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Wolf in Sheriff's Clothing in The Wolf Among Us (Xbox 360)

Wolf in Sheriff's Clothing10 (10)

Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 1.

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Important Notes for this Guide:
The entirety of the guide is one continuous spoiler. Please do not read forward if you do not want to know decisions, how to make them, or what they mean for later on.

Questions that influence character development, major plot, the chapter(s), the episode(s) or the season as a whole will be in the guide and expanded upon.

Non-altering response means that no matter your response it will not alter the outcome of the game as a whole, although it can change that particular dialog.

Because of the expansion of choice in this game I may not get some of the action sequences down to your exact parameters. What does this mean? It means although I may play through a specific sequence 3+ times I may not get that one instance where I was not able to make a particular move meaning the rest of the sequence was altered. I do try my best to give as many explanations as possible.

When we finally regain control, we'll be outside the Woodlands and will be able to look at the plaque before we enter. Once inside you can look down at the "stay off the grass" sign before entering the apartments for some more background info. Right before you actually get inside, Bigby will notice someone or something off. There is someone hiding behind the tree. Bigby will be presented with a non-altering dialog statement to prop the person out from cover.

We find out that it's Beauty hiding behind the tree who is running late for something. She will rush through the dialog and will leave us with this CRITICAL dialog segment:

Unlock a book of Fables during the conversation with Beauty. This one is for Beauty.

Please, Bigby... promise me you won't tell Beast you saw me. - Beauty
This represents a huge decision that not only plays on later in the chapter, but also in the game. You can do a 180 on whatever decision you made regarding Beauty in a few minutes when you meet Beast.
1. I promise. - Beauty thanks Bigby
2. I'm staying out of it. - You choose to neither lie nor refuse to lie for Beauty.
3. No, I can't do that. - You refuse to lie for Beauty. She isn't necessarily upset, but she is not happy with Bigby.
4. . . . - Similar to stating that you are staying out of it.

No matter what you choose to say to Beauty results in Bigby going inside the entrance of the apartment. There quite a bit to look at and embed yourself in. Start off by going over to the suit of armor. You can look at and touch it to get a better feel for the environment Bigby is in. You can also attempt to wake the sleeping guard who alas will not awake. Finally you can go over to the mailboxes and check out Bigby's awesome lack of mail. When you are ready head over to the elevator and check out the cool directory of apartments before you get up to your apartment. Right before the elevator closes Beast comes down asking about Beauty:

Have you seen my wife? Have you seen Beauty? - Beast
Now your answer to Beast not only defines your relationship with him in the future, but that of Beauty as well. This is anticipated to be a huge decision.
1. I did. - You tell the truth to Beast.
2. Staying out of this. - You neither deny nor confirm seeing Beauty. This is the "middle ground" if you want to avoid taking sides.
3. Haven't seen her. - You lie to Beast essentially protecting Beauty.
4. . . . - You neither deny nor confirm seeing Beauty. This is the "middle ground" if you want to avoid taking sides.

If you tell Beast YOU DID see Beauty it will prompt the following dialog:

What? When? Just now? - Beast
Again the opportunity to hinder or foster a relationship with either Beauty or Beast comes into play here.
1. She told me not to tell you. - You throw Beauty under the bus but tell Beast the truth. Decision holds heavy depending on what you told Beauty before. No matter what though Beast is happy with you.
2. Just a second ago. - You tell Beast the truth. Decision holds heavy depending on what you told Beauty before.
3. Yesterday. - You lie to Beast. Decision holds heavy depending on what you told Beauty before.
4. . . . - Essentially like avoiding his question, Beast will consider it a lie. Decision holds heavy depending on what you told Beauty before.

Unlock a book of Fables upon reaching the top floor. This one is for Beast.

We gain control again upon entering Bigby's apartment. You can look into the refrigerator for the lack of anything to eat and drink as well as look into the freezer to find out that Bigby really needs to do something about the ice problem. Following that you will proceed further into Bigby's apartment. Head to the desk with the light on to look into one of the files Bigby is working on; Bluebeard.

Unlock a book of Fables after reading the file. This one is for Bluebeard. THIS IS MISSABLE, although if you do miss it you will get it in conversation during chapter 3.

On the table you can take a look at some old Chinese food and get a kick out of Bigby's reaction. Then move to the other side of the apartment to find a large pig, Colin, sleeping on the chair. You can look at him and attempt to talk to him, but the only thing that'll wake him up is by poking him. You'll be presented with a non-altering dialog segment about the chair after which Colin will bed down by the TV. After giving Colin a smoke and finding out your alcohol is empty, Bigby will head into the kitchen to pour himself another drink and will begin to talk to Colin about his sneaking off The Farm. The conversation will lead to Bigby making a decision about Colin and sneaking off The Farm and not being in glamour.

Unlock a book of Fables during your conversation with the pig. This one is for Colin.

Don't send me back there, Bigby. - Colin
Depending on how you handle this interaction will help to shape your relationship with Colin positively or negatively.
1. Tell you what I told Toad... - Depending on how you handled Toad, you will handle Colin the same way. This can be very damning or somewhat hurtful depending on how you handled Toad.
2. I won't. - This is the friendly-to-Colin route.
3. Don't be dramatic. - This essentially is the middle route. Colin will remember that you are not completely sympathetic to his plight, but won't do much damage to your relationship either.
4. . . . - Colin takes your silence as a sign of agreement and is happy with Bigby.

Colin will then barrage Bigby on his previous actions and giving him a glass of the good stuff.

It would also have shown everyone how different you are now. - Colin
Another opportunity to again work on your relationship.
1. I just want some rest. - Colin pokes fun at Bigby's response.
2. Take a sip. - Essentially the negative route to take against Colin and actually really piss him off to quite a high level for any character in this story.

Either way this will lead to Colin making a comment about everyone hating on Bigby, which will spark some non-altering dialog. After a bit of chatting you'll get up to Colin's question about your fight.

Who'd you get in a fight with? A Fable, right? I'm sure you're not going around punching Mundy's. - Colin
Your answer to this question will weight on Colin's outlook of Bigby.
1. Don't need advice. - This will also be an insult against Colin.
2. My job. - This ultimately leads to an insult against Colin even though it may appear to be the best route to take.
3. Not my fault. - Colin is unimpressed with your answer to the fight.
4. . . . - Silence may be the best option if you want to get out of this with the best possible view by Colin.

After some more dialog Colin will challenge Bigby to name one person he wasn't a complete ass to. Although it's a non-altering segment, it is interesting in the development of Bigby and Colin's characters. There will be conversation on friendship and what Colin believes Bigby should do to make his life a bit easier when Snow comes up.

Unlock a book of Fables during the conversation with Colin. This one is for Snow.

It'll come up that Bigby is tired which will prompt Colin attempting to take another stab at earning a drink. You can do the following:

Colin wants a drink. - Colin
This will again shape your relationship. May actually be one of the most powerful shapers.
1. (Give Colin a Drink) - You give Colin a drink and strengthen the relationship.
2. (Take Drink) - You deny Colin a drink and create more tension in the relationship.

Bigby will then fall asleep and will be awoken by knocking on the door. When he opens it up its Snow and she wants him to come with her immediately. Bigby will ask Snow what's going on through a non-altering dialog segment of which she will tell you to wait until you get outside. When you get to the elevator our mind starts racing as it could be just about anything we are walking into.

When you finally get outside you need to remove the jacket off of the steps. BAM. It's the head of the woman from before.

There will be some non-altering investigation/answering dialog you can partake in. When it's over you'll need to conduct a proper investigation starting with her head. These parts can be done out of order, but they must be done to move on.

Unlock a book of Fables after removing the jacket off of the woman's head and hearing Snow's statement about Mundies. This one is for Mundies.

Examine her mouth as inside it there is a foreign object. A second look will have Bigby remove a cloth from her lips which will actually pull out her entire ribbon and a ring with a special symbol on it. We can then move onto the cut that severed her head. Bigby will conclude that it's either very sharp, or more likely, something magically attuned. And for her head and its exact placement. Bigby theorizes that this was a deliberate placement, for them to find. After Snow makes a few quick comments, you will want to choose the INVESTIGATE MORE option as it will provide a more complete picture of the murder and the story as a whole. If you choose to skip this section please re-join the guide after the investigation portion.

Now our investigation will go down one major step. Going to the entrance of the apartments will only for Bigby only to check the bushes to the left that will yield nothing new. To the right hand side of the screen down the path to the fence, and back toward the entrance to the apartments. If we head to the right hand side we will see a blood trail that needs examining. You should view it and then touch it to get the most out of the back story behind the murder. Before you get to the gate examine and then pick up the scrap of fabric. Although it doesn't appear to be much right now, it'll probably come into play when we are trying to find the murder later. Next on our investigation can be a quick look at the trash can which you should examine twice for an interesting tid-bit of information. Although it will yield nothing new, move onto the top of the fence both examining the blood and touching it.

If you picked up the fabric you can return to snow and press B to compare the fabric to snow's skirt. Although they do not match, it'll only make your detective experience all the more real. After you've finished up outside click on the door to go back inside which will prompt Snow asking if you are sure you are finished. After letting her know you are, you will engage in some dialog regarding this woman and the questions surrounding her.

If you exhaust all of the options of things to investigate, when you compare the fabric to Snow's skirt it will automatically bring you to the following dialog sequences without saying you want to go back inside.

Investigation Over

Bigby... Do you have any idea what's going on here? - Snow
You can either lead down a further path of correct commentary about the case or you can leave Snow worried and end it there.
1. I don't want to say yet. - You leave Snow feeling unsure.
2. Someone brought her here... - Snow agrees but will ask how Bigby knows. [FOLLOW UP]
3. This is a message. - Snow tends to agree but will want to know what Bigby makes of the message. [FOLLOW UP]
4. . . . - You leave Snow feeling unsure.

If you choose Someone brought her here... you will get the following dialog. In this question, if you did more investigation you can show that someone brought her over the fence by the blood trail, the blood on the fence, and the fabric.

That makes sense. There's no signs of a struggle. But how do you know? - Snow
One of two possible paths in which you can prove to Snow that you have a grasp on the case.
1. Trust me. - You leave Snow unsure.
2. Blood trail. - Because of your investigation, Snow will believe your opinion is correct.
3. Blood on fence. - Because of your investigation Snow will believe your opinion is correct.
4. . . . - Ultimately you had snow believing you until you went silent. She is now unsure.

If you choose This is a message. you will now do a follow-up question:

A message? I don't know, Bigby, I get complaints at the Office all the time, but... - Snow
This will play into whether or not Bigby actually knows what he's talking about and whether Snow agrees or disagrees.
1. The placement of the head.[/] - Snow agrees with your theory on the message idea.
2. The victim herself. - Non-altering response.
3. The Woodsman's threat. - Snow agrees that your theory is possible.
4. . . . - Non-altering response.

This ultimately leads to Snow informing you that she is going to have to tell acting Mayor Crane about the murder.

I'm going to have to tell Crane about this. As long as King Cole is gone, he's acting Mayor... he needs to know. - Snow
Depending on how you answer will tell your relationship and your feelings toward/about Snow's decisions.
1. Do what you need to. - You support Snow in her decision making it easier on her.
2. Just wait a little... - You ask Snow to wait on telling Crane.
3. Don't tell him. - You ask Snow not to say anything which goes against her gut and her feelings on the situation.
4. . . . - You leave Snow second guessing herself on whether or not it is the right thing to do.

No matter what you tell Snow, she will go inside and Bigby will take one last moment before he follows suit. We wrap this up on the path to the business office, certainly with an unsure future. It's been a rough chapter for us, take a breather and prepare to dig to the bottom of it in chapter 3. See ya'll then.
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