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Point Counter-Point

Complete Deathstroke without failing a single counter

Point Counter-Point+0.1
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  • MustangNoxMustangNox307,653
    25 Oct 2013 25 Oct 2013 25 Oct 2013
    38 9 33
    I though this missable achievement was going to be quite hard, but after a few tries I found a method that works well. All you have to do is jump over Deathstroke using AA, kick him once with X and then AA jump again. Also, every few hits (8 without upgrades) you will have an effective B+Y combo available to use.
    This way, you need to press Y to counter only during QTEs. It's even possible to finish the fight without Deathstroke throwing barrels at you (that's what happened to me).
  • KJer25KJer25584,809
    26 Oct 2013 26 Oct 2013 26 Oct 2013
    16 0 0
    Just to clarify, this achievement might as well say to not get hit by Deathstroke. The above solutions are both great, but I was playing on normal and found the AA, X, AA method to be inconsistent. Sometimes he would counter or force me into at QTE when I wasn't ready for it. I found the best way to do this is to simply wait for him to attack you. All you really have to do is hit Y when the prompt or lines above his head come up to counter, then bash his brains in with XX. Even if you get hit, continue on with the fight to learn his patterns after his mask comes off and when he brings out his sword. For all 3 parts of the fight, however, simply wait for him to make the first move. It sounds pretty basic but it is. It will only take you a few times to learn his moveset and patterns. Again, when you get hit simply restart the checkpoint and try again. A little persistence and practice will pay off in the end, and if nothing else restarting the checkpoint a few times will force you to become more familiar with the combat systems and countering. Happy hunting!
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,950
    25 Oct 2013 25 Oct 2013 25 Oct 2013
    15 3 3
    This Achievement is missable! If you miss it, you must start a new Game or higher Difficulty and play again to Deathstroke.

    For the success you have counter Deathstroke normal Attacks and in the QTEs (Quick Time Events), press the Counterbutton to the right time (not too early or too late)

    If you fail a counter in the Bossfight, restart over the Menu (Start Button) a new Try. The Fight has 3 Phases, in Phase 1 you have in the QTE 1 Counterevent, in Phase 2, 2 and in Phase 3, 2-3. (Keep in mind, dont forget to counter his normal attacks outside the QTEs)

    Between the Phases is another QTE, here you must press the Counterbutton very fast. (not sure is this towards to the Achievement because "Single Counter" in the Achievementdescription)

    In the Phases is also a QTE, here you have counter the throwing Barrel first with the Counterbutton and then throw it with LT+Y to Deathstroke.

  • ForeverMidnightForeverMidnight269,331
    14 Nov 2013 14 Nov 2013 17 Dec 2013
    9 0 1
    Everyones solution is great but there is one thing I want to add for how I got it.

    I did this on NewGame+ this way I could utilize the Special Combat Boost in the Close Combat Upgrades so that I could use by B+Y takedown at x5 instead of x8 and the upgrade that lets you stack your takedowns by two.

    Also a big thing is the use of the batclaw. Most of the time Deathstroke will get caught in the gun allowing Batman to knock him down or do a critical strike. Deathstroke can randomly block incoming attacks but CANNOT, if the claw hits him, block either of the initial batclaw attacks.

    So for my fight I instantly claw/attacked him, then did the AA X repeatedly till my combo was at 10 allowing me to perform two takedowns. After the second takedown he will go poof and you get the QTE where you pummel the piss out of him, giving you a +13-15 combo gauge, allowing you to perform two more takedowns. Then I just built the combo meter up one more time for a third takedown and it was on to stage three where I rinsed and repeated. I used the batclaw the most on stage three because that's where I would run into the non blockable counters.

    *Thanks to Lt Davo for pointing out my error in weapon names
  • Simon HardySimon Hardy344,793
    25 Sep 2015 26 Sep 2015
    6 2 0
    Bla..Bla..Bla.. Short solution:
    Very easy, fight him like you want as a standard enemy..
    The only difficult during slow motion attacks is WAITING the word "Press Y".
    Repeat, don't press any button during Deathstroke's attacks and wait "Press Y".
    That's all.

    Semplicissimo, combattilo come un nemico standard come vuoi tu..
    L'unica difficoltà durante gli attacchi al rallentatore è ASPETTARE la scritta "Premi Y".
    Ripeto, non premere nessun tasto durante gli attacchi di Deathstroke e aspette "Premi Y".
    Questo è tutto.
    14 Nov 2013 14 Nov 2013
    4 0 0
    One little tip that helped me. I wasn't seeing the counter prompts for the 2nd or 3rd hits during the 2nd and 3rd phases of the fight. My problem was that I have a tendency to double-tap counter (came from fighting martial arts experts in previous games). If you are conscious about only hitting counter once then all prompts show up making it much easier.
  • Don DunckelDon Dunckel130,762
    03 Nov 2013 03 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
    6 2 2
    I discovered a fairly easy way to defeat Deathstroke without him being able to counter your attacks too much, building on the AA, X method. I am not entirely sure whether this is a bug or intentional, though.

    Edit: I totally forgot to mention: This achievement is missable! So if you screw up and get hit, just pause and restart from checkpoint, and all is well.

    You need to unlock the Free Flow Focus Ability (Shadow Vigilante Rank 3) in order for this to work.

    You start the fight as you usually would, using AA to jump over him and then X to hit him, and counter his attacks as you normally would. Since he isn't throwing anything more than single attacks at you during the first part of the fight, they are easily countered.

    Be sure to save your multiplier, so that it reaches x12 BEFORE he tries to disappear for the first time (I don't know whether you need to play on hard difficulty for that). After about 12 to 14 hits you will see a special slow mo animation during your hitting him (the one which usually comes with knocking down the last remaining enemy), which indicates that he is getting ready to disappear.

    Now, it is vitally important that you use your heightened speed granted by the Free Flow Focus ability to jump over him and hit him, thus interrupting his escape. If you do this correctly, you can keep interrupting him, until he has about 4 bars of health left (my multiplier was at 110 at that point).

    After you have stopped beating the living hell out of him, he will disappear as usual, initiating the QTE in which you have to mash Y to block his flurry of attacks and then have to hit X at the end. After doing so, he will immediately disappear again, without you having to hit him. Repeat another two times and the achievement will be yours!

    Good Luck!
  • Limerent DeathLimerent Death273,395
    30 Oct 2013 30 Oct 2013 30 Oct 2013
    5 1 2
    I was having the hugest problem with this fight until I learned that the key to beating Deathstroke is allowing him to lead the fight.

    He catches onto your moves after repeating them several times and either dodges or counters them efficiently. The way to get and stand your ground with him is to keep your distance and allow him to attack you first. Before the altercation begins, counter him (like all enemies) when the blue lines by his head signal he is about to strike. Then counter each move in the combo he tries to unleash on you. They range anywhere from one to three hits (depending on which phase of the fight you are in). Whenever you counter his hits or combos he staggers backwards, allowing you time to strike him with a few shots before you need to retreat and regroup to allow him to trigger the next combo for you to counter. It's a painstakingly slow and agonizing method to defeating him perfectly but it works.

    The fight is divided into three sections, each more difficult and with more moves at his arsenal. The most trickiest portions are countering the barrels and when he unsheathes his sword during the third phase.

    Remember, keep your distance, be patient, let him attack first, counter, counter, counter and retry if needed…God knows I did…a lot.

    Good luck, you'll need it!
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead483,559
    25 Apr 2014 25 Apr 2014 08 May 2014
    3 0 0
    So I suck at this game, but after 5 hours I managed to get this achievement. This achievement is missable because if you beat Deathstroke and don't get it, the ony way to attempt it again is by starting a new game. When you get to the Deathstroke fight I recommend you return to the dashboard and copy your save to a USB stick. That way if the achievement doesn't pop after the fight (perhaps because you got hit but didn't notice) you can return to the dashboard and replace your save with the one on the USB stick.

    I spent the first 2 hours trying to get it on Hard difficulty, and then I realised I could start a new game in another save slot on Easy and do a speed run to get to the fight with Deathstroke. It then took me 2 hours to get my "guaranteed to never get hit" routine down and I never had barrels thrown at me during my attempts on Easy. Just remember if you want to attempt the Give Them Something to Believe achievement for completing New Game Plus mode, you must complete the Main Story on Normal or Hard difficulty.

    Wait for the first counter indicator and press Y once. You can then follow this up with some X's. This is the only time you will use X, because if you get hit you can just restart. From now on each time you see the counter indicator press Y once. Do this 4 times and then follow it up with LT + Y to grab Deathstroke with the Batclaw (should be selected by default) then press X and then spam Y just incase he immediately attacks while your back is turned. Return to pressing Y once each time you see the counter indicator. Do this another 4 times then follow it up with another LT + Y then X then spam Y. Keep doing this until Deathstroke switches to his sword. Now just spam Y as fast as you can as he is very fast with the sword. After you have countered 4 times, do your LT + Y then X then spam Y move. Keep doing this every 4 counters until Deathstroke is defeated.

    What I learnt is that simply countering with Y and getting in the odd "safe" punch with X would not hurt Deathstroke, even if you kept it up for half an hour. This is because his health regenerates faster than you are dealing out damage. The LT + Y then X move deals a good amount of damage, you probably only need to perform about 4 - 6 of these moves for each stage of the fight.

    What I also learnt is if you repeat the same move too often, Deathstoke will counter your move with an attack that I couldn't seem to counter, hence the reason you do 4 counters before performing the same move.

    Even with all this advice, don't expect to get it on your first attempt, it still took me an hour because you only have to fumble on the buttons once and you will get hit.

    Now I'm sure I will get negative votes from all the people who think I fight like a girl, but if by following this solution you got the achievement, please be so kind as to give me a postive vote.
  • AsyreanAsyrean42,396
    06 Apr 2014 09 Apr 2014
    3 0 0
    Firstly, I'll note that I did this in New Game +, which certainly didn't do me any favors, since you cannot see the "Counter" indication. However, once I figured out how to counter all of Deathstroke's moves, this seemingly impossible challenge became doable.

    The most critical point: Don't spam the Attack button or Counter button!

    Regardless of whether you take an aggressive approach or a more defensive approach, the fact is that you'll have to attack eventually. Outside of the QTE events, I found you need to have a slight hesitation (or pause) in between hitting the attack button. Reason being, sometimes you will attack and Deathstroke will go into a counter move. If you're spamming the attack button (or counter button), then you'll automatically fail and his blow will land. However, if you have a slight hesitation after each of your attacks, then you can see if he is going into a counter move animation or not.

    When Deathstroke goes into a counter move, even though he has a variety of animations, it always works out to the same way. Simply, you need to be patient and don’t hit the counter button until time slows down in a sort of bullet time like fashion. When that happens, that’s your cue to hit the counter once and only once.

    Be advised, as the fight progresses, especially if you're taking an aggressive approach, sometimes after your successful counter, Deathstroke will immediately go into another animation. In this case, the same approach applies. Just sit there and watch Deathstroke and Bats beat on each other and wait for bullet time to come around as your cue to hit the counter button. I've seen up to 3 linked counters from Deathstroke towards the end of the fight. Again, just avoid spamming the counter button and wait until you see time slow down as your cue.

    Note that it's easy to think you've failed because some of the animations look like Deathstroke is landing blows on you, but he's not. The only time you should hit the counter button is when time slows down. Also, you can check your health gauge. As long as you have full health, then you're good. If you don't, then its time to reset the fight.

    As for an attack strategy, I found that I preferred more of an aggressive approach. Meaning, I'd start the fight off with the batclaw and then attack (with a slight pause in between hitting the attack button) up to three times, then jump over his head, and attack a single time, then jump back over his head and use the batclaw again. I'd basically repeat this sequence, but its not exact and you can mix it up. In each case being very deliberate when I hit the attack button so that way I could see (and be prepared) if he went into one of his counter sequences. If I opened up too much space between myself and Deathstroke, I'd then wait for him to initiate an attack, in which you can hit the counter as soon as you see him start to make his move. But, the advice here is you cannot use a single type of attack over and over again. You have to mix it up.

    Finally, I've read some folks who say the fight can be done such that Deathstroke never uses the remote batclaw to throw a propane canister at you. I wasn't this lucky. However, I found that actually, when a canister sequence came up, it could be helpful. Meaning, sometimes your fight with Deathstroke can get you too close to the wall where it's difficult to maneuver. Or, it seemed that as my combo counter grew higher and higher, the game itself seemed to slow down and become a little laggy. Therefore, when a canister sequence came up, this was a good way to reset the fight, since after you successfully counter the canister attack, you can run to the middle of the room and get the fight away from the walls. At that point, I'd then again use the batclaw as my first attack and start my attack sequence over again.

    (Note: If he does throw a canister at you, you don't need to hit anything until the canister if flying at you. Then, hit the counter button right before the canister hits the floor. There's a pretty big window here of when you can hit the counter button, so these sequences shouldn't cause a lot of stress.)

    To summarize: The main point is to have just a little hesitation between hitting the attack button or counter button. If you spam either, and Deathstroke goes into a counter sequence, then you will automatically fail and Deathstroke will land his blow. If this happens, you have no choice but to restart the fight. But, if you don’t get overly jumpy and just act deliberately, then you will find his moves are relatively easy to counter. Just wait for time to slow down as your cue to hit that counter button.

    Oh - One last point. The QTE evens are separate than my advice above. During those events you can spam the hell out of the counter button and then in turn spam the hell out of the attack button.

    Good luck.
  • Mr XBobMr XBob368,608
    01 Nov 2013 01 Nov 2013 01 Nov 2013
    5 2 2
    All the tips here are great, I just wanted to add a little extra:

    Although the canisters are easily countered with a simple press of the Y button when they're flying at you, you can skip those sections completely by just never letting up.

    If you're constantly hitting him, countering every move and never letting him take a break, he never has chance to throw the canisters at you.

    Especially useful is the LT+Y .. X move (pull him towards you then slam him to the ground). I use this after every successful hit/counter, and it never fails. I beat him on new game + mode with this tactic very easily (Video below)
  • General ArcaneGeneral Arcane236,170
    24 Oct 2014 08 Nov 2014
    2 0 0
    First thing you should know about this achievement is that it is MISSABLE. That being said, it is only around 2 or 3 hours into the game, so you won't have much to play through if you have missed it.

    While it says you must defeat Deathstroke without failing a single counter, it might as well say "defeat Deathstroke without taking any damage", as pretty much every single one of Deathstroke's attacks will have to be countered.

    There are three basic stages to this fight. Unfortunately it's nowhere near as easy as it was to defeat the Electrocutioner, as Deathstroke appears to learn your moves, and counters them himself if you use them more than a few times.

    If you do end up taking damage, then you can simply pause and select 'Restart Checkpoint' from the menu. I did this many times!

    The first stage is relatively simple, and essentially just like any of the enemies you have previously encountered, just a bit stronger. What I found to be a lot easier than attempting to counter every time was to double-tapcn_A, which will make Batman jump over Deathstroke. Once you have done this, you are safe to land two or three hits before Deathstroke recovers, and will swing at you again. It's then a case of rinsing and repeating.

    Once you have chipped away around three bars of his health, Deathstroke will drop a flash grenade, then launch at you. There's a QTE (quick-time event), where you have to mash cn_Y then mash cn_B. It's relatively simple to complete.

    Once this is complete, the second stage of the fight begins. Immediately after exiting the QTE, press cn_B and cn_Y together. This will use your free-flow combo, which by this point should be at around x15. It will knock around a bar of health away immediately. From that point, repeat the same process as above: when he swings at you, double tap cn_A and jump over, then hit him. While in the first stage you could hit him two or three times, Deathstroke seems to have faster reactions this time, so I'd only hit him once before jumping over again and repeating to process.

    While this can happen at any time, it occurred for me during the second phase. Occasionally, Deathstroke will launch his Remote Grappel, which will attach to Batman and some nearby barrels, which will come flying towards him. It's not easy initially, but once you figure out the timings, you will be able to hit it every time. When it is flying towards you, press cn_Y (when the on-screen prompt appears) to catch the barrel. Then, press cn_LT to lock onto Deathstroke and cn_Y to throw it at him. This will knock a tiny amount of health off, so is not worth doing often. If you keep hitting / jumping / countering him, then he probably won't have an opportunity to use it.

    When you get his health down about halfway, Deathstroke will drop another flash grenade, and you have another QTE to complete. It's just the same as last time, but a bit longer. Completing it begins the third stage of the fight, which is by far the hardest.

    Deathstroke pulls out a sword, and behaves very unpredictably in this part of the fight. I would not suggest using the same techniques as described in the first and second stages, as this will likely result in you getting hit. Instead, your best bet is to try to counter him every time, and sneak a hit when you can afford to. Also of great use is the Batclaw Slam (cn_LT+cn_Y). This will pull Deathstroke towards Batman, who will slam him to the ground. It deals moderate damage. As mentioned above, Deathstroke will learn this if you use it multiple times, so throw in some over moves to knock his health down as well. Additionally, most counters in this section will require you to tap cn_Y three times, as indicated by the on-screen prompts, however I had a few situations where I only had to press it once.

    As you work your way through this fight, knock little chunks off his health here and there, and counter whenever the prompt appears. Eventually, you will have another QTE, so just hammer cn_Y, then hammer cn_X, and you will have completed the fight. The achievement will unlock at the end of the QTE. Additionally, if this is your first play through, you will unlock the achievement listed below.

    Batman: Arkham OriginsSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins worth 16 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    This video shows you how to unlock this achievement, as well as showing you visually what you have to do should you be struggling with it. It is not an easy achievement, and took me around two hours to unlock!
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