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Flawless Display

Successfully battle Shiva without taking any damage

Flawless Display+0.9
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  • JaganboyJaganboy215,391
    27 Oct 2013 27 Oct 2013
    41 0 12
    The above solutions are great, but here are some extra tips that helped me get the achievement.

    + Having the A+B takedown helps to takedown the ninjas quickly, especially if you've managed to unlock the ability where takedown happen at 5x rather than 8x.

    + rather than trying to counter every counter that pops up, I would just leap over each enemy constantly (i.e. Hit Sheva, leap over her hit her again, leap over a ninja, hit them, etc. etc.)

    +When she loses half her health and summons the martial artists, do not focus on them. I focused on her and continued with the leap method, only stopping to use the concussion bombs on the martial artists since its possible to stick it to them, unlike the ninjas.

    If you downgrade, please explain why and I can try to make revisions to my solution.
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV140,814
    25 Oct 2013 26 Oct 2013
    16 2 11
    First, the Achievement is missable! If you miss this (Fight without a Hit), you must start a new Game or higher Difficulty and play again to Shiva (2-3h Playtime).

    Shiva is available after the Mainstory Mission in the Gotham Merchants Bank. When you come out of the bank and go a little forward, you hear a crying Baby. Go to this and inspect the Pram. Shiva introduces itself and the Mission is now available.

    After the 2 little Mission, you fight against Shiva. You must complete this fight without any Hit. My tactic was that I jump / move a lot to avoid being hit. If you get hit, hit the Startbutton and choose "Restart" for a new Try.

    At the Start of the Fight, the 4 Ninjas fall down. to avoid this 4, tap 4 Times the Y Button

    In Phase 2 are Shock Gloves very helpfully (normally you have no Shock Gloves at this Point in the Story)

    In Spoiler you see my tactic in a Video (without Shock Gloves)


    PS: I record this Achievement with a different Gamertag. (Achievement not yet won Display)
  • Lt DavoLt Davo180,005
    20 Dec 2013 20 Dec 2013 28 Apr 2014
    10 0 4
    Please excuse the length of this solution, but I wanted to be thorough.

    The prerequisites for this missable achievement are:
    1) Finish the story mission in Gotham Merchants Bank.
    2) Investigate the noisy baby carriage outside the bank.
    3) Save Shiva's innocent man.
    4) Follow the blood trail to the murder victim and solve the crime.
    5) Confront Shiva in Wonder Tower.

    You can do all of the above in any game mode (new game, NG+, etc.) at any time from the Gotham Merchants Bank mission after. If you finish the entire story, that noisy baby carriage will still be outside the bank, waiting for you. And it doesn't matter how much damage you take in the steps leading up to the confrontation. In other words, you can take damage during the innocent man part without failing the achievement.

    Should you do this in NG or NG+? Personally, I did it in NG because I like to know whether a blade attack or a regular melee attack is coming in, and with the ninjas, it's hard to tell without the colored lines. In NG+ you might have access to more upgrades, but those upgrades aren't necessary. The main upgrade I recommend, available in NG, is the Special Combo Boost upgrade to get combo attacks with a x5 multiplier. This will also mean that you've earned the "Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown" (the A+B combo). EDIT: You can save the fight with Shiva until after you get the shock gloves, but I personally don't think they are important.

    It doesn't matter if you walk into Wonder Tower with damage already, but it's nice to be completely healthy because that's an easy way to tell whether you've taken damage during the fight or not. If you walk into Wonder Tower without a health indicator on the screen, then one appears during the fight, you know you just took damage.

    If there are mobsters congregating outside Wonder Tower having a gun meeting, you don't have to engage them - just swoop in behind and walk in.

    Once you begin the confrontation in Wonder Tower, you cannot take any damage from any enemy until the confrontation is over. If you do, you must hit restart on your Pause menu in order to keep from failing the achievement.

    When the fight begins, you'll need to immediately hit Y at least 4 times to counter the four ninja attacks that will come in out of nowhere. This will get your combo multiplier up to 4x right away. Just punch a ninja and do a B+Y combo to get rid of one of them. I recommend focusing on getting all four ninjas out of the way first, then dealing with Shiva. During this part, the ninjas mix in blade attacks and melee attacks, while Shiva uses melee attacks and martial artist attacks. You can use B+Y and A+B combos on the ninjas, but Shiva will counter them. You can use batclaw slams on Shiva. Of course, you'll want to evade (AA) a lot also.

    Shiva and her friends are not like Deathstroke. You can spam the Y button as much as you want when a melee or martial artist attack is coming at you, and Batman will counter it. You might lose your combo, but you won't take damage or fail the achievement by spamming Y.

    Once it's just you and Shiva, wear her down until a short animation comes up that marks the transition to the next part of the fight. To make this happen, you'll have to strike her with X - countering all day long won't do it. You'll need to counter her in quicktime - again, spamming Y is fine.

    Now three martial artists come in. These guys are easy. Just let them come at you and counter their attacks (double-tap Y). Don't worry at all about staying in Free Flow or building up a combo. Just worry about staying away from Shiva. After you counter each martial artist a few times (twice on Easy difficulty), he goes down.

    It's down to you and Shiva again. She will use mostly blade attacks, with a few melee attacks thrown in. She'll dodge the batclaw now, so don't use it. Once again, don't worry about Free Flow or combos here. Just stand ready and counter each attack she makes. I found that I could do a blade counter (L + Y) on every attack she made, and it would also counter the melee attacks. After each attack that you counter, punch her two or three times until she goes down. Continue until her health bar is depleted. One more QTE will appear, which you end by tapping A.

    The achievement should unlock for you right after you tap A and before Shiva starts conversing with you again. It is impossible to obtain after this point, so If it hasn't unlocked, you failed somewhere, and need to restart.

    Please let me know in the comments or via PM if I missed anything important.
  • iNTiMiDaTe xXiNTiMiDaTe xX417,893
    25 Oct 2013 25 Oct 2013
    7 0 4
    This achievement is Missable. If you do miss it, you will have to start a new game.

    The starting point of Shiva's quest is not marked on the map. Go to the Gotham Merchants bank in "The Bowery". Listen for a crying baby and investigate the abandoned pram to start this quest. You will now have to complete some tests set by Shiva.

    After completing everything, you will confront her in Sheldon Park. You must complete the fight without taking any damage. When you are able to you should activate your shock gloves to deal more damage to the enemies .

    In case you get hit, you can pause the game and choose "restart" to try it again.
  • 5 0 1
    All of the Guides are Great But they al are missing a major point which is you can have the SHOCK GLOVES while fighting shiva's test in the first playthrough itself.

    1. This achievement is missable so try to get it first time as the difficulty increases next time you will play for new game+

    2. shiva is available after the Mainstory Mission in the Gotham Merchants Bank. Invetigate the crying baby to start shiva's quest.

    3. Complete the first mission in the shiva's quest that is to save the GCPD officer hanging from a rope. taking damage in this mission does not void the achievement.

    4. Than investigate the above crime scene and find the 2nd GCPD officer to confront shiva. This is just a cut scene not a fight so don't worry.

    5. Now you will see the final meeting place with shiva in the map at SHELDON PARK. Do not go to this place yet.

    6. This is the important part. Complete the next story mission until you unlock/get the shock gloves as having shock gloves make this achievement fairly easy. Personally after unlocking shock gloves i upgraded it to max while doing challenges and finding collectibles + i unlocked the upgrade to use special moves/takedown at x5 instead of x8 (this helps a lot).

    7. Now you are ready to counter shiva.Get to sheldon park and confront shiva. after the cut scene be ready to press 'Y' 4 times as 4 ninjas jump at you. Now hit a ninja on the left (5x combo) and takedown the one in the left corner so that there is no one to stab your back. Now you have only three ninja's to take down.Now finish the other three your way.Whenever you are crowded or confused, just jump away. I kept my distance so that they do not attack me with their swords.

    8. When you will finish the first part of fight you will have charged shock gloves. During the cut scene in the middle of the fight activate the shock gloves. Now you will face 3 male assassin (be careful as they counter takedown in the middle so keep your hands on 'y' button while takedown). Shiva will usually do blade attacks but you have already activated the glove so keep hitting everybody and pay more attention to shiva and beat the hell out of her to get the achivement.

    So this was my first guide on . Hope it helped you and please tell me if i forgot anything or i could improve my guide further to help others.The main objective of this guide was to inform everybody that you can use shock gloves in the first playthrough itself.

    GROV3R 117
  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand351,127
    21 Feb 2015 21 Feb 2015 14 Mar 2015
    4 1 0
    It is annoying, for sure, but not as hard (nor impossible) as it seems at first. You'll see that when you get it.

    Once inside the Sheldon Park building (entrance to Wonder Tower) you have to finish the fight with Shiva and her goons without taking damage. This is only available once you've met Shiva and completed a quest for her.

    Start doing the 4 counters (cn_Y button) as soon as the cinematic stops (you can eventually skip most of the dialogue when you restart the checkpoint by pressing B when it's Batman's turn to talk). That will take your combo meter up to 4, so quickly press forward towards the side of screen where 2 of the 4 ninjas go, hit one of them (cn_X) and immediately perform a combo takedown (cn_Y+cn_B) on the other. You will waste the combo move if you accidentally direct it towards Shiva. If that happens though, it's no big deal.

    The most important thing on this first part of the fight is to take down the 4 ninjas, one at a time, whenever possible. If you decide to do the" 1 jump/evade 1 hit" way to build your combo up, be careful. It's very important to try to spread the enemies out (without loosing a good angle of view) so you don't take the chance to get attacked by another as soon as you finish a move. In other words, it's best if they are not crowded. Most importantly, when doing the jump/evade & hit thing or any other command to attack, do it slowly, meaning, do not hit cn_A and then the cn_X right away. I found that doing it fast made them surprise me a lot more often with undesired enemy moves. So, do the jump, ajust the camera to see who you wanna hit and then press the button to hit. Trust me, taking a little time between pressing the buttons makes all the difference. Don't worry if eventually you loose the combo, it happens.

    Once you got rid of the 4 ninja women and it's just you and Shiva, it's a lot easier. Here's what you do: get mid distance from her, cape stun her once, hit her 3 times then evade backwards. Let her get up, cape stun towards her again, hit her another 3 times then evade again. This part of the fight will end when her health gets half down. Doing as I said it happens quickly. Then there will be another short cinematic and Shiva will summon 3 martial arts men.

    Relax, they are easy. You probably will fail only if they get you from behind while they're out of view and you don't see them charging and coming or if you decide to charge at them and forget that just like Shiva, they can surprise you with a sudden counter kick. So, get used to their moves. On the other hand, if you let them take the inniciative and attack you first, be prepared to counter (cn_Y) twice. I found it easier to start building up a combo that way: let the martial guy come for you, counter twice, see if it's safe to go towards Shiva, hit her, jump to evade over a martial guy, go back and hit him on the back... and so on. If you feel that it won't be safe to continue/finish a move, stop and start over. Or go for it, risk it and restart the checkpoint if things go south.

    The most dangerous foe in this second and final part of this combat is Shiva, because she can do the blade attack (yellow counter warn). Try to stay away from her when you choose which martial guy to attack. Carefully then, do the jump/evade & hit to build your combo meter up and once you can use a special move and have a martial guy on the floor (they fall very easily if you simply counter them twice in a row during their special move) use Batman's Combo Multi Ground (cn_A+cn_B) to dispatch them for good. However, differently from the first part of the fight where I told you to get rid of the ninja women first, on this second part it's not necessary to defeat everybody before going for Shiva. It's more important to go on hitting Shiva whenever possible, without compromising your flawlessness, and the fight will end when she's had enough. Therefore, I recommend not setting your mind to focus just on her nor on just getting the all the martial guys down first. You can take on both of them concurrently, taking your time. The most important thing is not who to dispatch first, nor the combo meter, but to play safe (without "freezing"). When I did it right the fight was over way faster than I expected. Hope the same goes for you.

    If this solution helped you in any way, please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment.
  • TheBruce11TheBruce11181,929
    26 Jan 2014 28 Jan 2014
    3 1 0
    I just used "Y" to counter the whole time through the first part of the fight. She will lose half of her life doing this. Then in the second part just counter until all martial atrest are taken out, then you just have her to deal with. At this point it is very easy. Just pay attention to the "yellow" counters throughout the fight. Again this is actually a very easy achivments to get once you know how to counter properly take your time. It took me a few tries because I rushed it, but once you I just used counter through the whole fight it poped.
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