will apologize for presumably asking Bigby how he is.

    Snow will then send Bufkin away to grab the first three books on the Fables.

    Unlock a book of Fables when Snow sends Bufkin to go get the first three books. This one is for Bufkin.

    Snow will tell you she has to get the appointment squared away, so we will need to consult the Mirror, and explore the office for clues and details. We'll go through what there is to do like a laundry list:

    Magic Lamp-
    We can go check out the magic lamp for some interesting insight into the Fable community. Examine it once for a little history on lamps and touch it for a little roll of the ol' die for luck.
    Tarot Deck-
    On Crane's desk sits a set of tarot cards. You can examine them for some interesting story on how they got there. After that start picking them up one by one. The first will be strength, the second Bigby will shake off, and the third Bigby will be freaked out by and hold onto.
    Magic Mirror-
    Examining the magic mirror will utilize it as any other mirror. After that we talk to it to find out more about specific fables.
    --Snow will be met with a snarky response by the Mirror after showing her and having Bigby gleefully smile.
    --Bufkin will be drinking and Bigby will scold him.
    --Woodsman will be stumbling down a street and if you view it a second time, we'll see him hunched over what looks like puking.
    --I don't know her name is the final option, but the Mirror tells Bigby that he cannot help until he knows their name.

    After you go through all of the options with the Mirror, Bufkin will fly back with the books and Snow will be done with her phone call. Head over to the table they are at to proceed. It does not matter which order you examine the books as they will both lead to the same conclusion. We will begin with the Book of Symbols.

    First up we can check out the Book of Symbols. There is plenty of interesting story-tie-ins here so feel free to peruse it at your leisure. On the first two pages, the left one will have a symbol Bufkin will translate for you about Toad Kingdom. Going with the LB we can view a trinity looking symbol on the left page that we find out is a druid symbol on the Woodsman's axe--a magical blessing. On the right page we see a little four legged creature that Bufkin tells us is an elfish word for making animals shit gold. Continuing one last time with the LB we will get to a symbol on the right of the two pages. It will be the mark of the house of the frog prince.
    When we go to the first page past the original one (using RB) on the left page will be a ring symbol. Bufkin will be stumped, and will look it up in the Fables book. We find out that this Fable is named Donkeyskin or as she goes by it Faith. Bufkin will read her story and will then mark the book.

    Bigby will then inform Snow what they need to do next--visit her husband.

    If you want some more information about the different Fables go back and examine them in the Book of Fables. There is a lot of interesting backstory here, I highly recommend you view it.

    Time to head back to the mirror. You can show him the tarot card if you took it, after which he will rag on the art of reading cards. Next up would be finding out about a few Fables.

    The Mirror will tell you that "These lips are sealed." This is the second time we've heard this.
    Faith's Father-
    The Mirror will show us an old bony arm denoting that the father is dead.
    Prince Lawrence-
    Finding out about Prince Lawrence will show a grisly site. Snow comes in and provides some background information about where Prince Lawrence lives.

    After you are satisfied you two will begin to leave when Toad calls. Following the non-altering dialog you'll have to make a decision on whom to go see first. This has rather large consequences for the rest of the episode, and presumably for the rest of the season as well. After opening the door for Snow you two will have some more conversation walking outside. We've learned a lot of information in a very short period of time. Let's ponder it and prepare to make a huge decision. We'll see you in Chapter 4.
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    GJChesterThis actually popped for me at the end of the prior section walk through, when I walked back into the building with snow.
    Posted by GJChester on 02 Mar 16 at 07:33
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