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16 Apr 15
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Cannon Fodder

Recruit 500 crew members.

Cannon Fodder+0.2
30 April 2015 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Cannon Fodder

  • Swinny CostelloSwinny Costello802,485
    10 Nov 2013 10 Nov 2013 21 Dec 2015
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    After completing all other achievements, I only had about 40 left to recruit. I then loaded up Sequence 3 Memory 2 "Now Hiring" (the same one used for the Siren Song achievement) and just repeated this until I had enough.

    I got approx. 20 new recruits doing this mission - the one big downside being an unskippable cut scene at the end of the memory.

    While I am not certain if this is quicker than taking down Man o Wars or not, by this point of the game I was sick of boarding ships, so I preferred this method.

    Updated thanks to STAMMxTHExMAN: To check your crew member progress, check the Statistics section of the Database.

    Updated thanks to mike cupcake: "You don't need to watch any cutscenes, just restart the memory once you've done the first batch of rescues."
  • DEMONicAvengerXDEMONicAvengerX86,426
    14 Dec 2013 12 Jan 2014 11 May 2014
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    As the achievement states simply "Recruit 500 crew members". There are a few ways this can be done. You can board ships (I would recommend Man o wars if your ship can handle it because their yield per attack is greater then say a brig or frigate). You can recruit crew members at unlocked bars (I would recommend this method if you just got out of a battle and lost a good chunk of your crew as you will see you'll be able to completely refill your crew meter in one shot, providing you have the money, usually about 200R per sailor). Any rescued pirates are recruited to your crew. And any shipwrecked sailors that you might happen upon will also count towards the tally, just get close enough and press X when prompted or it works if you just run them over as well. It will also help if you have upgraded your crew storage. If you want to track your progress just press the START>Database>Statistics>Pirate statistics and you'll be able to see total crew recruited.

    Good Luck, Happy gaming.
  • Da LukinatorDa Lukinator223,366
    01 Nov 2013 02 Nov 2013 02 Nov 2013
    11 7 8
    As the achievement states you must recruit 500 crew members.

    Unless you really want this right away I recommend playing the game normally until you finish it then come back to this.

    The fastest way Ive found to do this is to 'Farm' Man'o'Wars as these ships give the most crew recruited out of any ship when boarded. The best way to 'farm' these types of ships without having to go searching for them is to get your wanted level up to the maximum while at sea.
    When you have achieved this by sinking a lot of ships then every so often a Man'o'war and a frigate will spawn to 'Hunt you down'. (Ive found they appear more rapidly if you fast travel to a few islands then just travel out to sea).

    Simply board these ships then do what you want with them (I recommend sending both of these ships to Kenways fleet and selling the frigate for gemstones and keeping the Man'o'war for travel purposes because these ships are the best I have found for this)

    This method should net you a tonne of crew members and resources.

    ***NOTE*** : The Man'o'wars are fairly strong so Don't try this method unless your Jackdaw is fairly well upgraded.

    Good-Luck to all.

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