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How to unlock the I Am The Night achievement

  • A Flash BangadoA Flash Bangado76,708
    12 Dec 2013 12 Dec 2013 29 Mar 2014
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    As daunting as this achievement might seem, it's really not as bad as one might think. For starters, the main storyline is short as hell - I sat down and started this mode at 10am and finished around 4pm (it was short because i completely avoided side quests and challenges because i'd already completed them in my standard or New Game + modes). Secondly, you can only unlock this game mode once you've finished NG+, and for good reason: If you can't finish NG+, then you shouldn't even be thinking about getting this achievement until you improve. Anyways, here's a couple of tips for all you budding "I Am The Night go-getters":

    If there is even a shred of doubt that you won't be able to finish a fight, restart. It's completely safe, and gives you another chance to succeed where you previously failed. This piece of advice is the most important.

    2. Evade, Evade and... Evade
    Seriously, the evade and hit from behind (A + A, X) is by far the easiest and most foolproof way to stack your multiplier up, and is a great way to slowly whittle down your enemies. Most of the combat fights in IATN mode have at least one armoured thug, and I found that the best way to get rid of them was just evading and attacking the non-armoured guys until the multiplier reached five so that you can use the B + Y takedown on the armoured ones.

    3. Get rid of guns
    Might sound simple, but armed thugs can reset any multiplier you have in an instant. I found that the X + Y destroy weapons combo took too long, so i just settled with either using the Batclaw to wrench the weapons away, or actually attacking them so that they dropped their weapons.

    4. Have confidence
    Corny, right? But it applies to this game mode so much, especially in predator encounters. If you see a guy standing stupidly in the open (as thugs usually do), take the chance! If you fail, restart. If you don't, keep going. Use gargoyles as much as you can, and if the enemies end up destroying them (which only happens in a few of the encounters), just stick to grates and vents.

    5. Practise your Counter
    Just continue your New Game + file and pick random fights. The lack of Counter icon in the game actually affects how you play the game initially, so it's imperative that you can counter easily without the icon. Every bit of health counts!

    6. Bosses
    Aside from the Bane encounters, I'd say the Boss fights aren't too difficult at all. If you couldn't beat Killer Croc, you've got a long way to go. Deathstroke's fight was just outright fun, Copperhead's was a LITTLE tricky (but again... evade, evade, evade) and Firefly's was just basic. EDIT: Using gadgets (such as the concussion grenade and explosive gel) on Copperhead hallucinations gets rid of them, as they will only damage the real Copperhead. Thanks to Blargby for the tip.
    Here are my tips for Bane though:
    - Be wary of any nearby thugs. Most of the time Bane will take them out with collateral damage, but every other time they're the reason you lose health so quickly in these battles. If you've stunned Bane and are beating him up, remember to counter thugs if they try to attack you during the beatdown.
    - When Bane charges at you, SPRINT, then EVADE at the last second. If you evade straight away, he tends to just change his direction to where you leaped to. Also, try not to get stuck in a corner, as Bane will just constantly charge at you.
    - If you get the 5x multiplier, use the B + Y combo on Bane ASAP. Every attack you make on him counts, and the B + Y combo does a substantial amount.
    - For the final Bane encounter (when he goes berserk), the four simplest takedowns (as far as I know) are the Vent Takedown, Grate Takedown, Corner Takedown and Silent Takedown. And yes, I did them in that order. I think after the first takedown, Alfred tells you to use the electric gates to your advantage, which is a little tricky. You have to kind of steer Bane towards one of the gates and hit X when you're next to it.

    That's about it.. If you find your combat/predator skills lacking, you can practise in the Combat Training Module. Also, if you're REALLY desperate, and you completely doubt your ability to succeed in this game (which you shouldn't.. have faith!), then you can just save a backup file on the Cloud. But again, if you just stick to your guns and remember the restart button, you should be perfectly fine. If I can get this achievement, anyone can smile

    Feel free to comment or PM me if you're stuck. Happy hunting! toast

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    LordNyaxQuick warning, going to dashboard corrupted my 75%+ save file. So make sure to have multiple files when attempting this achievement, as far as I know there is no fix. I'm done with this game.
    Posted by LordNyax on 08 Sep 14 at 05:06
    Solario32Definitely always backup your save to a USB drive or to the MS cloud. That way you can go back to it if you happen to die or your save gets corrupt.
    Posted by Solario32 on 27 Jan 15 at 15:48
    The Nerds ClubIt would be much much easier with a video guide since this is one death restart achievement i will not rely on text guide to ensure time isn't wasted only to have to restart the game because the text guide left out so many areas where you can die easily & not know before hand.
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 23 Feb 19 at 01:18
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  • Zealous Pottle2Zealous Pottle2350,929
    26 Oct 2013 26 Oct 2013
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    I Am The Night mode is unlocked after you complete New Game +.

    Everything that applies to New Game + applies to I Am The Night, so you have no counter indicator and all the enemies are harder.

    However, I Am The Night mode takes it quite a leap further. You only have one life. If you die the game gets reset back to the start.

    Thankfully, if you do die you can quickly quit to the dashboard and your checkpoint will still be saved. For added protection you could copy the save every so often onto the cloud or another memory device.

    Only differences in gameplay between this and New Game + are that harder enemies turn up earlier, for example some armored goons will be replaced by martial artists. There will also be some areas that are completely jammed, such as Sionis Mill, for the entire time that you're inside.

    Good luck!
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    MadMaxxxBane is very easy. Stick to evade, BBB combo and AAX combo
    Posted by MadMaxxx on 08 Jan 14 at 23:08
    El BenchoTo avoid Bane, I managed to run and slide (RT while running). Way easier for me to get away from him, rather than evading. Besides, it helps knocking some thugs in the process. Maybe this could help a few. GL!
    Posted by El Bencho on 26 Apr 14 at 21:02
    TBONE3564so actually a pointless comment
    Posted by TBONE3564 on 19 Oct 14 at 17:35
  • the splitter 96the splitter 96310,294
    03 Nov 2013 03 Nov 2013
    10 9 2
    Not necessarily a solution, but more of a tip. Kinda obvious since I haven't gotten it since writing this. Anyway, if you are ever close to dying, just pause the game and restart the checkpoint. Don't risk it. If you have to get just one more hit on a boss, but you have the smallest sliver of health left, restart. Sure there is the possibility you'll win and not need it, but it's better to be safe. This trick always works, as long as you aren't dead, then you can't pause. As mentioned by zealous, a quick dashboard might save you, but I've never been able to get that trick to work. The save copy is also a good idea, but not really necessary if you completely avoid death by restart
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    The Nerds ClubAll you got to do when your grapple is attached to firefly & your fly following him is spam y button won't fail.
    Posted by The Nerds Club on 23 Feb 19 at 01:15
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