Predator Paragon achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins

Predator Paragon

Take down 6 different Elites in a match, using 6 different methods as Batman or Robin in multiplayer

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How to unlock the Predator Paragon achievement

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    you can do all of these in a private match.

    - silent takedown
    - inverted takedown
    - drop attack
    - dive attack
    - explosive gel
    - grate/vent takedown
    - corner takedown
    - ledge takedown

    p.s. i have removed the double takedown because it voids the achievement progress as its only counted as 1 takedown and not 2. full credit and thanks to IDarK+VorteXX.

    these are some of the methods we used to get the achievement so hopefully it's of some help to you guys.

    also doing these will also help progress towards the 'know thy enemy' achievement.

    cheers smile

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    I8ITackyticsI8IThis achievement is sadistic.
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 08 Nov 16 at 23:01
    varkylfusJust finished with 6 needing the achievement. Two per match. In order:
    -corner takedown
    -grate/vent takedown
    -ledge takedown
    -inverted takedown
    -silent takedown
    -ground takedown with slide (A + RT) then (RT+Y) while they are down

    Unlocked after the ground takedown no problems. Didn't need to use gel.
    Posted by varkylfus on 26 Nov 16 at 02:15
    PhilAllInsAnyone willing to help me out on all multiplayer cheevos for this game. Please dm me cheers!
    Posted by PhilAllIns on 10 Nov 19 at 03:27
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  • Hero Of CourageHero Of Courage742,368
    13 Jul 2014 14 Jul 2014 13 Mar 2015
    14 1 6
    Thought I'd add another guide to this, just to give a bit more detail and it's always nice to have an alternative.

    I held a boosting session to get this achievement and all 8 of us were able to get the achievement in 35 minutes (most also got the Know thy Enemy achievement for killing all opponents as well).

    What we did:

    1) I hosted the game and used Wonder City Robot Factory for the level.

    2) Told all Elites to meet at the Lightning Control Point.

    3) I then assigned a takedown to each person and told the person (Hero) getting the achievement which takedown to do.

    4) The order of the takedowns were:
    -Silent takedown
    -Inverted takedown
    -Grate takedown
    -Corner takedown (Don't do it on the box at the control point, it can be done on either side of the opening to the bridge - one is a wall, the other is next to a generator type thing)
    -Sonic batarang takedown (exploding)
    -Explosive gel takedown (I assigned the explosive takedown for myself so I could watch as the Hero did all the necessary takedowns).

    5) Achievement pops 5-10 seconds after last takedown.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: whenever an elite was killed, they stayed well away from the lightning control point so they didn't get killed again.

    The reason I picked the lightning control point is because there is an inverted takedown point and grate close to each other. The other takedowns are easy to do near the contorl point, just make sure elites aren't standing too close to each other for the Sonic Batarang and explosive gel takedowns.

    It is also possible to do a ledge takedown (underneath the inverted takedown point there is a ledge). You can also do drop attack ground takedown, but we didn't use these takedowns.

    This can be done as Robin. I was actually Robin when getting this achievement. BUT - you cannot do the sonic batarang takedown with Robin. Instead, I did a ledge takedown (as mentioned above).

    I can also confirm that the takedowns DO NOT have to be done one after the other. On our first run, someone got mixed up in the elites that hadn't been killed and got killed twice. I kept a list of the takedowns each person had performed so we knew which takedown they had to do. Batman got 8 kills in the match, but still go the achievement even though he performed the explosive gel takedown twice in a row. If this happens, get the intimidation metre down by killing the Hero not going for the achievement.

    Although I think it is possible to get it for both of the Heroes in one match, we let the heroes win the game by killing the elites a few more times and started another match because it was a bit quicker.

    After the first person getting the achievement got it, I told everyone to opt out so they would stay as the same character and the second hero could then get the achievement. After the second person got the achievement, nobody opted out so it picked two new heroes. The third and fourth person then got it; it's like doing it in pairs. When someone had the achievement and ended up in a faction, they opted out in order to ensure others who needed to be hero had a better chance of being one.

    I hope this helps as I have read has been a bit glitchy for some people. But all 8 in my boosting session managed to get it first time.

    Any questions? Leave a comment or PM me.

    Comment from Mindful Force that this can be achieved with 7 players in the lobby.
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    Hero Of CourageI hear you buddy. Achievements like this need a bit of organising because of how many gamers are involved. Good luck getting it if you need it.
    Posted by Hero Of Courage on 26 Aug 14 at 20:06
    Mindful ForceYou do know it says take down 6 elites differently so you dont need 8 you can start it with 7. Just a reminder so you can update your solution
    Posted by Mindful Force on 12 Mar 15 at 14:47
    Hero Of CourageThanks for the comment. Having 8 people makes it a bit easier when it comes to the hero selection process at the end of the rounds. But nonetheless, I will mention that this can be done with 7 people.
    Posted by Hero Of Courage on 13 Mar 15 at 12:04
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord629,179
    11 Nov 2016 16 Nov 2016 02 Apr 2019
    8 0 3
    All of the online achievements in this game can be done in Private Matches. The multiplayer side of the game is on Disc 2 of the Retail copy of the game. No downloading or installation is required.

    This achievement can be done either in the Invisible Predator Online game mode or the Hunter, Hunted game mode. I recommend the Hunter, Hunted game mode as it is the easiest.

    Lobby Setup

    For this achievement you will need at least 7+ players including yourself. If you have dummy accounts, that might be a recommendation to ease the congestion.

    Whoever is the host needs to go into "Create Private Game" from the Main Menu and make sure Mode is Inv Pred Online (Invisible Predator Online) or Hunter, Hunted and the recommended map is Chemical Plant. Keep "Map Rotation" Off and then click "Start Game".

    Here you need to use your cn_guide and invite your group into the game until it is full with the people. Once you have enough people you can start the match. If anyone get's disconnected during the match, the match will continue but they cannot return to the game as invites will be disabled.

    Boosting Method

    If you are doing this in Hunter, Hunted game mode, you can easily end the matches faster as everyone will only have 1 life each instead of 30 shared out. This will make the achievement less confusing and you only need 7 people to do it instead of 8. The drawback though is you will only get 7 minutes to go for the achievement instead of 15 minutes.

    You will have to either be Batman or Robin. If you have 8 people then one of you will spawn as Robin as well as Batman, giving 2 people the opportunity to go for the achievement.

    For this achievement you will need to all meet up somewhere on the map and whoevever is the Hero needs to get a unique kill on each of the 6 opponents that are in the match. 3 of the opponents have to be Joker Team and the other 3 have to be on the Bane Team. The achievement will pop once the requirement has been met, but it is known to be glitchy and will require another attempt from scratch if needed.

    List Of Attacks You Can Do As Hero Which Credit Towards Achievement. These are related to Batman so Robin's attacks may be different...

    Vent Attack: Find a vent that you can jump into by holding down the cn_RT button and pressing cn_A. Usually you would find one nearby one of the Control Points. Get one of the opponents to stand nearby the vent and when your close to it, you can press the cn_Y button when prompt to take a kill.

    Dive Kick Attack: You'll need to press cn_RB to grapple onto a loose hook. Then wait for an opponent to be nearby. Wait until you can press cn_X to dive kick and then go ahead and perform the attack. Make sure your opponent is standing still. When they're on the ground quickly hold the cn_RT button and press the cn_Y button for the takedown.

    Upside-down Grab Attack: Whilst you are grappled on a hook, press the cn_RT button to flip upside-down. Wait for an opponent to stand underneath you and you can then perform a grab attack by pressing the cn_Y button when it appears on your screen.

    Silent Takedown: Stand behind an opponent and press the cn_Y button when prompt to perform this takedown.

    Ledge Takedown: Find a fence area on the map and press the cn_RB to grapple to it so that you are hanging on the edge of it and get an opponent to stand nearby the fence. You can then press the cn_Y button to grab the opponent and throw them over the fence for a takedown.

    Explosive Gel: Equip the Gel by pressing the cn_left button and then hold down the cn_LT button and press cn_RT to plant the Gel. Get an opponent to stand on the Gel afterwards and then hold down the cn_LT button and then press cn_RB to detonate it. This should kill the opponent who's standing on it.

    Explosive Batarang: Equip the Batarang by pressing the cn_up button and then hold down the cn_LT button to put yourself in aiming mode. Once you have a target, press cn_RT to throw the Batarang at them or nearby them. You will then see some red flashes on your screen. If your enemy stays within these flashes, the flash will go BOOM and you will takedown anyone that's within the flashes. The flash will not hurt you at all.

    Cluster Batarang Takedown: Equip this Batarang by pressing the cn_down button twice. Now find a target and get them to stand still. Hold down the cn_LT button to lock onto them. Once your are fully locked on them press the cn_RT button to throw a Cluster Batarang to paralyze the opponent. During this paralyzation you'll need to quickly press cn_RT and then cn_Y at the same time for a takedown.

    Ledge Strangle: Find a ledge somewhere on the map that puts you in a slightly higher position than your opponents but not too high. Get an opponent to stand nearby the edge and whilst your hanging on this edge, you should get the ability to perform a takedown by pressing cn_Y. This move will make your body grab the opponent by your legs and strangle them, earning you a different type of kill.

    Credit towards my friend tornprince2012, there is a method that can be applied of you want to have certain people on certain teams before your match loads up. This applies throughout the multiplayer of the game.

    From the main menu, if you go to "Options" and then select "Game Options" you should be given the option to choose your "Faction Preference". Originally it says None, but you can change this to either "Joker" or "Bane" so that you have a high chance in joining either of the two teams you wish to be on. If you are wanting to be "Batman/Robin", simply keep this as None and choose "Hero Opt-Out" as "No". Get everyone else to choose "Yes" and this will give you a high chance in becoming "Batman/Robin" for the round you are playing on. However even though you have chosen these team members doesn't 100% guarantee you will be on that team. In addition at the end of the round, people can still "Opt Out" & "Opt In" if they want to become "Batman/Robin".

    You may also get this achievement at the same time if you manage to do all of these moves within a 40 second duration...

    Batman: Arkham OriginsI Like Those OddsThe I Like Those Odds achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins worth 127 pointsAs a Hero, defeat 4 Elites within 40 seconds without using melee in multiplayer

    Good Luck!
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    Erik SeidelThis solution should be on top because it is the only one that tells you how to acutually perform the takedowns. Thanks a lot!
    Posted by Erik Seidel on 25 Nov 16 at 09:30
    BulgyDragonZordNeed to add another one and update these solutions. Do it later.
    Posted by BulgyDragonZord on 25 Nov 16 at 10:59
    BulgyDragonZordSolution is updated with more attacks you can do as Batman/Robin and the method that tornprince2012 provided me that will make your life a lot easier on this game.

    "I'm Not Wearing Hockey Pads!!"
    Posted by BulgyDragonZord on 26 Nov 16 at 21:28
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