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Welcome to Fabletown

Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 1.

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How to unlock the Welcome to Fabletown achievement

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    Important Notes for this Guide:
    The entirety of the guide is one continuous spoiler. Please do not read forward if you do not want to know decisions, how to make them, or what they mean for later on.

    Questions that influence character development, major plot, the chapter(s), the episode(s) or the season as a whole will be in the guide and expanded upon.

    Non-altering response means that no matter your response it will not alter the outcome of the game as a whole, although it can change that particular dialog.

    Because of the expansion of choice in this game I may not get some of the action sequences down to your exact parameters. What does this mean? It means although I may play through a specific sequence 3+ times I may not get that one instance where I was not able to make a particular move meaning the rest of the sequence was altered. I do try my best to give as many explanations as possible.

    We begin the game with a short introduction that brings us into the world of FABLES. We find out that our cast of characters and story will take place in New York City where the people of Fabletown now live. As Sheriff Bigby Wolf we must protect the creatures of Fable from harming each other. Let's begin!

    Unlock a book of Fables at the beginning of the game. This one is for Bigby Wolf.
    Unlock a book of Fables at the beginning of the game. This one is for Fabletown.

    We start out with a little aerial view of New York City and commentary from one of the most hated professions in the world; meteorology. After a short taxi ride we arrive at a tenement building sometime after midnight to a report of a disturbance. Right off the bat we meet Mr. Toad, who is on the defensive attempting to explain why he is not under glamour.

    Unlock a book of Fables during your conversation with Mr. Toad. This one is for The Farm.
    Unlock a book of Fables during your conversation. This one is for glamour.

    Just cut me a break, yeah? I'll get me glamour first thing in the morning. Cross my heart. - Mr. Toad
    Each choice defines your relationship with Toad as well as the next question.
    1. Enough excuses, Toad. - This is the toughest approach.
    2. I'm looking at a 3 foot toad. - This is a more comical approach.
    3. No harm done. - This is the most lenient approach.
    4. . . . - As they all say, silence is a valid option and moves the conversation along.

    Unlock a book of Fables during your conversation with Mr. Toad. This one is for Mr. Toad.

    The conversation then moves toward the prospect of Toad's finances and keeping his family in glamour.

    Do you have any idea how much it costs to have an entire family in glamour? - Mr. Toad
    While the responses vary, your opinion of Toad will be marked by this conversation.
    1. I don't make the rules. - Toad will remember you were rough on his glamour breakage.
    2. Get it fixed. - Toad will remember that you were unassuming of his problem.
    3. Not my problem. - Toad will remember that you were emotionless when dealing with his problem.
    4. . . . - Toad will be somewhat shocked by your silence although this may be the 'kindest' approach.

    When Bigby finishes his lecture something will fall from outside that will spark Mr. Toad to want you to get moving. You'll have a non-altering question/response section that can, if you choose so, give you the opportunity to find out a little more on what you will be walking into, but beware that the sections move very quickly.

    When you finally decide it's time to move upstairs doing so will present you with your first chance to take the game "hands-on."

    Now I am going to go through each and every "hands-on" location and exhaust a majority of the options explaining why I do so during the process.

    Looking at the floor to the right of the stairs will be a match book. Upon examining it Bigby will put it in his back pocket, and will actually come in handy for both information and application later in the episode. On the left hand side across from the Woodsman's door will be a phone off the hook (literally not figuratively) that you will have the opportunity to hang back up if you choose to do so. Going to the Woodsman's door will provide you with two options. Option one would be to knock and subtly enter the apartment while option two would be to blow in there like John 'Freakin' Rambo in true Big Bad Wolf Fashion. Both options will net the same result; confrontation time.

    We'll have a quick moment to throw some non-altering dialog at the Woodsman and then will be headbutted back and will need to make a quick, personality remark that will affect your relationship with Mr. Woody:

    What are you gonna fuckin' do? Huh? - Woodsman
    How you deal with Woodsman will reflect on how people see you, especially how Woody sees you later on.
    1. [Threaten him] - You take the rough approach with the Woodsman who also takes a rough approach back.
    2. This is your last warning. - You take the "Sheriff" approach with the Woodsman who definitely fires back.
    3. You're drunk... - You try and take the softer approach with the Woodsman, but he won't have any of it.
    4. . . . - Silence is not golden in this situation as the Woodsman will still be provoked.

    A little disclaimer on the fight sequences. There are (from what I've encountered) numerous ways it can go about. I will only provide one way, and it may not even be the "perfect" way. I will let you know if a sequence can only be done with one specific pattern, or if like this first one, there are many ways to get to the end.

    Whatever you say to the Woodsman will provoke an attack.
    1. Quickly go up on the Y to catch the Woodsman's first attack. You will then put him in an arm bar, but it won't last.
    2. Now we need to secure the hold with the RT which will put the beast under wraps for a few seconds.
    3. With him under control we now aim. I like to send him into the sofa first so aim and RT him into it. He's an unyielding beast and will come back from it and lift you into the air.
    4. A quick RT will move his head back, but we will need a quick LT to deliver a blow to his head.
    5. Now we will have him in another arm bar. Aiming for either the bed frame or the shelving and sending him along his way with a swift RT. I like the shelving personally.
    6. Woody will grab the lamp and will take a good ol' swing at you. If you are not quick enough with the DOWN LS he will snag you.
    7. After his swipe go for his leg with the RT, but be quick followed by another RT to his head.
    8. I like sending him into the vanity because of the ease of the combat sequence following that instead of the sink.
    9. When you get him to the vanity you can either go right for his head with the RT or can grab the bottle and do a nice RT bash.
    10. He'll then grab the toast and you will need to go DOWN LS to avoid getting pelted. Even if you do get hit though you'll have the chance directly after to charge him with RT and then send him into the bed frame across the room.
    11. Bigby will land his knee into the Woodsman's chest and you'll now be able to practice your boxing with the LT and RT. Alas it was short lived.
    12. Woodsman grabs his axe and begins to go after you with it.
    13. Quickly LEFT on the LS (failure to do so will result in your death).
    14. Now you will grab hold of the ax and will need to MASH A followed by a random button which most of the time for me was X.
    15. Now a quick RT with the ax to his head will finish the heart pounding combat scene.


    Bigby will advise the woman to probably leave although she won't leave until she gets what's hers. There is some very comical dialog from the Woodsman, Bigby, woman crew. After some investigation non-altering dialog you will have to confront the Woodsman again and no matter your response you two will take the scenic route out of the room. When Bigby comes back around he finds out that he landed on Toad's car. No matter the path you take after some quick dialog with Toad, the Woodsman will wake up and drag Bigby off of the car.

    When he pins you up against the display you'll need to get him with a quick RT followed by a LONG mashing of A. We will be saved by the woman who axes the Woodsman. She will then drop down and start looking for her money in the pockets of the Woodsman. After some small non-altering dialog the woman will begin to kick in the ax to the Woodsman's head of which you can either let her continue to step into the Woodsman's head or stop her. Either way this is more of a personal decision for the player to make based on the type of character you want to make.

    Unlock a book of Fables during/after the fight with the Woodsman. This one is for the Woodsman.

    The woman will walk away and attempt to light a cigarette. This will present Bigby with a few options, none necessarily very game-changing, but noteworthy nonetheless.

    Attempting to light her cigarette. - Woman
    I listed this question because it not only allows us to make an interesting personal/physical move, but also allows us to use what we found in the environment before if we choose.
    1. [Give her the matchbook] - This option will only be available if you picked up the matchbook.
    2. Make a joke... - It's quite comical since Bigby smokes himself.
    3. Light her cigarette. - Bigby will light the cigarette for
    4. . . . - Bigby will stand by as the woman attempts to light the cigarette.

    The woman will then bring up her ribbon and whether or not Bigby likes it:

    Hey, you like my ribbon? - Woman
    This will help either work on or hurt your relationship with the woman.
    1. Beautiful. - She will remember your kindness.
    2. Stop changing the subject. - She will remember your hard nature.
    3. I'm trying to help you. - Non-altering response.
    4. . . . - She will remember your silence in a pivotal moment.

    After some small chat Bigby will notice that the Woodsman has up and left. He will make the motion to go and find him when the woman stops him. Some more conversation will lead to Bigby finding out how much money Woodsman owes her. This will spark a relatively interesting turn of events for this particular chapter.

    On the topic of how much money the Woodsman owes the woman. - Woman
    Later on the fact that you DO NOT have money will play a role in a scene.
    1. [give her some money] - You give the woman as much money as you have.
    2. Wish I could help - You do not give the woman any money.

    No matter the decision, Bigby will ask for a statement to which the woman responds that she'll just meet him at his apartment. After some more quick chatting the topic of Bigby looking like crap will spark a non-altering dialog segment. After some more interesting dialog, the woman will walk away and Bigby will light one up. Welcome to The Wolf Among Us. Load up and we'll see you for some more police work in chapter 2.
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