Olympian achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins


Obtain all medals on the original Campaign maps in Challenge mode (as Batman)

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How to unlock the Olympian achievement

  • UrsiformUrsiform121,458
    07 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013 19 Nov 2013
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    I am throwing this up as a placeholder until someone posts a proper solution. The point of this guide is to warn people that one of the challenge maps requires the Sonic Shock Batarang rewarded for Worst Nightmare rank 10. If you have any interest in completing the challenge modes this time, you need to be ever mindful of this and begin working on it immediately in your first playthrough. Please see the guide for Worst Nightmare to give yourself an idea of why.

    Batman: Arkham OriginsWorst NightmareThe Worst Nightmare achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins worth 66 pointsMaster the Worst Nightmare Dark Knight track

    Overall, this is quite a bit easier than any character's campaigns in Arkham City. For those new to this play mode, a campaign is a series of three challenge maps that need to be completed in one sitting. They can be all combat, all predator, or (most often) a mixture of both. You have three retries to use on the latter two maps; retries on the first map do not count against you. In addition, you have six mods that must all be used over the course of the campaign, you decide which mods to apply to which map. Otherwise the medal requirements are exactly the same as the Ranked Challenge versions of the maps. For the achievement, you must get all nine medals in every (non-DLC) campaign, or eight and the free medal mod if available. The DLC campaigns are on a separate page from the rest and are neither required or counted towards the achievement.

    As far as the mods, you generally want to take Time Limit, Gadget Malfunction, Decreased Health, Scattered Weapons, and Danger Zones in combat challenges so that you can relax in the predator maps. Protective Auras and One Hand Tied are best used in predator challenges. For the beneficial mods, generally you will take Super Powered on the more problematic combat maps, Knockout Projectiles on predator maps, and Free Medal to avoid annoying predator medals that require positioning more than one goon. Make sure that a mod does not prevent you from getting a certain takedown for a predator medal, One Hand Tied is the only one that comes to mind.

    Recommended mods for the last two:

    Scare Tactics (Predator Master)

    --Breaking In: Time Limit, Protective Auras, Scattered Weapons
    The time limit is no big deal, just watch for the mines when you go for the window takedown and the tightrope takedown. There aren't a lot of good vantage points for Fall Guy, so glide onto the file cabinet thing early and get that out of the way

    --Wrecking Crew: Danger Zones, Free Medal
    I used the free medal here to avoid dealing with Scare Tactics. Danger zones is no big deal since there are plenty of floor grates to hide and move around in. If you need vantage, you can always string a tightrope up between the gargoyles. Just jam the last guy, let him try to shoot, and then beat him down.

    --Hard Time: Increased Agression
    Keep one unarmored guy conscious, he will eventually take the hostage and you can get above him and get Smash Landing to finish the map. You can use the sonic shock whenever, you don't really need sonic batarangs here. This map has great spots for batclaw ledge takedowns, just stand on the little roofs in the corners and pull people off the central walkways. If you are lucky, you will even get credit for the batclaw disarm this way.

    Standing Count (Combat Master)

    --25 to Life: Protective Aura, One Hand Tied, Decreased Health
    I like to get Protective Aura out of the way first because it is somewhat annoying. One Hand Tied actually synergizes well with it here, since special moves are a good way to break your combo with an aura in the fight, and you will need to farm combo and shock glove charge on the armored goons (just start a beatdown and interrupt it with a counter whenever you can). If you are ever in question about the aura status of an offscreen enemy, just evade towards them (redirects won't break your combo even after two) until you can see clearly.

    --Death Sentence: Scattered Weapons, Gadget Malfunction.
    Gadget malfunction is no big deal here since it is very easy to keep your shock gloves up, lots of armored or special enemies to beat down. For the big guy, instead of evading over his head while beating him down like you would in arkham city, try using bat swarm every time it comes up. This is to avoid any silliness from the martial artists. When your gloves are up, prioritize the martial artists.

    --Panopticon: Super Powered
    This is your victory lap, go nuts. By the way, a panopticon is a place from where you can see everything. Pan + Optic

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    mudder85Can you unlock the batarang in new game plus and finish the challenge mode in normal mode? Or do I need to start challenge mode in new game plus?
    Posted by mudder85 on 28 Nov 16 at 16:30
    Oo 8 B4LL oOThis is still buggy... after finishing the story you should have all maps unlocked... if you are unlucky, map nr. 10 (last line) is still locked / missing...
    in this case your only option is, to start the game on a new save file again.
    This is bad because you not only have to finish the game again...
    4rd time for me =(
    ... you also have to get worst nightmare 10; some side missions (for 1 - 2 waynetec gadgets) and try to get a lot of exp for leveling to make the challenges easyier (but don´t forget: during the challenges you earn exp too, so don´t waste too much time in the story ;-)

    Edit 27.0.218

    The bug also effects the achievement "campaign ninja" form the "initiation" - DLC in the same way (campaign challenge map Nr. 10 is locked)
    Posted by Oo 8 B4LL oO on 27 May 18 at 18:12
    Dr MartyI just encountered the glitch where campaign challenge 10: Darkest Knight doesn't unlock. I know I will have to start a completely new save and go through the game again. I just want to make sure that the achievement will unlock if I start that new game on 'easy' difficulty.

    Can someone confirm? After having gone through the game on Normal, NG+ and IATN, I would like to just breeze through it on easy mode to get that last achievement.

    UPDATE: yes it works on easy
    Posted by Dr Marty on 09 May 19 at 03:13
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  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand415,826
    28 Feb 2015 01 Mar 2015 01 Mar 2015
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    I'll share with you guys the general idea of how to score big or at least just enough to get all the medals in any of the 3 sets of challenges (except combat training, because that one isn't about scoring high). It still takes a little practice. I myself did all of them once I was done with my first playthrough and well used to Batman and his moves. Big guys, armored enemies, martial artists and Bane's thugs make the following technique a bit more tricky to pull off, but it's still so very possible - if you don't let them kill your combo.

    Start any fight by hitting (cn_X) on the first guy in front of you as many times as you can, up to 3.

    Counter (cn_Y) before being hit by someone else (avoid guys with knives, so if they attack you first, evade and start again with another group or using them as the target to start the combo) as many times as necessary (up to 3 enemies).

    Now that your combo meter is at 4, evade an enemy and hit him in the back. You'll be able to perform a special move (assuming you have all upgrades) so you can do the Bat Swarm (cn_A+cn_X).

    From now on you just have to keep hitting 3 NORMAL/ORDINARY enemies (those who don't block your attacks) and performing the Bat Swarn combo. The higher your combo, the more points you get for executing the move. If you're able to perform, let's say, more than 3 Bat Swarn (the more, the better) without being hit in one round, you'll earn good points. Yeah, you might pass the bonus for performing different variations of moves, but it's still more worthwhile this way.

    Another thing to have in mind is that once you're able to use the Shock Gloves (cn_LS+cn_RS), instead of having to hit enemies 3x to earn the special move, it decreases to 2, which is really great, specially considering that now none of the enemies is able to block your attacks, so it's pretty much hit cn_X, hit cn_X, Bat Swarn cn_A+cn_X and repeat.

    When there are only 2 enemies left, you probably won't be able to continue to perform the special, so here's what to do: you can get rid of one of them any way you want or you can work with both of them, without loosing the combo (a bit more risky). Perform the Ultra Stun (cn_B+cn_B+cn_B) of him/them (one at a time) and finish the round with Ground Takedowns (cn_RT+cn_Y).

    As I said at the beginning, some rounds will be more challenging because of the special enemies. In that case, my advice is to take them first or last, depending if you can manage having them around and avoid their charges. Maybe it's best to take some of them down first, sp you don't risk hitting them by accident and loosing your combo. It really depends on you. It's possible to perform some beatdowns (cn_B,cn_X,cn_X,cn_X...) on these special enemies just to earn special moves and letting go of the beatdown (stopping hitting cn_X) when ready to perform the special move, then rinse and repeat until the special enemy falls. There's always the chance that some enemy wasn't stunned by your last Swarn and will come at you to make you loose the ongoing combo, so be ready to counter.

    Anyways, this is the general idea. Using this method sometimes I was able to save a whole attempt that I had messed up, on the very last round.

    If this solution helps you in any way, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment.
  • ToKi N O HaKaIToKi N O HaKaI281,301
    27 Jun 2014 28 Jun 2014 28 Jun 2014
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    Important: following this solution worked for me, but i can't say that is going to work for everyone. (This need to be comfirmed by more users)

    I played the game for the first time and it didn't unlocked, after new game+ and I am the Night, nothing about 10th campaign map challenge. What i did to fix this was: i deleted the game, patch, Deathstroke DLC, Initiation and Cold, Cold Heart DLC. I moved my savegame to the cloud and started a new game on my Hard disk playing offline without update.

    There will be some minor spoilers from here:

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    End of spoilers

    Shut down 10 relays of one district (needed for one upgrade) but there's no need to recover one set of datapacks.

    I completed Shadow Vigilante track, Gotham Protector track until rank 12 and i think that the most important part comes with Worst Nightmare track.

    Before i'll explain why, i used this guide credit to Metabolic XBA from xbox360achievements:

    Worst Nightmare

    So the point is to use this guide until you get SPOILER
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    END SPOILER, why? i did 10th rank Worst Nightmare in this room and after i finished it unlocked the 10th campaign map Darkest Night.

    After this, i played the rest of the campaign and i reached 13th rank Worst Nightmare. Once finished main story, it's time to go for the campaign challenges. I unlocked offline the achievement, i didn't want to take the risk of updating the game and getting a corrupted file.

    So REMEMBER: do not update the game or delete the patch, also delete Initiation and Cold ,cold Heart and start a new game.

    I hope this will help, don't forget to add a comment ;)
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    Oo 8 B4LL oOsame problem for me... my only way out was starting a new game on a new save file ... and an annoying 4rd playthrough
    Posted by Oo 8 B4LL oO on 03 May 18 at 16:39
    Dr MartyI just encountered the glitch where campaign challenge 10: Darkest Knight doesn't unlock. I know I will have to start a completely new save and go through the game again. I just want to make sure that the achievement will unlock if I start that new game on 'easy' difficulty.

    Can someone confirm? After having gone through the game on Normal, NG+ and IATN, I would like to just breeze through it on easy mode to get that last achievement.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 25 Apr 19 at 15:58
    ToKi N O HaKaII don't remember in what difficulty I played, maybe for safety just play on normal difficulty. Sorry I can't tell you anything else.
    Posted by ToKi N O HaKaI on 02 May 19 at 15:48
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