Committed To The Cause achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360)

Committed To The Cause

Reach level 55 in Multiplayer.

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How to unlock the Committed To The Cause achievement

  • I Spiritus II Spiritus I206,866
    31 Oct 2013 31 Oct 2013 01 Nov 2013
    46 0 10
    You need 526000 XP to reach rank 55. I found the best way to get this achievement is by playing Wolf Pack mode. You really need a team of four people who want to go for the achievement as having random people can cause you to loose points if they don't play the game mode correctly.

    You get about 17000XP per game if you do the challenges/bonuses & if you make it to round 25. Each game took around 17-20 minutes.

    You can also equip the kill streak bonus which gives you an extra 550 points per every 11 kills. You will find that you will probably get a few of these throughout this game mode naturally.

    Make sure you play as each character and each map once as these are easy challenges you can complete for extra XP. You can also buy a 25% boost with real cash if you want to make it a bit quicker. It also seems that if one player has it equipped in your game, everyone else receives a 10% bonus too.

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    netstrykerVery easy but very boring too. Thanks for solution.
    Posted by netstryker on 08 Feb 18 at 05:31
    transkymanI will start multiplayer. I have read the easier method is to play solo Wolfpack. How much will it take me to get to level 55? Please Consider the learning curve to master the game mode. Thanks!
    Posted by transkyman on 20 Mar 18 at 19:41
    pezza888As a comment on another guide said, I believe that the Wolfpack EXP has been nerfed. I’m getting 6k or so base for each standard wolfpack I beat.
    Posted by pezza888 on 16 Jan at 23:24
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  • MoltenPantharMoltenPanthar925,528
    09 Nov 2013 06 Nov 2013
    42 2 18
    I would like to add to I Spiritus I's solution that this is possible in Solo Wolfpack, which you can do by setting up a private match. Doing as many Hidden and full Focus kills as possible can get you 900 points per and you can quickly go through waves, and doing the secondaries makes it even quicker. I made 12,000-17,000 every round.

    After you beat all the levels on Standard, try some on Difficult. I'm not sure if you get boosted XP, but I only finished 23 rounds my first time and got 19,000. Good luck!
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    Bort BortsonToday the patch reset my challenges. So if you dont care about titles, play 2 - 3 games of Wolfpack, lots of silent, hidden, focus kills, if you have poison use it. Play a map that unlocks a challenge with a character that unlocks a different challenge. If you are not good, play on normal, if you were able to solo Wolfpack in AC3, play on hard. You should be able to play one game and start another in under 20 minutes to get two games of double XP for playing on consecutive days. Doing this, I was able to get 40k XP, 10k from winning on hard, 10k from challenges, and then double. In two games I went from 50 to 55. If I wanted to boost I would reset challenges each day.
    Posted by Bort Bortson on 11 Feb 14 at 04:15
    RokzarI believe Wolfpack XP was nerfed. I was only getting 6k-7k a session. Which still isn't bad if you can get thru the 25 sequences in about 15min
    Posted by Rokzar on 10 Sep 14 at 12:58
    Can this be done with 2 people/consoles faster? I can double box this game and I would like to know if there's any benefit of adding in a second console. I'm not exactly familiar (at all) with the Assassins Creed games. The extent of my knowledge is hazy memories of the first 2 games tutorials from a few years ago and stun boosting.
    Posted on 24 Jan 16 at 10:46
  • Teh GuthTeh Guth154,361
    21 Feb 2015 17 Feb 2015 18 Feb 2015
    36 0 6
    I have tried to boost & gain experience by using several different methods in this game. I will list what I have found and believe to be the most effective, as well as other attempted and suggested methods that I have found to be less effective.

    I believe that the most effective way of gaining experience to reach level 55 (526,000 XP) is by playing private - wolfpack unleashed - solo. By playing every day, you gain a double xp bonus for the first 20 minutes of game time. After one or two attempts, I can now consistently complete wolfpack games in around 15 minutes. The 20 minute double xp bonus carries through a second game as long as you start the second game with the bonus active.

    For the last few days, I have consistently received just over 40,000 points per game (would be only 20,000 without the bonus), which turned into just over 80,000 points per two games. This took me around 30 minutes of total play time. The way that this is done is by completing as many secondary objectives (ie. perform an acrobatic kill, perform a locked kill, etc.) as possible while playing wolfpack, as well as getting as many full focus (let the assassinate button 'circle' fill up), hidden (blend in with the target's crowd), and perfect approach kills (allow the meter above the target's portrait on the lower right of the screen to fill up) as you can. You should also complete the one-time challenges for completing the wolfpack unleashed game on each map, as well as the one-time challenges for playing as specific characters.

    In the later rounds of a wolfpack unleashed game, the target almost always has a look alike in the crowd with him. Because of this, I found the most useful abilities to use while playing wolfpack are the ones that allow you to pick your target out of a crowd (firecrackers, money bomb, etc.). I would also recommend the resistance perk, which helps if you ever become stunned. Knives are my preferred ranged weapon, because there is not a 'lock-on' time like there is with the pistol. You can still complete the 'Kill a target with a ranged weapon' secondary objective if you slow the target with a knife. You should also use either the 250xp or 550xp kill streak bonus (250xp bonus unlocks much earlier than the 550xp).

    I will list what I found to be less effective ways of ranking up and earning xp below. These are still faster than playing multiplayer legitimately, but I found wolfpack to be the fastest.

    Stun boosting via manhunt games or domination games. This is done by forming two clans with 2-4 players each (all eight will fit in an xbox live party). The clans can then search for each other in adversarial - clan - manhunt / domination and take turns stunning each other. In manhunt, the hunted team stun the hunter team. Halfway through the match, the hunters and hunted switch sides. In domination, each team captures the initial point at their spawn. From there, team one will run to team two's side of the map and stun team two for the remainder of the 10-minute game. I found that these methods gave each person around 8,000 points in every 10-minute manhunt game, and around 17,000 points in every other 10-minute domination game (without the double xp boost).

    I found one listed suggestion to gain xp faster was for the team being stunned to revive each other. The people that I boosted with, and myself, had issues locking onto targets with everyone standing in a close proximity, and the game would not allow us to stun each other. Because of this, we were forced to pair off away from each other so that the stun boosting could continue.

    Artifact Assault was another method that we found to boost xp. This was also done by forming two clans, but with only 2 players each (all four will fit in an xbox live party). The clans can then search for each other in adversarial - clan - artifact assault. This game mode is similar to a capture the flag game, though your flag/artifact does not need to be at the base in order to capture the enemy team's flag/artifact. Due to this, each team would run to the other person's artifact, grab it, and run it back home for the capture. The first person on each team to arrive at the artifact would grab it and immediately run it back. The second person on each team would wait at the enemy team's artifact, because it respawns as soon as it is captured. As soon as the artifact respawns, the second player would immediately grab the artifact and run it back to the base, while the first player was on his way back to grab the artifact again. I found that by doing this, each team would get around 8,000-9,000 points per 10-minute artifact assault game (without the double xp boost).

    Please let me know if you have found issues with any of this and I will try to clarify. Happy boosting!
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    Teh GuthAs for what you will need and what map, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. It also comes down to what you find most useful in Wolfpack. I used firecrackers, disguise, and knives. I had the resistance perk so that I could recover faster from a stun. I used the +250 kill streak bonus, as I unlocked it first. I tried to not spend more credits than necessary on perks & streaks due to the All-Rounder achievement.

    Disguise can be used in a variety of situations. It helped me on Infection rounds so that I could move a bit more freely around the infected. Firecrackers was helpful on the rounds where I had two people in a crowd together, as it will reveal your target. Knives were helpful when I had two targets and they were close together. I can throw a knife at one to stun him, kill the other, and follow up with the kill on the knifed target before he could stun me.

    This solution does rely heavily on the double xp bonus, which is only gained during the first 20 minutes of play, and only on consecutive days of playing. Everyone starts off at level one, so naturally you can only use certain things once you reach a certain level. If you wanted to set up boosting sessions for things like Stun or AA boosting, those can still be used. I set up and boosted in this game on three or four such occasions. Note the time needed to get a session started (Create a clan, get clans together, connect to players, pray that the NAT works today, regroup at disconnects, etc.) should factor heavily into your choice of boosting. At the end, I felt Wolfpack was faster, as in less overall time needed to hit rank 55. That will only work though if the xp multiplier is active.

    I take no credit for the following video, but I think that this guy is onto the right concept. Last tips : try not to run near your target. Pick useful abilities. Go for secondary objectives if they are obtainable. Go for full approach bonuses. Go for hidden bonuses.
    Posted by Teh Guth on 25 Feb 15 at 13:57
    NonKosherSaltprivate - wolfpack unleashed - solo is the way to go. Just play two games a day for the double XP. No need to coordinate with anyone as it is just you. Public matches always ended in disaster as players ran around alerting everyone dramatically reducing kill scores.

    Try for locked-on, focused kills all the time with an eye to the bonuses. Have an ability and a ranged weapon at your disposal. Change characters and earn sequence 25 on all the maps for extra bonuses - look at the Wolfpack challenges.

    Good solution. Thumbs up!
    Posted by NonKosherSalt on 09 Jun 15 at 15:12
    Teh GuthThanks, NonKosherSalt. Hopefully this will help others out as well.
    Posted by Teh Guth on 09 Jun 15 at 15:21
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